Playing Truant

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Preview Image for Playing Truant. Alex Reynolds lays on the sofa, naked to recieve the tawse on her bum and thighs from Paul Kennedy

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He enjoys cruel punishments, and is keen to abuse his authority. Alex Reynolds couldn’t have a more terrifying adversary than truant officer Paul Kennedy.

After seeing her play with boys at the mall while she should have been at school, Paul drags Alex back home for a beating, but she’s in for a much harsher corporal punishment than she deserves. Stripping her to the waist to fondle her breasts and expose her naked body, Paul uses her behaviour as an excuse to take advantage of this naughty schoolgirl.

As he berates her for  not just skipping school, but for acting like a ‘little slut’ with boys, Paul humiliates and degrades Alex before beating her savagely with the tawse. The hard strokes leave bright red marks on her bottom and thighs as Alex sobs and writhes in pain.

Behind the scenes, Alex Reynolds explains that what she likes most in roleplays with her lover Paul is overly harsh punishment and edgy age play. She tells us that she finds it particularly horny when he plays an unfair character who is excessively cruel. Paul Kennedy knows how to deliver, as he thrashes Alex’s bottom and thighs until she begs him to stop. By the end, she is promising to do anything he wants…

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Playing Truant - Behind the Scenes

Behind the scenes footage and out-takes from the filming of Playing Truant, including pre-scene negotiation between Alex and Paul, lots of couply cuteness and affection, Alex’s nerves before her beating, negotiating the implied sexual coercion at the end (as suggested by Alex!) and the Infamous Missionary Incident! Plus lots of happy post-scene snuggles and aftercare including bad puns from Paul, and some bonus close-up shots of the welts on Alex’s thighs.



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Alex Reynolds and Paul Kennedy

Alex and Paul talk individually and together about their relationship, their sexuality and their kink. Intimacy, trust, and communication are all discussed in this in-depth interview about the joys of roleplay. Alex tells the story of her crush on Paul before they even met, and how they discovered their connection and became a couple. Find out what they love about each other, and what they love about edgy roleplay that explores the boundaries of consent.

19 Responses

  1. Pandora ,a nice interview with Alex and Paul ,I have followed her since Alex started in spanky vids ,.Festive spanks,Timx

  2. Uncomfortable viewing, but an interesting insight into dynamic of a couple with rather extreme tastes. Alex is lucky to have found someone with whom she can act out her fantasies in safety.

  3. You know, you’re the first person to mention that this was uncomfortable to watch – and in a way, it’s reassuring, because I feel the same way. But that discomfort is exactly what makes it so hot, for me at least. That’s why I wanted to spend so long talking to Alex and Paul beforehand in the interview, and why I would only shoot a scene like this with performers who are capable of being articulate about their kink and their reasons for doing this on camera.

    I’d be interested to know if you watched the full length behind the scenes interview before the scene, or after it? Speaking personally, I know I’m far more able to relax and enjoy the hotness of this sort of scene once I’ve seen the performers out of character, and reassured myself that they were willing participants.

  4. It’s a fantastic interview isn’t it? They are both so articulate about their kinks. Hope you have a lovely Christmas Tim!

  5. I do want to add, although I’m pretty sure I said this in the interview, too, that this isn’t what ALL my fantasies are like! Scenes like and are also very close to some of my other core fantasies. I just feel really grateful that Dreams of Spanking gives me a safe space where I can share the darker side of what I like to do, that which is often too taboo for other sites to want to present. 🙂

  6. I take your point. Some of your other role plays are much more to my taste.


  7. I watched the interview both before and after.

    No objection to publication, but I don’t find it hot. Maybe partly a matter of role/gender. I prefer consensual scenes where it is fairly obvious (at least to your members) that both parties are enjoying themselves.


  8. I think packaging the whole film to include the out of character interview makes this nice and clear that’s it’s a personal fantasy. The concept of a ‘consensual scene’ is interesting. I take it this means where it is an actual element in the scene itself that the spanking is desired, given that all the scenes on DoS are consensual. Personally I like the range on offer where some scenes are like this but others are not.

    Have to say I thought the inclusion of some attention to Alex’s thighs in this new film was really hot and added an extra sharpness.

  9. That’s fair enough. My fantasies tend to be non-consensual, but the way I play in real life very much emphasises explicit, joyful consent. I’ve always tried to have a mixture of both on the site.

  10. The interview downloads and plays perfectly but the movie itself does not “stream” nor is a download option offered. A prompt appears to join now via CCBill. The fact that an option to download the interview appears and the interview downloads shows that membership is current, I think.

  11. The movie now downloads, no problem, so I now have been able to form an impression.

    Like Andrew1970 I do not find the movie hot and I find it more than uncomfortable viewing. Including some BTS material in the main movie at the beginning and end makes it easier to take.
    I did not start out with any doubt that anything presented by DoS would be consensual, nevertheless , , ,

    I should hasten to add that I’m well aware that your kink might not be my kink.

    I haven’t viewed the interview yet, I have to admit, but I intend to do that directly. I hope I shall be able to catch all the dialogue – my hearing is not what it used to be.

  12. Hi Spaniel, actually we make our performer interviews public to give viewers a chance to get to know them – so it looks like your membership had expired when you posted this comment.

  13. Hey, it’s totally okay if these coercive themes aren’t your kink. Based on your comments you do seem to be drawn to these edgy films though. Is it a love/hate relationship perhaps? I’d be happy to recommend some softer movies if you let me know what you’re looking for.

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