The Lab Rat’s Revenge

Film (11:21) with 48 screengrabs
Preview image for The Lab Rat's Revenge. Leia-Ann Woods is tied to the table, bare bottom on display as Pandora Blake straps her

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Trapped in a cupboard, bound at hand and foot and stripped of her clothes, it seems Pandora is at the mercy of mad scientist Leia-Ann Woods. But with a bit of ingenuity and a lot of struggling, she breaks free from her bonds and decides to get her own back.

She ties the eccentric Dr Woods to her own experimenting table, then gives her a taste of her own medicine. Keen to exact vengeance on the doctor for the brutal experiments carried out on her, Pandora strips Leia-Ann down to stockings and suspenders and 'tests' the effects of beatings with different implements. Pandora angily lashes out with the flogger, then uses hot wax and a paddle to get the Doctor crying out in pain and frustration.

Using all the tools at her disposal, can this lab rat force the sadistic doctor to truly understand the science of pain?

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Leia-Ann Woods

Settle down for a glass of wine with Pandora Blake and Leia Ann Woods as they discuss what it was like to film The Wrong Room together: how they came up with the idea, what the experience was like for them both and how they felt afterwards. This is a heartwarming clip that really lets you into their friendship and excitement.

11 Responses

  1. Fabulous twist on the mad scientist genre – sharp dialogue and ever sharper spanking.

    Such fun!

    M xx

  2. Hahaha this was amazing! I love the revenge spanking, but Leia-Ann had me laughing out loud. She’s mostly taking it stoically while talking normally but with the occasional yipe. So funny! And I love when she realizes she can just experiment on herself instead. I hope to see more like this sometime!

  3. Leia-Ann is a stellar performer, she made this scene so much fun! I’m glad you enjoyed 🙂

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