The Whipped Maid

Film (19:27) with 52 photos
Preview image for The Whipped Maid. Maid Pandora Blake leans over the table, her skirts raised and bloomers parted as she receives the cane fomr Leia Ann Woods

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Things are awry below stairs. A stolen coin has been found in the room of Blake, one of the maids. When confronted she pleads family trouble, and begs for mercy.

She has served the house well, so her employers hear her out. But they are stern in the face of her pleading: order must be maintained, after all. They would prefer not to take this to the authorities, and she is therefore offered a private punishment to suit the severity of her crime. Even family circumstances won't save her from 50 cold strokes of the cane. 

Photography: Nimue Allen

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The Whipped Maid - Behind the Scenes

A raw, honest look at the emotional reality of shooting a severe cold caning scene – quiet intensity (with occasional outbreaks of giggling). Nervous Pandora has to keep sipping water to ease her dry mouth, but she controls how long a break she has during cuts. Leia-Ann has trouble with sweating palms, a symptom of conscientious topping that Pandora can empathise with well.

Pandora struggles to balance immersion with control as she directs the action and tells Tom and Leia how hard to cane her. Plus hugs for her and Tom between shots to soothe any unwanted tension. Memorable quotes during the caning – “Leia’s cane feels MUCH nicer!”, “Mm, that’s starting to feel really good now”, “This is fun, we should do this again!”



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Leia-Ann Woods

Settle down for a glass of wine with Pandora Blake and Leia Ann Woods as they discuss what it was like to film The Wrong Room together: how they came up with the idea, what the experience was like for them both and how they felt afterwards. This is a heartwarming clip that really lets you into their friendship and excitement.

26 Responses

  1. Tom and Leia-Ann are perfect, but for Pandora is difficult to find the right words. Definitely, she is the greatest, but not only taking the cane. I wonder if Pandora can sit down in her private life!!! Jokes apart and excellent film, the costume, the performances, the caning and of course the most splendid bottom in the web!!!

  2. I love the premise, but I was a bit too brutal for my taste. I concur with Sheldon though, everything is wonderful. And one of the best taken canings I have ever seen!


  3. Poor Pandora. I think that her employers are both perfectly horrid and if they were to produce advertisements or cookery programs for the electric television set, I’m quite sure that those would be horrid to.

  4. The costumes, the set, the story / plot, the attention to detail……and of course the sublime beauty of Pandora over the table…….taking an excruciating yet beautiful caning………just sensational in every sense of the word…… do you do it so perfectly Pandora……..what’s your secret ?

    Ohhhh and I recognised those breathing exercises………a leaf out of Molly’s tutorial.

  5. I’m entertained that you recognised the breathing exercises. I definitely needed them with this caning!

  6. Awww, thanks. Actually, my out-of-character self thinks they were rather lenient. The beating may have been severe, but surely it was preferable to being dismissed, or arrested?

  7. Thanks! I try to have a range of severity on this site, I know there are some who would prefer it to be this intense every time! Thanks for saying I took it well. I did my best and was quite happy with how it came out 🙂 Perfect, measured, accurate strokes from Tom and Leia and a lovely atmosphere on set made it much easier than it might have been.

  8. Why thank you! Tom and Leia were perfect in this, I thought. I did feel very lucky to be able to work with such excellent tops 🙂

  9. Poor maid.I think the caning is kind of cruel,the scars on the bottom make my heart ache!!!!!!!!

  10. Aww, don’t worry, I enjoyed it really. I’ve just uploaded the behind the scenes video which might reassure you a little 🙂

  11. These behind the scenes are really very informative and provide a huge learning experience for those trying to follow the scenario as played out in your minds.

    I absolutely understand now the threshold of wanting to be caned as hard as possible but for it remain a pleasurable experience, and wanting to push that boundary as far as possible as to where the limit of pleasure is whilst from the viewers’ point-of-view, it must be pain of the absolute worst degree.

    So how long does it take to find this threshold / limit? I haven’t found it yet where the hardest caning I’ve received was still very much in the pleasurable zone. What changes? How do you know you’ve crossed the line?

    The whole scene is truly superb and thanks to all of those involved in its production.

  12. As a keen amateur film maker (Just normal films nothing kinky or pornographic) and someone who likes spanking films. I love the behind the scene videos you sometimes include. I assumed before I found this site that somehow there was no pain involved and any bruising was done with make up. Its nice to see how the films are made and the professionalism of the performers especially the skill of the person caning and causing only acceptable pain. Well done.

  13. Delighted to have caught up with your site again – I’ve left it too long. I loved this film, it was a really exciting caning that you had. Interesting to see some of your real-ife personalities in the Behind the Scenes, as well.

    Since I moved house, my reception does not appear to be as good as it was in the old house – when I stream a film, it tends to stop and start. Is there anything I can do – other than wait for BT to catch up with modern technology? This does not seem to happen with Spanking tube – but maybe the difference in the length of a film accounts for that?

  14. Pandora would never, absolutely never, resort to make-up to simulate the cane marks when she can have them for real. LOL

  15. As a new person to your site, I am delighted I took the plunge and have a lot of watching to do over the next few weeks, I have always looked a the clips. This is a great production and I liked the additional clip showing the making of it. It made me smile when the aircraft went over during the filming and you had to stop, but what really made me sile was the cat flap in the door, having a cat myself it was very amusing. Enjoy yourselves in the USA. LOL Claire

  16. A perfectly measured scene. After seeing the first strokes I thought you couldn’t last 50. Amazing, but how long did it take for your bottom to recover?

  17. Excellent film and background. A well administered and well taken caning. I received 12 hard strokes of the cane from a ‘headmaster’ in the summer (on top of a bare slippering, it has to be said) and I’m surprised Pandora didn’t wince at the rapid taps Leia administered in between the main strokes. During my caning, I found even those painful!

  18. This is undoubtedly my FAVOURITE !!!
    You stay there in ” THE POSITION ” receiving 50 STROKES on that beautiful bottom of yours .

    Leia-Ann is wonderful as well and my “DREAM “would be to receive a serious amount of strokes from yourself and Leia-Ann , maybe 100 or until I ask you to stop !!!!
    If the latter I’d envisage maybe in excess of 500 !!!!
    LOVE this anyway , keep up the good work . and do try to be good . NOT TOO GOOD though !!!

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