The Protection Racket – Full Free Film

Film (18:49) with 36 photographs
Pandora Blake and Kaelah bend over the desk, knickers pulled down as Ludwig canes Kaelah

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Schoolgirl Sarah is visiting Mr. Clarke’s office, ready to confess to a misdemeanour he’s been trying to get to the bottom of – but something about her story doesn’t add up. Not least because her best friend Emily beat her to it, and now nobody knows quite what to think…

Before long, both girls find themselves with exposed lies and red bottoms – all in the service of trying to protect a friend who hadn’t even done anything wrong. Their punishment comes in the form of a blushingly hot shared ruler spanking, bent face-to-face over the teacher’s leather-topped desk with skirts up and knickers down. They’re even made to count each other’s strokes, which only serves to highlight the friendship that got them into this mess in the first place. Just imagine what the real culprit will get!

This free spanking film was produced in collaboration with our friends Ludwig and Kaelah of Rohrstockpalast, back in 2010 before Dreams of Spanking was even launched. Along with Proof of Innocence, the other film we shot that day, this is released free of charge for non-members and members alike to enjoy. A lot has changed since then, but our spanking fantasies are still the same. We hope you appreciate this trip down memory lane!

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The Protection Racket – Full Free Film - Behind the Scenes

This scene, like the other shot that day, is set apart by its careful detail: Kaelah wrote both storylines herself, and much attention was given to making sure they came off well and maintained continuity! Enjoy this collection of bloopers, reshoots and backstage shenanigans, including at least one sudden sprinting cameraman.


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