Caroline Grey

Based in United Kingdom

I have always been excited and fascinated by spanking and years before I knew there was such a thing as a spanking fetish (or any kind of fetish, actually) I spent hours imagining being captured, spanked, flung around like a rag-doll, knocked down, tied up, and otherwise abominably mistreated.

When I learned that there were actually other people out there who would act out these fantasies with me I was astounded. When I realized later that I could do it in movies, I could hardly believe it. It was like being told that you really could go to Narnia, Wonderland or the Land of Oz and having it be true.

When I first discovered kink, I thought I was a bottom/sub/girly-girl–full stop. And when I first entered the scene, I was all about spanking. I thought it was my only fetish. I had a bit of a retro attitude to it all: girls are girls, men are men, girls get spanked. Yee haw. Then I got to know people. I got to see stuff, try stuff, do stuff. I grew up a bit. A lot. Now I realise there’s a much bigger world out there and a lot more fun to be had. I’m not adverse to the odd John Wayne moment. I’ll always love the spanking scene. I won’t lose my schoolgirl fetish until I just can’t look at myself straight in the face in uniform anymore, but, well, there are so many more things I’d like to try!

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