Caned in Jodhpurs

Film (24:30 mins) with 96 photographs
Zille looks on as Thomas prepares to cane Pandora, who is bent over the desk

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Zille Defeu sent us this fantasy before our first shoot with her. She wanted to play a stablehand unfairly punished over her jodhpurs, and came up with this scenario. The master of the house disciplines her with a riding crop for not performing her duties in a timely manner – and Zille is powerless to resist his amorous advances.

When Thomas’ wife walks in and sees him fondling one of the servants, Pandora assumes that Zille has seduced him. She demands that the slutty stablegirl be soundly whipped. Never mind that poor Zille has been thrashed once already! Pandora watches with relish as Zille is given a hard caning over her jodhpurs.

But the truth will out. When Zille finally speaks up for herself, she reveals that the reason she was lax with her duties was that she was running errands for Pandora – who it turns out is having an affair. Thomas decides that a comparable thrashing is only fair, and blackmails his wife into compliance. As Pandora bends over for the cane, Zille looks on with no small amount of satisfaction.

Photography: Duncan Defeu

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Caned in Jodhpurs - Behind the Scenes

Behind the scenes footage and an end-of-shoot interview with Pandora Blake, Thomas Cameron, and Zille Defeu. This was our first shoot with Zille – and the first time we’d met in person! – and it was a crazy, glorious day.

Zille wrote this scene, in which her stablegirl character is mistreated dreadfully, based on her own fantasy, and told us that the shoot was “one of the best she’d ever been on”. It was our pleasure to bring her ideas to life!


42 Responses

  1. This album brings back a lot of very, very good memories. The shoot was wonderful fun, and working with Zille for the first time was a pleasure; the final cut of the film is excellent too (this being the first opportunity I’ve had to see it!)

    Thank you to both Pandora and Zille, and to the hard-working tech crew who caught all our fun on film.

  2. Wow! Lovely film full of very pretty people. And really reassuring to see that you all still like each other in the behind the scenes footage!

    I think the music really worked, wonderfully produced and mmm… Yummy Mr Cameron being evil!

    I think this is my favourite scene so far! Well done.

  3. Congratulations! This was the first DreamsOfSpanking production I watched and I truly enjoyed it. It’s a nice plot and it’s well played and produced. This certainly makes appetite for more.

  4. In terms of demonstrating the ‘street value’ of Pandora’s politics, this is an excellent example. In some ways the conceit of this film is terribly 1970s-pornish. But between being written by one of the models, creative work with improvised dialogue and a real, fizzing energy connecting the actors, we managed to turn it into something very pretty. Glad you liked it πŸ™‚

  5. Hi, enjoyable storyline, but too little variety in camera shots/angles. The post spanking fondling of Zille was erotic, but seemed somehow unfinished.

  6. Hi Nalga, I’m glad you enjoyed the storyline! I’m certainly aiming to up my game in terms of cinematography as I get better at this. This was one of the first film shoots we ever did and given my lack of experience I am rather proud of it. The only way is up πŸ™‚

    In terms of the post-spanking fondling, Thomas respected Zille’s limits on the day and I would not have it any other way. They had only just met, after all. (Besides, of course it’s unfinished – they’re interrupted halfway through!)

    Thanks for the comment, it’s great to hear feedback and I hope other users will feel able to give their honest reactions so I can know how to improve as a producer.

  7. I only edited this one this week and I’m super proud of it. Zille and Tom did an amazing job and it was lovely to have two cameras for once, thanks to Zille’s husband Duncan and our lovely cameraman Jay! I have one more scene with Zille to be released, but I absolutely can’t wait to film more with her πŸ™‚

  8. Yeah, when I sat down to watch the footage I was actually kind of dismayed by how nasty this scene was. I mean, hot, but really not what I’m aiming for! Such a relief to find out that we had some good behind the scenes stuff to contextualise it with. I hope the combination works for people!

    This is the level of CP severity and storyline which I’d love to be working towards all the time. I think it’s the hardest “in character” punishment we’ve filmed yet (although the Caning Merit Badge is considerably more extended, it’s explicitly consensual and not part of a punishment fantasy). Definitely want to do more like this.

  9. I’m so glad you liked this one! It was a lot of fun, and a rare pleasure to play such obnoxious characters together *grin*

  10. Hi again Pandora, no doubt you will get better and better as you gain experience. You’ve set a very high bar, and I respect that. This film was certainly quite well edited I thought, despite my quibbles about camera angles.

    I totally get what you say about Ziile’s limits. I’d suggest though, that if indeed there are such limits, it might be better to forego that post-spanking play altogether. I have to say though, that while it lasted, it was hot!

    I will certainly offer comments on other scenes as I view them…

  11. As it turned out, I could have gone further than I did but (maybe oddly) I’m really bad at sleazing. Not really something I do in real life, and thus not something I have a lot of experience at.

    Also, merry Christmas πŸ™‚

  12. I liked this a lot. The clothing, storyline, etc. Zille really looked like a scared stable girl. I think you all did your parts quite well. Your videos have a lot more dialogue than any spnking sight I’ve seen and I’m liking it.

    I would have liked some camera time on Zille’s ass while she was getting it. And where did she get all those strap marks? It wasn’t from a riding crop I don’t think.

    I really don’t know how you can get much better than this, but I’m anxious to see.


    P.S, I liked the pubic hair on Zille, I wish it would make a comeback.

  13. Been waiting for someone to spot that!

    Perils of necessity that one has to shoot more than one film a day, combined with me never having worked with Zille and being unprepared for how /quickly/ she marks up πŸ™‚

    Glad you like our convsersational style. We’re all queer for context in our porn and it tends to come out in slightly elaborate set-ups.

    And isn’t Zille an awesome actor? Got quite distracted by how scared and innocent she was looking; and trust me, that’s all acting! πŸ˜‰

  14. Hey Thomas, believe me you didn’t remotely come close to portraying “sleazing”! The dynamic between you and Zille was an erotic interplay of dominance and submission, which I found quite captivating. For me, going further wouldn’t necessarily have involved a fully X-rated scene, but something a tad closer to Pandora’s Sensual Dominance and Submission scene.

    Merry Christmas to you too.

  15. Whee, I’m pleased that “more dialogue” is seen as a good thing! I think it’s essential in setting a believable scene personally but there’s always the worry that it’s not sufficiently entertaining and people will find it too slow.

    Thanks for the other comments – I did wish we could have done this scene unmarked but that’s always the way of spanking shoots. Most sites get round it with extensive warmup to minimise marking but honestly, extensive hand spanking warmups before thrashings don’t feature in my fantasies at all, ever. I’d rather have a serious whipping with some marks than tone everything down. But yes, it is a bit distracting, isn’t it. Sorry – I’ll keep trying to work on a way round that one!

  16. I loved this… The dialogue and acting was really excellent and the whole scene was genuinely hot. It’s 1970’s porn as it should have been!

  17. Thankyou very much! I had a lot of fun with this one and definitely feel that if I wasn’t in it, this would be one of the hottest films I’d ever seen – the severity level and unfair aspect are just perfect for me, and the aesthetics are very much to my taste. But if I ignore the bits with me in and just watch Tom and Zille together, that works just fine πŸ˜‰

  18. Pandora ,you and Zille received big whacks indeed ,love and spanks ,happy new year from tim xx.

  19. Before I shoot with DoS again, we should do a poll on the site as to whether I grow in my pubic hair or not! I will happily do so, if given enough lead time!

  20. Did you have pubic hair on this shoot though? I thought you were shaved + ink, but I could be wrong…

    (Hi btw! You in this film = hottest thing ever. Officially.)

  21. Having just watched the complete film from start to finish, an Oscar nomination is most definitely merited for Mr Cameron. And I guess Golden Globes (or should that be red globes) awards for the ladies. Extemely well acted by all parties – can we hope to see a full length cinema version later this year?

  22. The spanking videos I like most are videos with girls in riding gear getting a good spanking with the riding crop. Can’t see enough of them. It’s great to see them in their tight jodhpurs. Also I love that they got first whipped on their jodhpurs before getting them down and the whipping continues on their bare bottoms πŸ™‚ Hope to see more of these. Would love to see them getting a good whipping with the dressage crop πŸ™‚

    Regards from germany

  23. I was most pleased to see a jodhpurs spanking scene esp on two such lovely bottoms

    sometimes clothed spanking can be very erotic ..and i really enjoyed this one…well done !!

  24. Hello Pandora and others…I just signed on as a member a couple of days ago, and I must say congratulations! The videos and photos that I’ve looked at definitely capture the exciting “essence” of the thrill of spanking, with the perfect amount of storyline to engage us in the characters (which seems unique among spanking video sites!) followed by what appears to be very realistic, hard spanking action. Congratulations!…I look forward to seeing more great work. I must say, I particularly enjoyed this video…There’s something about a “period piece” featuring very attractive women in tight jodhpurs that’s downright irresistible, and Zille has a fascinating air of innocent eroticism about her that’s positively delightful to see. I hope you can feature this endearing young woman in more videos soon…I’m most definitely a fan! And by the way…I completely agree with the comments above regarding pubic hair. I’m sorry that it’s gone out of vogue lately, but to my eye it adds a delicious erotic element which seems particularly appropriate in a period piece like this, from a time when I highly doubt that most if any women would have shaved. I suspect if you took a poll you would find that there are a surprising number of us guys who would be in agreement with me. In any case, thank you so much for the wonderful work…Please keep it up!

    Ken (aka “Backbeat”…)

  25. Love the film and the models but why a cane? Surely a crop or schooling whip would have kept the theme consistent.

  26. Wasn’t Tom ace in this? I’d love to shoot a feature film with Zille. Definitely sometime to aim for next time we’re all on the same continent!

  27. Thank you so much. I’m glad that you also appreciate the delights of a whipping over tight jodhpurs. I have a healthy fear of the dressage crop, but I agree that it would be perfect for a future return to this theme. I guess I’ll just have to suffer for my art…!

  28. Thankyou! Isn’t clothed spanking just perfect sometimes? Especially when the clothes in question are tight jodhpurs which emphasise the shape of the bottom so perfectly. Although I think people would have been disappointed if there hadn’t also been some punishment on the bare πŸ™‚

  29. Thankyou so much for the lovely comments, I’m so glad that you’ve enjoyed the video! I agree that engaging characters are very important, and I’m glad that the storylines have grabbed you. I can attest that the spanking action on this shoot was very hard – a riding crop used like a cane is an extremely painful experience from the receiving end, although one both Zille and I love to hate.

    Zille is a beauty and an amazing talent. She has her own kinky blog at, and if you didn’t know, she was the original founder of lesbian fetish site DarkPlay. We did two scenes with her on this shoot and I’m aiming to release the other in the next few weeks. I’m longing to get her back and shoot some more!

  30. Well, we all love the cane, and we wanted to add a bit of variation. The dressage/schooling whip is very difficult to use hard due to the “stinger” on the end which quickly cuts the skin if used with any force. So the cane seemed the obvious step up from the riding crop when the punishment needed to get more serious.

  31. Another person working my way through the back-catalogue! This is definitely one of my favourites and I know exactly why – I mean it is very good as a whole but the moment that makes it for me is when you (Pandora) tell Thomas to shut up and get on with it. I love scenes in which the punished person is defiant (incidentally that’s why I wouldn’t say it is 70’s porn as I don’t remember that dynamic – could just be my memory though). I always thought that Leia-Ann W. had cornered the market in that aspect but this moment was equal to her best – utterly brilliant and a massive turn-on if you are into that kind of thing.

    (:) you will tell from the above that I am not a fan of scenes where the punished person starts crying after a couple of spanks!)

  32. Thankyou for this! I liked that moment too. It was a real pleasure to play a defiant, haughty spankee in this scene. Not bratty, but proud and strong-willed. I suppose one could read the whacking she gets as “comeuppance” but I prefer to think of it as unfair blackmail. Neither Thomas nor I played particularly likeable characters in this scene, Zille is definitely the nice one!

    I definitely like to watch a good battle of wills and a spankee who is not a doormat. Defiance makes brilliant drama. (I have concluded that as soon as you add plot to a spanknig video, it basically becomes conflict porn.) Heartfelt submission can be sexy too, though, if it comes from a place of strength.

  33. Zille and you look super gorgeuos in your equestrian outfits, More scenarios like this!
    (And a policewomen judicial caning story with some twists and turns would also be great)

  34. Obsessed with these stills. Y’all are smoking hot!

    All I can think though is me trying to explain to you (Pandora) and Amelia that I loved Jodhpurs, and butchering the pronunciation since I’d never heard it said before, and y’all being ever so kind to not make too much fun of me πŸ˜‰

    Wonderful work! Gorgeous girls.

  35. Thanks! Duncan did a FINE job with these photos, I love them to bits.

    Jodhpurs is a very hard word to spell – or pronounce if you haven’t heard it! I still get the spelling wrong at times πŸ™‚

  36. Anything to do with women and horses and boots and jodhpurs is always a turn-on, and this certainly did not disappoint!

  37. I tend to watch these scenes without reading the full text, and I must say I was totally surprised when the scene took a turn! I was not expecting Zille to oust Pandora. But I did love the scene. I especially loved ZilleΓƒΒ’Γ’β€šΒ¬Γ’β€žΒ’s reactions to being whipped. Very nice!

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