Leia-Ann Woods

Based in Essex, UK

My name is Leia-Ann Woods and I suppose many of you already will know what I am about, but if you don’t here is a quick summary of my kinky doings thus far.

I had interests in spanking and CP from an extremely young age but did not realise these fantasies until I was 19, when a friend of mine gave me a very public spanking – in a pub no less. Needless to say I had a taste for it by then and pursued things further once I arrived in London for university.

I started out going to the London Fetish Fair, where I could not believe how many people shared my desires. I realised at that point there was no going back. I was hooked! I have had many experiences on the scene since that day, both public and private, but I have never lost the love for any of it.

One of my greatest passions is filming and I have been privileged to film for many fine companies, the latest being the lovely Dreams of Spanking. There is nothing quite like dressing up, becoming a new character and waiting nervously to receive (or dish it out for that matter!). Pandora came up with some fabulous ideas for our day and I had a great time. I do hope you all enjoy them too.

Upcoming custom shoots:

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