Thomas Cameron

Based in UK

Hi! I’m Tom, and am fortunate enough to have been trusted to share Pandora’s submission with D. If you’ve seen much of her work you’ll already know I’m an enthusiastic pervert with a taste for administering the cane (among many other things!).

I came to kink the long way round, being a refugee from a puritanical religious background. My first explorations in my 20s were mostly into the sadistic elements of my kink, but I quickly realised that while hurting willing girls turns me on, it is earning their trust and dominating their will that is the core of it. The pain, the ropes, the voice and everything else are tools to that end.

In more mundane news I’m a Druid, a real ale fan, a role-player, a swordsman, a reader, a singer and a writer of many things. I am also very lucky to share my life with a creative, clever, and beautiful woman with a complementary taste for exploring the applied psychology of submission.

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