Alex’s POV

Film (12:16) with 45 screengrabs
Preview image for Alex's POV. Alex Reynolds is over Thomas Cameron's lap. She looks back at him as he spanks her

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When Alex admits to feeling bad about flouting her D/S rules during her time in the UK, Tom suggests a spanking might help her feel better. She lies over his knee on the edge of the bed, feeling his strong thighs support her hips. Looking back over her shoulder, she meets his gaze as his hand rises and falls… and in the mirror, she can see her bottom bouncing under the smacks.

Here's what Alex has to say about filming this scene:

"This scene was great to film, because our characters were very nearly ourselves, and that's always a relaxed environment for me. I also like it because it's fairly physically intense while still being entirely done with Tom's hand: hard hand spanking is always a winning combination in my book. Furthermore, there was something sweet about the scenario: in some ways, it was similar to the spanking that Pandora had given me in my real life the night before: in the film, Tom suggests that a spanking would make me feel better about my less than ideal behavior while I was overseas. He's not meant to be my Dominant, just an affectionate friend who is stepping up and filling that role while no one else was around to. It was lovely to be able to watch the spanking in the mirror: that made it much more intense for me. 

"Watching this movie after the fact, I was pretty pleased with the way that this captured the actual experience of the spanking. It was the video that I've watched myself in which was closest to my actual memory of the event. It also had a very intimate feeling surrounding it."

Tom used to have a cupboard with glass doors in his bedroom, and the glimpses I caught of my own bottom being spanked, reflected in the glass, were very exciting. During a punishment I often find it erotic to look back at my spanker and watch them preparing to deliver a stroke.

I wanted to make a spanking video that showed the spankee's perspective, with camera angles representing their point of view. Of course, ten minutes of a square of carpet would be boring. But what about Alex Reynolds watching her spanker's face as they tell her what's about to happen? Or, over the knee, looking back over her shoulder, meeting the top's gaze, seeing their hand rise and fall? What about glimpsing her own reflection in a mirror, just as I had?

This film is an experiment in, quite literally, the spankee's gaze. Does it work for you? Let us know what you think.

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14 Responses

  1. Love the title! I’ve only seen the preview so far, but is clear that your innovative impulse is an as strong as ever. I look forward to returning from the sunshine, to usefully re
    subscribe ! x

  2. Beautifully done – it really conveys the feeling of being put across someone’s knee and the feelings that the spankee might experience. The scene is done in a very sensitive, loving way….just love the shots in the mirror. It’s always a turn on to watch the spanker’s arm rising and falling, as well as one’s own bottom receiving. It must be lovely to actually have film footage s of your own spankings to watch after the event. Alex has such a lovely full rounded bottom that begs for a firm spanking. Thank you!

  3. Thank you redrobin! I’m glad this works for you. I quite agree that looking back at your spanker can be a very exciting experience, and glimpsing yourself in a mirror even more so – especially if all you can see is your bottom or their hand or face, and not your own face (which I think can make you feel a bit self-conscious – at least it does for me at least). For those of us who are quite visual in their kink, and I include myself, the idea of being a voyeur of one’s own punishment is definitely an interesting one. I find that if I am struggling with a spanking, then shifting my mental perspective so I imagine the scene as it must look to an outsider can provide that jolt of arousal and really inspire me to take the pain.

    Alex’s bottom is superbly spankable. Her personality just adds to the effect. For such a good girl, she seems to carry a cloud of high spanking probability around with her – it’s quite a talent 🙂

  4. Hi Pandora 🙂 I’m new to this site and I’m so glad I came across it! You really do great work. I loved this scene. I’m really picky when it comes to M/F scenes, but this one was just right. He was the perfect quietly and gently authoritative spanker giving her just what she needed. Alex is a great spankee too- I love watching her expressions. The mirror and different points of view were a great idea. They really made a great scene excellent! Looking forward to watching more of your work. 🙂

  5. Thank you, Sarah, that is so lovely to hear! I’m really glad this scene worked for you. I know what you mean about M/F – it has to be pitched just right for me to enjoy it, too. I love both Alex and Tom in this scene and I’m pleased it seems to have worked for people. I think I might make more spankee’s “point of view” scenes – what do you think?

  6. Would it work if you had the spankee convey their thoughts/feelings as a voice over before, during and after the spanking? Would require some careful scripting and editing, but might add another facet to the scene? You might even have the spanker do the same?

  7. Yes, that’s an idea I’ve considered in the past, although voiceover tends to work better with more cinematic productions. rather than standard web clips (as you want some nice non-dialogue shots for it to go over). I guess I’d want the spankee to write their own voiceover, rather than putting words into their mouth. Or if I were the spankee, I could do it myself 🙂 Thanks for the suggestion!

  8. Great shot! Another suggestion Pandora would be to have a before/after photos, showing the bare botton and the face of the spankee.



  9. A really superb film. I love the way Alex takes spankings. She has a fabulous mix of contriteness and great reactions including whimpers and subtle crying. The angles of filming make this an intensely erotic scene. The alternation between the mirror shots and the focus on Alex’s facial reactions works well. However, the introduction later of the view from the other side of the spanking lifts things to another level. The ensuing focus on the results of a prolonged hand spanking become crystal clear with Alex’s gorgeous bottom and tops of thighs showing a beautiful scarlet red. A cuddle at the end is a perfect finish. Love the innovation on your site, Pandora. But also love the inclusion of these traditional straightforward strict hand spanking films too.

  10. Ooh. For every scene you mean or just for this one? If there are photos attached to a scene, it’s usually something we do as part of the photoset, but we don’t take photos with every video.

  11. Thank you, I’m so glad you liked it! I quite agree regarding Alex’s reactions, there’s something very genuine about them. I love the way she clearly expresses how much it hurts while remaining remarkably stoic in terms of staying in position. It’s wonderfully submissive.

    I wasn’t sure about introducing the bottom view towards the end as it broke the POV thing I’d set up… but at the same time I thought it would be a shame to waste such a beautifully marked bottom! So I’m glad it worked for you.

    Combining innovation and well-made version of classic spanking scenarios… yeah, that’s a pretty good description of what I’m aiming for 🙂

  12. Pandora lovely little Alexhas sound crisp spanks from Thomas and her botty blushes ,best spanks from ,Timx

  13. That definitly worked. It was so sweet and caring. I relate to Alex’s position of that guilt you can feel when doing something you know to be naughty. But she has friends who care enough to step up and relieve that guilt is a caring manner. Watching her face was as good a watching her bottom turn pink. And the loving hug at the end is so special.

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