Corporate Intimidation

Film (15:14) with 60 photographs
Preview image for Corporate Intimidation. Alex Reynolds bends over the sofa, skirt lifted to display her stockings and red, spanked bottom. Pandora Blake and Thomas Cameron stand over her holding a tawse

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We were coming up to the end of Alex's shoot with us, and we wanted to make it a big deal. I'd talked to her earlier in the week about scene ideas and proposed ending on a nastier, edgier scene than we'd done previously, with Tom and I playing the bullies who gang up on and intimidate her. Everyone in the UK was talking about Murdoch's phone hacking scandal at the time, and so a whistle-blowing scenario seemed like a good place to start.

"I'm not sure," said Alex, "I don't generally enjoy playing scenarios where my character is defeated or silenced."

"Okay, that makes sense. But would you feel the same way if your character won in the end? Not just morally, I mean, but in terms of actually getting the better of the bad guys?"

"Hrm," she said. "Let me think about that."

So she did, and we talked some more, and on the day, she said she was good to go ahead. We were all nervous going into it, and the dialogue proved tricky for all of us. While we were cut between takes of the opening conversation, Alex asked, "When you get started, are you guys going to use physical force? Because that would be hot."

Yes. Yes we were. 

The resulting scene turned out far more intense than I had anticipated. Tom's and my characters are just relentlessly nasty, in a horribly smug, self-satisfied way. We hadn't planned a total number of strokes, and I was shocked when I came to count them and realised that Alex had taken a brutal 50 strokes with my two most severe leather tawses. No wonder she was shedding real tears by the end.

Alex Reynolds is an incredible talent, and her courage and conviction make her a perfect match for the role of the idealistic, determined whistleblower. This is one of my more edgy films to date, and I only cast performers I trust completely in this sort of scenario. Alex played it with a combination of sympathetic vulnerability and inner strength that blew me away.

Photography: Nimue Allen

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21 Responses

  1. Preview video coming soon. None yet I’m afraid, as I didn’t manage to get it made before leaving for the location shoot I’m on this week.

  2. Now,that ,Pandora was great.Well done Alex Reynolds for taking that thrashing so well and well done you and Thomas for adminisering such a hard,acurate strokes.Alex’s bottom must of been sore for days.Well done

  3. I know, I love those glasses! I was lucky enough to be the photographer in a bondage shoot for in which Alex was nude in those glasses. FIT.

  4. Really brilliant. Pandora and Tom use the implements as a painter the paintbrushes and the final outcome is an incredible and beautiful Alex red bottom. A real nice big tomato comparable with the best impressionist still life LOL. Jokes apart congratulations to all of you for a fantastic work.

  5. I’m back from location now and uploaded the free film trailer yesterday. 🙂

  6. Thanks Sheldon, this scene is pretty special to me and I’m full of admiration for Alex for taking it so well.

  7. Hi Pandora, That thrashing must have been sore. Was that a real (made by JJ Dick) or replica Lochgelly you used ?

  8. The tawses are one two-tailed “Prefect” tawse by Muir, and one thick cut three-tailed from Correction Collection, which I believe may be modelled on the Lochgellys. So yes, replicas.

  9. What a super power play with two punishers acting in such a cruel domineering way. Alex was wonderful as the hapless spankee enduring such a bottom reddening as that. These sorts of scenes that tend to the more intense end of the spectrum are great every so often, especially when they are accomplished without coming across as brutality – which this certainly doesn’t. Oh and some sobs and tears are a great bonus. Makes the scene feel like a real catharsis for the spankee (or perhaps not?!)

  10. I don’t know if this was real catharsis for Alex but this was certainly a tough punishment from her from a physical point of view. She was a professional throughout, communicating clearly about her limits and letting us know what level she was happy with. Actually that reminds me, I need to upload the behind the scenes for this video!

    Glad you enjoyed it, I love this sort of dark scene where the spankee is in the right and Alex played it perfectly.

  11. Oh this one is quite intense. Poor Alex, but it is quite exciting seeing her in this dangerous, threatening situation with her bottom exposed. And in the end she is the winner cause she gets it all on camera 🙂

  12. I was thinking about how a scene like this might actually make it into a mainstream film or TV series. I’ve studied lists of spanking in “mainstream media” and I don’t recall one quite like this. I think it’s almost something that could pass as a “serious scene”, our responses to the heroine’s suffering and humiliation being mostly sympathy or anger and with just a touch of sexual pleasure.

    Of all the actors who work for DoS, Thomas is the one who I most see turning up in some mainstream thriller, playing a villain perhaps. His performance is this film is so deadly serious and paranoia fueling.

  13. Oh you poor girl, Alex! What a good thing we know they’re only actors! A very painful beating, all the same!

  14. What is Alex going to do with that video tape? Will Alex go public with that video?
    Pandora, Thomas and Alex you were great in this. Again I hope you can make a second video.
    Thank you Kevin

  15. Was it purely coincidental having a print of Delaroche’s “Execution of Lady Jane Grey” on top of the bookcase? With 2 evil bullies the scene could almost have been The Execution of Alex Reynolds.

    p.s. I’ve never seen Alex look so innocent before.

  16. Has the promised BTS* for this video been uploaded to DoS yet?

    *[“look out for the forthcoming behind the scenes video”]

  17. It looks like it slipped through the net, thank you for the reminder! I’ll take a look and see if it still needs editing or if it’s already ready to upload.

  18. Haha, yes she is a consummate actor and can play innocent as well as knowing!
    I love that painting. The print is there all the time. I love that you saw a resonance!

  19. Yes, I think the ending makes it so much more satisfying! We know Alex is the heroine of the story and in the end she gets the better of the evil baddies… Even if her bottom has to suffer in the process.

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