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I have had fantasies about spanking and corporal punishment for almost as long as I can remember, but when it comes to practical experience, I am a late bloomer compared to most of the other performers on this site. For a long time, I was content with just being a video voyeur, watching and collecting spanking videos. The possibility of trying this stuff out for real seemed so remote that I did not even seriously consider it at the time.

While my early fantasies would often take place in school settings, I later on developed a penchant for more edgy, severe judicial punishment scenes set during various time periods, with the cane and whip as my favourite implements. In many of these fantasies, I was just an observer. In others, I imagined myself on either side of the action, with my fantasies becoming distinctly more ‘toppy’ during puberty. Today, I define myself as a top who occasionally switches to the bottom side (I dislike the term ‘switch’ because I find it too non-descriptive).

When I was in my mid-twenties, the curiosity about the practical side of CP finally became too great and I sought out my first experiences, initially with pro dommes, then with people I met through the local BDSM scene. Unusually perhaps for someone who is primarily a top, I made my first experiences on the bottom side. But it seemed perfectly appropriate to me that I should get to know CP on the receiving end before administering it to someone else. For the insight, and as an initiation ritual of sorts.

I also started making contacts in the online community around that time. The other thing that is probably unusual about me, as a German, is that most of my spanko friends are British. But I have always been an Anglophile, I love the language, and there is a bigger “classic” spanking and CP scene in the English-speaking world than there is in Germany (they don’t call it “the English vice” for nothing).

I launched my own English-language blog in January 2008 as a vehicle for CP movie reviews, philosophical ramblings and staying in touch with spanko friends. From then on, everything went very quickly. Before long, I was making video clips with spanking model and fellow blogger Niki Flynn, who had become a very good friend. I guest starred in my first full-length film with Hungarian producer Mood Pictures. Later in 2009, I had the opportunity of working with the notorious “Werewolves from the East” Lupus Pictures, which was a long-held dream.

The one result of kinky blogging that changed my life more than anything else, though, was meeting my mate Kaelah. She started commenting on my blog one day, and one thing lead to another. A few months later, I gave Kaelah her first spanking, and we eventually became a couple. We co-author the blog today and make videos together. We have a very happy, loving relationship that is about much more than a shared erotic fetish, but the shared fetish is how we first got to know each other.

As a spanking video buff, I am very excited about Pandora’s site. Kaelah and I first met Pandora at a BDSM shoot in Germany and have been friends ever since. If working with the big teams of Mood and Lupus is like being part of an orchestra, working with Dreams of Spanking is like making chamber music – very good chamber music. What I like most about Pandora, aside from her enthusiasm and dedication, is her effort to create innovative videos that deviate from the usual x/F schoolgirls, secretaries and housewives fare. We need more original ideas, we need more quality videos with male spankees, and I am happy that someone is finally doing something about it.

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