Schoolgirl Slippering

Film (13:22) with 39 screengrabs
Preview image for Schoolgirl Slippering. Pandora Blake, dressed in school uniform, with skirt pulled up, prepares to get the slipper from Headmaster Thomas Cameron over her white cotton knickers

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The younger Blake girl is in trouble … again. Caught running a booze racket, she's given a choice between expulsion or a punishment which hasn't been used for many years: the slipper.

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  1. Thanks for requesting this scene, Phil! The scenario flowed very naturally and we both had fun with it. Really glad you like the finished video!

  2. I have never loved slippering. it is for the sound, but for the erotic part too. I really prefere caning and hadspanking too for different reason, but I general I feel that more erotic and exciting than slippering. I could only dream with that short skirt, Pandora, but unfortunately, leaving skirt, she did not give nude bottom….. :-(!

  3. Klumarer, if you want my nude bottom you’ll just have to watch the other 60-odd scenes on this site where I get spanked on it! No complaining now. A lot of people feel that bare bottom is simply not authentic for modern school punishments of a female student by a male teacher, and I can absolutely see their point. Will you begrudge one scene that seeks to achieve this sort of realism for the sake of those who want to see it, amongst all the dozens of scenes where I get spanked on the bare?

  4. Thanks very much! Authenticity is definitely what we were aiming for. 🙂

    I know that for a lot of people, a spanking of a female pupil by a male teacher HAS to take place on the skirt or over knickers to be believable. In reality most school punishments in the late 20th century were over clothes and very short. Too short for a spanking video, which is why my character in this earned herself double by swearing!

  5. id also have her over my knee with those white knickers down for the slipper & hand on her bare bottom

  6. I love it when Pandora swears in clips, it’s quite sexy and it almost always results in more spanking! It’s very teenagerish and down right rude and therefore, tantalizing!

  7. I know what you mean! It’s not something I do often, but it can create a great energy when it’s right for the scene.

  8. A great little film! I really prefer the cane, but the gym-shoe does make a good alternative, not least because I can remember it in real life….

  9. By the way, I was interested to see what your ‘younger sister’s’ name was – your parents obviously had good classical interests!

  10. Beautiful film and not unlike my worst school punishment!!! I can tell any doubters that that slipper does hurt!! Interesting that Mr Cameron is ambidextrous and whacks as hard with his left hand as his right apparently.

  11. Love the fact that Pandora’s knickers stay on throughout the spanking. That adds the little extra goodiness for the scene. Excellent site, excellent scene.

  12. top notch scene pandora, love how authentic your uniform looks in this scene more like this please (with different color gym knickers!)

  13. Excellent panty warming video. You have a fabulous bottom Pandora. any chance of a sequel where you get your knickers pulled down for a bare bottom slippering? i love the slipper as that was the implement i was punished with most often in my youth.

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