Psychic Weapon ‘C’

Film (16:57 mins) with 42 screengrabs
Pandora is bent over the desk with a defiant expression as Thomas writes notes

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Officer Julia Danby is researching Psychic Weapon ‘C’, dubbed ‘the Cuckoo’. She will shortly experience first hand this dangerous telepath’s strange affinity with pain.

We’d all been watching a lot of a certain sci-fi thriller TV show when we came up with this one. I wanted to do a takedown/interrogation scene where the interrogator did not administer the CP himself, but had lackeys to do it for him. Tom came up with the idea of the telepath who can only rip information out of his victim’s minds when they’re already in pain, and we were off.

Most of this was ad libbed, and we had great fun with it. I think the intense, D/S-y emotional interaction between Danby and the Cuckoo is almost hotter than the spanking, but you can decide for yourself. Along the way I discovered that I really, really like ziplock bondage, resisting interrogation by asking questions, playing a character who is caned while angry, and telepathic ravishment. You learn something new every day!

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Psychic Weapon ‘C’ - Behind the Scenes

Behind the scenes footage and outtakes from the filming of Psychic Weapon ‘C’.


7 Responses

  1. Well done. Music fit perfectly. For adlibed dialogue is excellent. The behind the scenes footage shows your care and strive for perfection I have seen in all of Dreams of Spankings

  2. Finding suitable music was pretty hard – I needed periods of building tension and then sudden climaxes. Ended up mashing together three different pieces. I’m glad it worked!

    I think this is one of our more self-indulgently geeky scenes 🙂

  3. The addition of the zipties is realy sexy.

    Could you not try police type handcuffs/speedcuffs. That would be so good ?

  4. Seriously good acting by you too main guys and I loved it how the whackings went on as you were still talking. I love that merciless approach by a punisher….just getting on with a necessary task.

  5. Wow, this scene was really intense, especially the close up with Thomas near the end. I love it! Very well done. I really liked the sci-fi aspect of it. I hope you make more like this!

  6. It was a geeky labour of love for us, I loved being able to channel that side of me into the film in both the performing and the editing. I thought it would be an acquired taste but it seems we all have that interest in the sci-fi in common! 🙂

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