Zille Defeu

Based in San Francisco, California

I have been into spanking since my earliest memory. I used to have all sorts of fantasies about being spanked – actually, come to think of it, they might have more details now, but they really haven’t changed much over the years!

When I was in my teens, I tried to be vanilla, but when I discovered the BDSM community that happily put an end to that! I spent some years playing in dungeons with my friends before I found a partner who got me back from the dungeon to the headmaster’s office, which is really where my heart is. (Although we do visit the local dungeon from time to time, because we have a lot of friends in the BDSM scene.)

Spanking is a huge part of my sexuality. I can have fun doing other stuff, but spanking is to me what penetrative sex is to other people. I fantasize about being caned or strapped or birched (or something else along those lines) every time I masturbate.

And it’s a big part of my sex life. Pretty much every time I connect on a romantic or sexual level, there is spanking, of some sort. I guess you could say spanking is pretty important to me! And doing role-play is a huge part of my sexual self.

I spanking films because I can (because I’m not shy about my sexuality or my body, although I’m shy in other ways) and because I derive real pleasure from doing so. When you make a spanking film, there is more there than just the obvious pleasures of being spanked or doing role-play. Making a good spanking film is a real challenge, and when I am in the midst of doing so, or have just finished one that I feel proud to be a part of, well, that’s just the most rewarding thing. And so you end up with a happily aching bottom, a rush of endorphins, and the glow of achievement. How could I not love that?

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