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My name is Kaelah and I’m a geek, trekkie, heavy metal fan, dog person, British comedy addict – and a spanko. Having had kinky fantasies for as long as I can remember, I only started exploring the online world of spanking in 2008. Through his blog I met my then friend and now mate Ludwig, with whom I had my first spanking experience in 2009.

I’m a switch, and both sides of my kink are dear and important to me. In my private play with my partner Ludwig, I am mostly a bottom. But from time to time, we also swap places. In videos and in my play with friends, I very much enjoy administering spankings and letting out my toppish side as well.

Ludwig is a film buff and had already published videos before we met. I decided to join him and today, we not only co-author the blog Ludwig’s Rohrstock-Palast, but also shoot videos together. Some self-made and published for free, and some for professional spanking film producers. I see myself first and foremost as a kinky blogger, but I also love the creative process of making videos, as well as the idea of taking a glimpse behind the scenes of the spanking film industry and sharing my experiences with our readers.

My own film preferences as a viewer are quite unusual, for I am mostly into non-sexual, formal and (semi-)consensual scenes, preferably between male participants. I’m very much into empowering and hero(ine) scenarios as well. As a switch, I equally enjoy M/F and F/M scenarios. And I like mixed scenes, my holy grail being M/MF or MF/M scenarios, which are very rare. You can read more about my personal fantasies here if you like.

My rather unusual preferences are another reason for me making spanking clips myself: it allows me to bring to life some of my fantasies which I otherwise hardly find in kinky videos. But I do not only participate in videos that strictly suit my own tastes. I also enjoy playing characters and scenes which are different from my core kink. As long as a storyline is unusual and creative, the chemistry between the participants is right and none of my hard limits are touched, I find it very exciting to play around with attitudes and character traits I normally wouldn’t think of.

Dreams of Spanking is the first professional film site I’ve ever done a shoot with. We had already made free fun clips for our blogs together earlier (which will be published in 2012) and I am all for Pandora’s ethical porn approach. It allowed me a high degree of participation in the development of the storylines as well as the creative process. Plus, it gave me the security that I would be taken good care of during the shoot and that my limits would be respected at all times.

What I also love about Pandora’s approach and her site is that it is open to very different scenarios and gender constellations, which gives me the feeling that all the different aspects of my kink have a home here.

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