Alex Reynolds

Based in LA, California

Hi everyone! My name is Alex and I’m a spanking model, an art nude model, a spanking blogger and a lot of other things. I recently relocated from South Dakota to Los Angeles, and I’m happily enjoying lots of sunny spanking adventures there! I was fortunate enough to meet Pandora for the first time and shoot with her at the Texas All State Spanking Party, and then to spend a lots of wonderful time visiting and filming with her during my visit to England.

I’ve been interested in spanking for my entire life: I was actually observed playing spanking games with my toys while I was still in a crib. I got my first spanking when I was eighteen and have been enjoying the journey ever since. Although I began doing nude modeling when I was eighteen, I felt far too shy and without the confidence necessary to even consider doing spanking videos until I was twenty five. Once I started, I discovered that it’s pretty much the best thing ever, and have dedicated as much time as possible to it.

In my personal life, I like writing, reading books, learning, cooking and being a geek. I’m polyamorous, and I’m fortunate enough to have a number of extremely fulfilling relationships.

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