Sofa Fort

Film (14:35) with 75 screengrabs
Preview image for Sofa Fort. Pandora Blake receives the hair brush on her bare bottom as Alex Reynolds watches

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Alex and Pandora are having a lovely time in their sofa fort. It's the best fort ever! They camp out inside it in their pyjamas and bunny rompers and play with all the stuffed animals. Alex shows Pandora the red marks from her latest spanking, and Pandora decides Alex deserves extra spanks for hitting her with her heavy lavender-filled bear. 

But the giggly girls' fun and frolics are interrupted when Tom appears, and wants to know why the hell they've rearranged the lounge when he's expecting business guests for dinner this evening. Alex and Pandora are very sorry for forgetting, but they're about to be even sorrier. Tom hauls them out of the safety of the fort and bends them over one by one to be spanked. By the time his heavy hand and stingy wooden hairbrush have done their work, both girls are sobbing, begging and sorry. Alex and Pandora learn that no matter how cute they are, or how good their sofa fort is, it won't save them from spankings.

An adorable domestic discipline video for fans of age play, cuteness and painful wooden hairbrush punishments. Keep watching to the end for the super-cute alternate ending!

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15 Responses

  1. Why is this scene filed under “Fair”! I hope that applies to the alternate ending only. Sofafort dismantling is entirely unfair, no matter how naughty we were, or if Thomas admitted it was a very nice fort. 😛

    This is one of my favorite films I’ve ever done, just so you know.

  2. Of course it’s fair. Anything that results in naughty young ladies being spanked is fair.

  3. Weeeeeell, we were spanked for building a sofa fort, and we HAD built a sofa fort (the best fort EVER) so we weren’t being spanked for something we hadn’t done. I agree that fort dismantling is 100% inappropriate, however!

  4. Seriously…you two ladies are the most adorable ever. Your expressions watching each other get spanked is priceless. And I mean, I liked the fort. Haha. 🙂 I enjoy this website immensely.

  5. I never thought, when I started performing in porn, that I would one day legitimately get to build a sofa fort and call it work. 🙂

    Alex brings out all my cutest, littlest sides, but in that bunny romper she is definitely the most adorable!

    Thanks for the comment, it’s lovely to meet you 🙂

  6. Its a pleasure to meet you as well. It really is glorious to know there are others out there whom have the desire, needs, and wants of spanking for fun, and other such notions. I was watching other videos last night, I seriously may consider a membership. The clips are simply wondrous. 🙂

  7. I would be thrilled if you thought the site was worth supporting with a membership. I’m doing everything I can do make it appealing to women, but for some reason the majority of customers are still male. If there’s anything I could be doing better, let me know!

  8. Well, since I adore the males and the ladies, I think you are doing a fine job. Improvement…well, since I have seen so many other sites, nothing compares to this one. Its done very tastefully. The spankings are exactly what I want to see, and I am sure others as well. If you can make your viewers tingle with every sort of spanking, you are doing a more than wonderful job. However, if I see anything more, I will let you know Miss Blake, but I am pretty sure, in my opinion, its flawless.

  9. That sofa fort with all the soft toys is really cute. My sister and I used to make sofa forts. Must be fun being a kid again.
    Awwww, Little Miss Trouble underwear Pandora! I have a lady friend who has a fine collection of panties with cute kids cartoons on them.
    Thank you Pandora and Alex for another cute girlish spanking episode. Oh and the little alternate ending was nice. Thomas joining in the fun rather than being the big bully!

  10. It was sooo cute watching you two getting spanked!! I mean the bunny costume wow

  11. Thank you Cherry! That’s great to hear. I look forward to having you join us as a member 🙂

  12. Anyone can build a sofa fort! A project for the next time you visit your sister maybe?

    I liked the alternate ending too… I mean we did need to get spanked for the sake of the video, but I think in real life Thomas wouldn’t have been that mean 🙂

  13. “It’s the best sofa fort ever” ? I do not think so, my cousins and I built a far better sofa fort when I was only ten and we managed to get away with just a good telling off once Auntie discovered her living room in complete disarray. Still it’s nice to see an American girl cherishing the wonderful British icon that is Bag Puss !


  14. Pandora ,very nice you 2 are cute as littlies characters ,hope you will do many more ageplay themes with spankings ,best spanks from ,Timmyx

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