Missed Alarm

Film (7:27 mins) with 33 screengrabs
Alex lays on the bed with her pyjamas pulled down as Pandora spanks her with the hairbrush

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Pandora and Alex are roommates at a spanking party. When Alex forgets to wake Pandora up before the evening’s fun, Pandora is not impressed. She takes her frustration out on Alex’s pyjama-clad bottom.

Introducing the delightful Alex Reynolds. I was super keen to meet her at the Texas All State Spanking Party having been a fan of her blog Alex in Spanking Land for some time, and was very happy that she agreed to shoot a couple of scenes with me. Alex is smart, funny, adorable, and has an amazing sense of adventure and fun about this thing we do. I liked working with her a lot, and can’t wait to do so again next time we’re on the same continent!

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9 Responses

  1. I don’t think I have seen her before which is my loss. She’s cute, has a very nice bottom, and takes a good spanking. More please. I also like the light heartedness of this, they could all be that way as far as I’m concerned.

    I also want to do all I can to encourage braless spankers, and I’m not talking about men.

  2. Yay, doing my bit to spread the Alex love! She is awesome. I was dying to meet her from reading her blog, and she’s just as great in person. I hope I get to work/play with her again, we had so much fun.

    Lucky I never wear bras, hey? 🙂

  3. This whole scene is great and quite unique and very exciting,I.M.H.O.
    It has a’ je ne sais quois ‘aura of 2 girls at play spanking in the bedroom in soft cotton jamas with freshness and vivacity.
    It is very believable.
    I would compare it favourablyto Miss Audreys'”Party Girls”.or Northern Spankings’pyjamaed scene.
    The laughter here is appropriate.
    Pandora shows definte promise here being best at the part where she counts the smacks with determination on the bare bottom.This enables the viewer to expand out the fantasy of Pandora being governess,mother etc albeit for a fleeting moment.
    Further extension of this scene with consequent reduction in other scenes would be a very welcome editorial revision.

  4. Thanks for the positive feedback! I’m very much enjoying playing the role of the spanker at the moment, looking forward to more of that 🙂

    I’m glad you like this. I’m very passionate about maintaining the diversity of scenes on this site, especially combining male and female spanking, and lighthearted and more intense punishments. But of course that has to be balanced against what people want to see. So please do let me know what type of scene doesn’t work for you – feedback is always useful.

  5. Like this shoot of the the two of you in PJ’s, having a lark. Looks like you had both been out shopping…

    It looks like you and Alex had a laugh doing this one…?

    It is OK…I can see you laughing..!

  6. I love spending time and shooting with Alex because she makes me laugh a lot. We definitely enjoyed filming this scene!

  7. Wish all men being spanked were separate I hate browsing f/f and still seeing a man or two. Anyway love this type of non stop hand spanking

  8. Nice with little Alex and yourself playing spanks ,best spanks to bothyou nice girls from ,TImx

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