The Secret in the Wardrobe

Film (21:13 mins) with 48 screengrabs
Pandora bends over a chair with her skirt pulled up, for Thomas to cane her, as Adele looks on, and Caroline sits to the side looking cross

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With her father away, Caroline is left in the care of the household staff. Her governess, discovering her secret, takes her over her knee – and both she and her maid are in trouble with the butler.

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The Secret in the Wardrobe - Behind the Scenes

Behind the scenes footage and out-takes from The Secret in the Wardrobe, providing a look at Pandora’s directing style and the often unpredictable reality of shooting spanking video.


15 Responses

  1. This made me laugh so much! Wonderfully satisfying hairbrush spanking, and I loved the protests: ‘They’re well brought-up rabbits!’ Adele makes a brilliantly intimidating governess…

  2. Adele’s great in this, isn’t she? I was a bit jealous of Caroline, I’ll be honest!

    I found it pretty hard to keep a straight face during filming – in fact I’m sure I failed a couple of times. “I haven’t even finished making all their clothes!”

  3. I do hope Dora had set the rabbits free. And paid for them once again, of course. Formidable as Miss Haze and Mr. Cameron are, I doubt they’re really a match for Miss Grey and Dora!

  4. I’m certain that she did. I think those two young ladies will go on to achieve great things!

  5. There seems to be a problem with the MP version of the “behind the scenes” video.

  6. Oops – a typo in the file name, my bad. It’s fixed now. One of these days I should get spanked for all these little errors!

  7. I like costume scenes and everyone suitably clad…like the sub-missive Pandora and Caroline; do not know how Thomas Cameron keeps a straight face, doing the scenes. I certainly would be corpsing – well done everybody…happy spanks and a great laugh.
    No doubt you all…had a blast.

  8. I wonder if the existance of *Adele Haze* constitues proof that there are avatars of Goddesses now having fun.
    Though the aspects of Goddesess could apply to all of your female performers.

  9. We love dressing up! The sequence with the wardrobe with Caroline and Adele had us in stitches. Tom has a knack for the straight faced acting but he joins in the fun behind the scenes as well 🙂

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