The Professional Disciplinarian

Film (25:28) with 66 screengrabs
Preview image for The Professional Disciplinarian. Pandora Blake bends over the end of the sofa, her dress pulled up and knickers pulled down, displaying her red spanked bottom as she looks at Thomas Cameron who is sat on the sofa wearing a suit

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Pandora has never been spanked but she shyly admits she wants it – and needs it. Her girlfriend Nimue hires a professional to guide her through her first experience of positive discipline.

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4 Responses

  1. If and when I choose to go done the path of a professional disciplinarian I do hope to be as charming as the example that Thomas is portraying.

  2. I really enjoyed this scene! It somewhat reminds me of my first time playing with a partner. He considered himself to be a professional, although we only met up casually and not by appointment. But anyway, I always love scenes with Tom, and this one did not disappoint! And Pandora did a great job of playing the apprehensive newbie.

  3. Oh wow, this was such a reminder of my first visit to my first Dom. He wasn’t operating as a professional, and obviously it wasn’t exactly the same, but certain elements like the nervousness and embarrassment were there. In fact probably more so, in a situation where the Dom wasn’t a professional, in that perhaps the situation wasn’t safe, so it was quite scary.
    I absolutely loved this though, a truly wonderful film!

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