Dirty Hands

Film (8:01) with 40 photographs
Preview Image for Dirty Hands. Pandora Blake holds her hand out, ready to get the tawse from Leia-Ann Woods. Both are wearing tea dresses.

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Fundraising Week is over at the Pony Club, and Miss Blake the Treasurer reports to her friend the President, Ms Woods. Leia has a bone to pick with Pandora. She knows Pandora has been messing around with her – Leia's – husband, and in fact Leia witnessed a rather unsubtle hand job taking place during the yacht cruise. Leia doesn't intend to take it lying down, and she means to make the punishment fit the crime. She knows a good way to ensure that Pandora's dirty hands don't stray where they shouldn't from now on…

Photography: Nimue Allen

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Leia-Ann Woods

Settle down for a glass of wine with Pandora Blake and Leia Ann Woods as they discuss what it was like to film The Wrong Room together: how they came up with the idea, what the experience was like for them both and how they felt afterwards. This is a heartwarming clip that really lets you into their friendship and excitement.

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  1. Well done both of you. So good to be seeing more of Leia in action, Pandora. I have to say I have never been a big fan of discipline on the hands but the film, nevertheless, appeals because of the excellent dialogue. Your mock innocence in the face of Leia’s obvious knowledge of what has gone before is a treat. And Leia is so convincing in her role of wronged wife taking the necessary punitive measures.
    A nice touch too is that at one point you seem to be momentarily rubbing your hands on your bottom (although they are turned outwards I think). When bottoms are warmed with a spanking it’s hands that try to relieve with rubbing. And so when hands are stung the temptation seems to be at one point to rub them on soft cheeks for relief. Don’t know whether that move by you was sub-conscious or not but love the delicious ironic turn around!

  2. Althoug I prefer to see another part of Pandora body punished! ,this short film is really excellent. We know that both ladies are top top in the spanking world, but they are demonstrating that they are also remarkable actresses.

  3. Thanks Yianni! I’ve been thinking about film length recently and a lot of people seem to be of the opinion that a porn film should never be longer than 7 minutes. Who has a twenty minute wank? Thus far I haven’t really minded, allowing each story to be the length it wants to be, and hoping that my films will provide entertainment for spanking enthusiasts and for couples to watch, as well as providing quickie satisfaction. I’m sure people who only have five minutes will skip ahead to the best bits. But I was interested to see how well shorter films would do, and if viewers would be disappointed to have two films in a row (this and Biker Girl) under 10 minutes in length. So far, both films seem to have been well received.

    Ha, yes, the bottom rubbing was conscious on my part – I thought people might appreciate the irony. 🙂 Possibly partlyb subconscious too – the result of long habit perhaps!

  4. Thanks Sheldon! Leia is a wonderful roleplayer and actress and very very easy to improvise with. I loved how smoothly this scene went!

    Funny that both of the comments so far are from people who don’t love hand punishment. I know there are heaps of hand tawsing fans out there, I’ve received emails and tweets from them – where are you all I wonder?

  5. 20 minutes plus always…….(he says having been reduced to a sticky mess in far less by Dreams of Spanking’s amazing content).

    …….but 7 minutes does seem a little short to me……….how could you possibly let yourself go when there is so much fantastic footage left to watch and enjoy……

    No…….you are right sometimes it’s almost impossible to stop the rage of a beautiful orgasm fast approaching whilst enjoying a gorgeous scene, which they all are. I try to hold off and climax the same time as the clip………….this can be a most amazing feeling.

    You could always go through the whole thing a second time………keep on enjoying all you horny guys & gals………..I am………………oops……….sorry if I’ve perhaps given a little more information than was actually required…………………….

  6. Hmmm – well whilst hand tawsing isn’t really my thing (it just seems too much like pure pain with no offsetting pleasure!) I do admire your talent and willingness in demonstrating a different area of CP. Does this perhaps leave the Dreams door open for other areas such as bastinado, back flogging and nipple flogging?

  7. Hey I know you don’t care what I think but who says spanking videos can’t be longer than ten or so minutes. One of the things I like about your vids is that they are more than just ass whacking. (or hands, whatever) I like both build ups to the actual spanking and time spent on the aftermath. So lest hear it for long videos. (I would not say seven minutes is short, if you can get the whole plot in then it’s long enough, but I would not what shorter. Just me.)

  8. Awesome. Thank you! Most of the films I’ve got shot from this year are around the 15 minute mark, some of them longer, so it’s all good. Glad I don’t have to start deliberately trimming my scenes back any time soon 🙂

  9. I guess spanking fans have different tastes to standard porn fans. I love the idea of you holding yourself off waiting for the film to climax! Although the idea of a film having a “climax” is a fascinating one. I wonder if everyone would see it is as being in the same place?

  10. Sorry Pandora, I’m just a complete luddite sometimes when trying to explain things………….I notice you use the ‘P” porn word a lot……I guess I don’t see your work so much as porn, perhaps more of an art form, porn can be very tedious at times…….wham bam thankyou mam………..you could never say this of Dreams of Spanking……..the longevity of stimulation from watching your fine productions is an absolute feeling of pure perfect thrilling enjoyment………

    For example……whilst watching Pandora’s Belt Whipping Fantasy………….I was totally taken in with the talk through at the beginning, and had a good idea of what was about to come………the scene from the outset had me moaning in unison with your moans of pain and pleasure……..right up to the 21 minute marker where I just could not hold on any longer, watching Thomas really going hell for leather (literally) on your gorgeous perfect bright red bottom was just a bit too much I think our cries of pleasure were pretty much together at this point…………. but I was able to control it up to here……..

    Of course the fact that you still had some way to go too did not deter from watching the finale…………..very special indeed ……………….and of course I am a very satisfied customer in so many different ways…………….thank you.

  11. I suspect they wouldn’t… And I suspect that’s a good thing.

    I know that my own patterns are modified by my health conditions, but, I do also know that my own use of erotic images definitely involves a kind of calculation of pace and where to go next to enhance that.

    I’m slightly decaffeinated so may not be making much sense 🙂

  12. Thomas, I think I follow you, it seems we’re on the same wavelength and talking about the same kind of ideas……..I am flying this morning……after my 1 to 1 session yesterday afternoon (6/12/13)…….I do think I’m ever going to come back down to earth is was so amazing……….

  13. wow I love to see and sometimes take or give a hand tawsing, not many videos of such about, well done for taking such sting!

  14. Thank you! It’s a kink I’ve got a complex relationship with which has evolved over time. If you’re interested, I’ve blogged about my thoughts on hand tawsing and the process that led to filming this scene here.

  15. Hi, Pandora

    The word “tawse” is archaic, heard nowadays only in spanko porn. My grandparents’ generation spoke of “the strap” which is un-ambiguous but, in my (early 60s) Edinburgh childhood, both pupils and teachers referred to it as “the belt”. But “belt” is ambiguous, even in my younger days. Getting the belt meant entirely different things, depending on whether the context was school or home. A teacher would belt your hand only, where a parent might use an ordinary belt on your bottom.

    There were 4 areas in England where state schools preferred the strap to the cane: in Walsall, Manchester, Gateshead & Newcastle. I don’t know what colloquial terms might have been used for it in those places. But enough social history …

    Leia-Ann applies her strap to your palms a little more firmly than I had done about a week earlier. Do you remember Adelaide, Dawn and our version of “Lady Godiva” on that hot Thursday afternoon in early September? The middle-class schoolgirl was strapped thrice on her non-writing hand, whereas the one from the wrong side of the tracks got six of the cane on her (clothed) bottom. Double standards. Which we explored further in your 3rd role as a deputy head teacher who had 3 boys to deal with. But I wander way off topic …

    You and Leia-Ann are both so elegant and cultured. The dignified conduct and unfailing politeness continue, even when a grave social blunder is brought to light. But there is a pecking order. If it had been the other way round, she dallying with your partner, I wonder if it would have come to anything more than “Please don’t do that again, Leia”. But when number two offends number one, the consequences are likely to be more serious. There is no shouting, name-calling, hair-pulling, scratching, etc., nothing so un-ladylike. And you get to retain as much dignity as you can manage while enduring ever-hotter palms. Lovely !

    If you want to talk to fellow professionals about what it’s like to get it harder, Leia-Ann herself is one obvious candidate. She got a nice dozen (in military uniform) at Firm Hand. Or Amelia-Jane Rutherford at Girls Boarding School, where she was called Lucy. The hardest I can think of was to Xela Xaste (and Kelly James) in “Hand Tawsing the Teachers” from Miss Brown’s series Brief Encounters.

    Happy new year.

    James M

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