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Film (24:55) with 32 photographs
Kaelah stands and watches as Pandora Blake gets a bare bottom caning from Ludwig

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Adelheid is the model of a perfect student: quiet, bookish, well-behaved. Her marks are exemplary and her behaviour is impeccable, and she’s even been named Head Girl – none of which has endeared her to her fellow students.

When she’s framed for the vandalisation of the school’s Art department, she and her teachers face something of a dilemma. It’s clear she must be punished, and some of the staff are more convinced than others as to her guilt.

In the end, she’s able to negotiate a compromise – though it’s not one that allows her to escape the Headmaster’s cane. To demonstrate good faith, she takes eighteen blisteringly precise strokes. She is however able to get the staff to agree to investigate the matter further – beginning, of course, with the girl who wrongly accused her in the first place.

This is a beautifully emotional scene, with fantastic characterisation and a tight, believable plot drawing on some of Kaelah’s real-life school experiences. It includes boarding school canings for not one but two stunning bottoms, administered by two dashing, professorial teachers.

A collaboration with spanking bloggers and real life couple Ludwig and Kaelah, this scene was written by Kaelah and filmed at the very beginning of Dreams of Spanking’s journey. After sitting on the footage for many years, we are delighted to finally release it as a free video for all to enjoy.

Schoolmasters Thomas Cameron and Ludwig are tasked with the caning of pupils Kaelah and Pandora Blake in this school tale of deception, courage and – ultimately – solidarity between victims.

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6 Responses

  1. Wow, talk about a trip down memory line. It’s been eleven-and-a-half years since we filmed this (August 2010). A big thank you to Pandora / Blake and the DoS team for finishing this old project and finally releasing it. You did a fine job.

    Kaelah and I still have fond memories of the shoot. It was a challenge for Kaelah in particular, because she had never done CP play with anyone other than me, and moreover, she had to do all this dialogue in a foreign language. So Kaelah was extremely nervous during the filming – which was good, in a way, because it fit the character she was playing. And thanks to Pandora / Blake and Thomas Cameron, who were very supportive and encouraging, everything turned out great.

    The story was Kaelah’s creation. When we were throwing ideas around before our trip, she said: “I’m not into schoolgirl spanking videos, but it’s such a common theme, I suppose I should film one sometime. So let’s get it out of the way. But let’s do a different kind of story. I was never a sassy pupil. I was the goody-goody eager beaver. So we’ll do a video where the goody-goody eager beaver gets caned!”

    The little anecdote about the collage made out of junk food items and the frustration about her teacher not warning her beforehand that she was heading in the wrong direction is something Kaelah experienced in real life as well.

    Seeing the finished video after all these years is strange, because it feels like we filmed this in another lifetime entirely. And at the same time, we’re very happy with the result. I tend to be super-critical of everything I was involved in myself, but for once, I am content. I think this is quite good, actually. We tried to do something different from the usual schoolgirl CP fare in terms of story, and the caning action is good as well.

    Kaelah and I hope that the Dreams of Spanking audience enjoys the video as much as we do.

  2. Adelheid was surprisingly sympathetic towards the woman who falsely accused her. Or maybe she just finds corporal punishment to be distasteful in general.

    I wonder if Rosemary was reacting more strongly to the punishment because of her guilty mind.

  3. Would have preferred regulation knickers on show but you can’t have everything or can you.Still a lovely video though.

  4. I was so very excited to see this !

    Kaelah’s comment that she has never even been spanked before, whilst she considers the situation she finds her self in.

    And I love the way Kaelah projects such a strong personality, even as she pulls up her skirt and pulls down her knickers to be caned.

  5. It was such a treat to revisit this footage after so many years, and experience Kaelah’s performance from the other side of the lens! Glad you enjoyed it as much as I did xx

  6. Thank you! Regulation knickers are a favourite detail for you I’ve noticed 😉

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