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Zille and Pandora bend over in their jodhpurs and look over their shoulders at the camera

Enjoying the afterglow of the whippings they received in Caned in Jodhpurs, Pandora and Zille bend over and show you their marks. Happy smiling girls, jodhpurs and impressively welted bottoms!

This bonus behind the scenes gallery was too long to include with Caned in Jodhpurs, so I decided to give it its own page. I love bearing the marks of a punishment, and seeing and feeling my stripes prolongs the pleasure after a spanking has ended. Showing them off is almost as much fun!

Photography: Duncan Defeu


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  1. It just makes me long to come back for more of the same soonest! And I know Duncan wants to come back, to be on either side of the camera! <3 to both of you, Pandora and Tom!

  2. Words cannot express how much I am looking forward to seeing you and shooting with you both again. Also, to releasing the other film we made! Is it time to start plotting the next scenes yet? 😉

  3. The jodhpurs side-by-side are really quite… attention-getting. Look forward to seeing you again some time soon 🙂

  4. The jodhpurs side-by-side are beautiful. Nice work. You look very comfortable together.

  5. We were, especially considering we’d just met! Nothing like getting thrashed together to inspire intimacy 🙂

  6. These are quite wonderful photos! I think no. 36 is my favourite (slightly closer-up) but they are all good!


  7. A nice update. Would it be possible to shoot a video of a similar scene? The sub having to show the marks, a subject that was also touched in the “adornment” scene? Maybe a few hours after a severe scene? Maybe a forced show in a club with an audience?

    Just some ideas – the website is perfect!

  8. Oooh, nice idea! Only possible on a big shoot – it’s hard to do “audience” without lots of extras – but I’ll make a note 🙂

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