Day Ten of Her Training

Film (10:24) with 72 photographs
Preview Image for Day Ten of Her Training. Leia-Ann Woods bends over ready to receive the cane from Thomas Cameron. Her tight pencil skirt is raised to show off her stockings and suspenders

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Secretary Leia-Ann Woods is determined to take her punishments with grace. On day ten of her training in service to her boss, Thomas Cameron, she is prepared for his inspection. He runs his hands and eyes over her outfit – tight skirt, corset, stockings and suspenders, making notes and finding fault with the tiniest detail.

When he has completed the examination, he notes how many cold strokes with the cane he should administer – twelve for the traditional morning routine, plus an extra stroke for each mistake.

Lifting her skirt and bending over to touch her toes, Leia-Ann takes her punishment stoically. She counts off the stinging strokes as the caning continues, determined to please her fault-finding boss. Will she manage to maintain her composure even through eighteen strokes of the cane?

Photography: Pandora Blake

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Leia-Ann Woods

Settle down for a glass of wine with Pandora Blake and Leia Ann Woods as they discuss what it was like to film The Wrong Room together: how they came up with the idea, what the experience was like for them both and how they felt afterwards. This is a heartwarming clip that really lets you into their friendship and excitement.

9 Responses

  1. Leia Ann is graceful younglady and took her swishing very well ,best spanks, Timx a .

  2. I love the way Leia-Ann takes her caning, head right down, legs straight and buttocks high. Well taken, Leia-Ann

  3. I endorse everyone’s comments. Lovely Leia taking a caning with poise and elegance (despite being reprimanded for lack of the same by the exacting Thomas!). Leia’s outfit is absolutely exquisite, both sexy and precise. It seems to echo visually the preciseness of the attitude Thomas adopts in his role. Leia really is great as both a dominant and a submissive.

  4. Leia-Ann has proved her ability to take a classic caning, touching her toes, with her legs straight, on her bare bottom and without over-acting or introducing any trademark mannerisms. Excellent.

    I think she could now rest on her laurels a bit and go for further understatement.
    For example, she could repeat this shoot in two scenes.

    Scene 1 sees Leia-Ann – dressed in an ordinary but tight, grey skirt and pale blouse handing her boss a note (and also telling him) which admits that she lied to him about sending an important letter on time. She says she is very sorry indeed and fully accepts that she should be punished. Her boss replies that he is due to leave very soon and there is not time to punish her then.

    Leia-Ann suggests that she is so remorse that she should get the first instalment of her punishment immediately and come back to receive the main part after work on the following day.

    Her boss agrees and decides that, the next evening, she will report with 100 lines; stand in the corner for 20 minutes; get 12 strokes of the cane; and then stand in the corner for another 20 minutes with her bottom bared to display her marks. As a preliminary, she will immediately bend over for 6 strokes of the cane across the seat of her tight skirt. Leia-Ann duly bends over as in the present scene, except wearing her tight skirt.

    In scene 2, Leia-Ann reports for the main part of her punishment wearing a tight pair of thin trousers (to signal her co-operation). We see her hand over her 100 lines and go to stand in the corner. We then cut to her coming out of the corner and bending over for 12 strokes of the cane across the seat of her trousers. The scene ends with Leia-Ann back in the corner, this time displaying her marks.

    The main gist of what I am saying, of course, is that Leia-Ann is now such a superstar that she would be sensational being punished wearing ordinary clothing in a very mundane setting.

    The boss would obviously need to be similarly understated, and matter of fact, albeit suitably stern and tense.

  5. Alongside a fine spanking, I relished the fine details in this scene. Thomas making notes of everything in his bound note pad. The careful attention to every detail of Leia-Ann’s chosen outfit.

    This Boss will always enjoy a good Boss and Secretary role play. Thank you for this one.

    Highlight was the impressive way in which Leia-Ann silently took her spanking, whilst touching her toes. A delight.

  6. Good to see some good standard caning. I do like the full bending over with bare buttocks. each swish and sting no doubt is appreciated by the lady.

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