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Preview image for Intervention. Amelia Jane Rutherford bends over the counter, skirt lifted to display her stockings. Caroline Grey spanks her as Pandora Blake looks on

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In this all-female spanking scene, Amelia Jane Rutherford plays a very arrogant and haughty work colleague. Pandora Blake and Caroline Grey are sick of Amelia's manipulation – not sharing the credit on work reports and putting in some very dodgy expenses claims (erotic lingerie as a work expense for a conference? Nice if you can get it!). As Amelia is the boss's favourite, the girls decide it's time to take punishment into their own hands.

In fear that Pandora and Caroline will expose her bad behaviour, Amelia reluctantly agrees to surrender to a beating. She bends over the kitchen counter, and Pandora lifts Amelia's skirt to reveal her stockings and suspenders – spoils from screwing the expenses system.

Pandora and Caroline then take turns to dish out a hairbrush spanking. One stroke each, on each cheek, repeated until Amelia is squealing and protesting in pain. As her bum turns bright red, her colleagues berate her and extract some sulky apologies and bratty comebacks, before finishing with a stern warning not to do it again. Amelia is left alone to rub her sore bottom and think about her behaviour at work.

Photography: Hywel Phillips

Preview Gallery

Intervention - Behind the Scenes

Behind the scenes during the filming of Intervention, including composition by height order, cupboards that won’t stay closed, Caroline sofa balancing in heels while fetching the hairbrushes, “one cheek each!”, conversations about continuity errors, arty camera angles (high technology!), Amelia wiggling her bottom “like a caterpillar – or a snakey”, and Hywel running between both cameras like a champion, and engaging in highly skilled handheld work while perched on top of a chest of drawers!


21 Responses

  1. There is so much to love about this excellent film. The situation where a colleague is taking unwarranted credit for the work of others is very realistic, even if the remedy is perhaps less likely as an option. It would be lovely to think that in all such instances the opportunity for this sort of correction were possible.
    Things I particularly liked:
    – great dialogue and interplay between characters – the haughtiness and arrogance from Amelia set against the exasperation of you and Caroline;
    – the absolute laugh out loud line from Amelia along the lines of “who do think you are? – the pantie police?”;
    – the gorgeous lingerie and hosiery Amelia’s wearing – you’ve got to give Amelia credit. If she was going to screw expenses, at least she spent the ill gotten gains very wisely!;
    – the excellent alternation of the hairbrushes, and the fast action spanking part way through;
    – and finally, that Amelia decides to examine the glow in her bottom after you and Caroline leave, giving a lovely reprise view. It’s enough to turn a lingerie and hosiery nut’s head.

  2. Just to say. When streaming, the sound dropped out at about 9.50. Don’t know whether it’s just me. So I decided to download the film and that was OK.

  3. I love long skirts. They make it so much more shocking when they are pulled up. And no need to take knickers down when they already leave much of the bottom exposed. Two young ladies spanking another young lady with hair brushes is very delightful too 🙂

    Sorry ladies (and gents) that I havn’t been downloading for a while 🙁 I’ll try and put some money aside to soon 🙂

  4. Well taken Amelia. Loved the stockings but for me, a bare bottom spanking means bare bottom so next time, knickers down please, just for me! xx

  5. Agree with the earlier comments. Dream of Spanking has a lot of different types of material — this scene is one of my personal favorites.

  6. This is a charming little vignette: which of us hasn’t fantasised about spanking that haughty office minx who gets away with murder while colleaugues mop up after them?

    Yes lingerie and stockings are beautiful, but for me the pièce de résistance is the veritable drum roll that is beaten on Amelia’s bottom by her tomentors.

    I think the lack of a bare bottom is a nice touch – that’s the thing about DoS and Pandora, always leaves you wanting more.

    Well done to all.

    M xx

  7. Thank you! I’m really glad you liked this one. When I wrote it I was trying to think of a “grown-up” spanking scene between three women, without any age play elements. It turned out to be a great opportunity for Amelia to show off her acting skills! She does “haughty” like no-one else and her improvised one-liners are hilarious too 🙂

  8. Thanks – I re-rendered and re-uploaded this after receiving your comment, I hope it’s all working correctly now?

  9. I like to vary it between bare bottom and spanking over skirts/lingerie. I know that whatever I choose some people would prefer it the other way so the best I can do is make sure I have a bit of both. And Amelia does have excellent taste in both skirts and knickers!

  10. I try to vary it on this site so that there will be something for everyone. There is MUCH more bare bottom spanking in the archive than over skirts/knickers so it’s nice to give something to those who prefer spanking over lingerie or a tight skirt from time to time 🙂

  11. I think this scene is a gem Pandora, a really effective piece of spanking theatre! Although of course it is a fantasy, it is much more effective than many such, wth all three characters very beleivable and really nice development of the story.

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