Doctor of Pain

Film (19:01 mins) with 60 screengrabs
A bound Pandora writhes in pain as Leia-Ann drips hot wax on her bare chest

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A mad scientist performs experiments into the science of pain. Bound and gagged, her lab rat is unable to escape as Dr Woods tests the effects of hot wax, clamps and paddles on bare skin.

A mad scientist has kidnapped an unlucky woman from the village and taken her back to her country laboratory. Dr Woods perfoms bizarre experiments on her lab rat to further her research into the science of pain. Bound, gagged, and stripped naked, poor Pandora is completely helpless as the doctor investigates the effects of hot wax, clamps, paddles and other instruments on bare skin.

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19 responses

  1. Well done Pandora and Leia a different film very interesting indeed
    I do like the way dreams of spanking trys different things long may you continue with these great efforts

  2. What a brilliant scene. Leia-Ann reminds me of the mad Doc from Back to the Future scuttling round gathering her precious data. She plays a really fantastic role and makes this scene so much fun.

    As for the subject tied to the table, well she is just sublime, the use of wax and pegs is a perfect combination to what was about to follow. The mild bondage really changed the dynamics of the scene and for me the helpless screaming subject tied, gagged and being paddled by the mad doc was indeed the climax of the whole session………(yes a real one)………

    Absolutely brilliant……thank you.

  3. I think this needed an enema, a very large one, held during the spanking. Purely for research of course.

  4. Hahaha! The resemblance to Emmett Brown wasn’t deliberate, but I suppose there is a fairly established stereotype for the wacky scientist. I haven’t seen it done as a woman very often though. And having seen Leia’s performance, I have to wonder why not!

    There’s a part 2 to this scene… that was such a fun shoot. Also: hot. OMG bondageandgagsandwoodenpaddlesoh my *expires of lust*

  5. We like to try new things. If nothing else, it keeps us interested and is more fun for the performers than the same old schoolgirl scenes every time!

  6. Having just done some cms maintenance relating to the scene, I found myself actually giggling with joy over Leia’s performance. It was just brilliant making this one 😀

  7. She was SO good. I really enjoyed editing this one! Can’t wait for part 2 🙂

  8. A very interesting experiment. The lab rat seems to cry.Hope it also happen to me

  9. Leia-Ann made a really hilarious mad doctor, the funniest spanking shoot ever! Pandora’s arse was sublime as usual, pity we didn’t see a view from the feet end, that’s always the best.
    An Enema though? Not too sure on that one, could be very messy (I had enough shitty nappies with two sons, so not really a turn-on). Still give Pandora a butt plug, that could fix it, we’d still be able to admire her looks of anguish as she strained against the plug.

  10. Or to put it another way, be still my girl-girl bondage-and-spanking-loving heart!

  11. This is the first time I’ve seen Pandora in a submissive role.
    She is so luscious.
    I must find more with Dr. Woods.
    She is interesting.

  12. Hi Pandora I’ve been a huge fan of yours for a long long time, since girls boarding school days, really want to meet you in person

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