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Preview image for Surprised in the Garden. Pandora Blake is naked apart from a blindfold and boots. She is holding onto the branch of a tree as Thomas Cameron uses a birch on her and Michael Darling watches

Pandora Blake loves being naked outdoors. Thinking she's alone, Pandora strips off her flimsy white sundress. When Thomas Cameron appears he's simultaneously amused and shocked by her public nudity.

Blindfolding her so she can't see what's happening, he leads her to a tree at the bottom of the garden, tying her wrists so she can't escape. Disorientated Pandora has no idea what he's planning, and no way of knowing that Michael Darling is lurking nearby, ready to help Thomas give Pandora a harsh birching – and a sensual surprise.

Michael takes advantage of the opportunity – running his hands all over Pandora's body. Stroking her breasts, pinching her nipples, and caressing her naked bottom. Maintaining the illusion that there's just one man there, Michael steps aside to let Thomas take aim at Pandora with the birch. Tied naked to the tree, she has no choice but to accept the thrashing. And blindfolded, she has no idea that there's another man looking on.

As the scene heats up, Thomas and Michael deliver more strokes with the birch and teasing caresses – stroking her breasts, squeezing her birch­-striped bum, licking her nipples ­ until Pandora realises she's at the mercy of more than one pair of hands. When the blindfold comes off, she's delighted to find that she is being dominated by not one good-looking man, but two: she's naked and displayed for both of their pleasure, commanding all of their attention.

Photography: Nimue Allen


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12 Responses

  1. Love the hat and sundress! There is something very special about outdoor CP in a public place, enhanced by that slight risk of being seen and caught in the act. (Or of course a very high risk if it is a Dreams video)

  2. The 2 chaps are taking advantage of you Pandora ,nicely photographed of yourself ,best spanks Tim.

  3. Ever since I got that hat it’s been an ambition of mine to shoot some nude outdoor shots of me doing gardening while wearing just the hat and the boots 🙂

  4. Thank you, I’m glad you like it! It’s quite extraordinary really. This fantasy used to exist only in my head, and now it’s live on the internet. Pretty amazing when you think about it.

  5. Taking advantage of me in the best possible way 🙂 I’m so happy with Nimue’s photography in this set!

  6. Thanks! I think this is a very female fantasy – what subby straight or bi woman wouldn’t want two hot men ganging up on her? – so it’s interesting that the comments so far have all been from men. It seems like this scenario is appealing from the other point of view, too…

  7. Well worth rushing home to enjoy this after a hectic day at work!

    A delightful fantasy and thank you so much for sharing!

  8. My Dearest Pandora, you are so delighful …..Your country can definitely be proud of you.

    If I was a member of the British parliament I would vote for making a sculpture of you and put it on top of a column together with Admiral Nelson at Trafalgar Square. This is the least you deserve.

    Admirer from Barcelona

  9. Well what man wouldn’t want to top a beautiful naked woman in the open air? Thought this scence was hot as soon as I saw previews on Twitter. Your photography scenes are always superb…..leaves a little to the imagination that film doesn’t I think.

  10. Dear Pandora,
    I am a new member of your fantastic website but I have admired your work in other sites for years. I really like the passion and commitment that you put in all the scenes, adding so much value to the spanking industry. Adding your spectacular bottom and your beautiful friends the result is an incredibly pleasant experience for all of us, thanks so much

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