The New Head Girl

Film (26.28 mins) with 60 screengrabs
Thomas looks on as Adele canes Caroline

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The Housemaster, the nervous new Head Girl, and a CP tutorial with the naughtiest girl in the school. What could possibly go wrong? An extended, edgy scene packed full of whackings and dark comedy.

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  1. Pleased to see my favourite implement make an appearence. Any chance we’ll see some of the modelswearing the traditional black slip-on pumps. Thanks and keep up the good work.

  2. Oh, the black canvas ones? Yes, that’s very doable. With school uniform or gym kit?

    You might be able to answer a question, by the way! Is the best term for the implement shown in this video “plimsoll” or “slipper”? I’ve heard both used.

  3. That’s right. Either with normal uniform or PE kit (although I suppose the latter is more realistic). Personally, i would describe the implement as a plimsoll and the punishment as a slippering. I’m so pleased I’ve finally posted here. I’ve been readiing your blog for ages now!

  4. I appreciate that you want to break the mould in your films but surely, people watch these sorts of videos as a kind of visualisation of their fantasies (at least in part.) One of your models is painfully obese and while this reflects the world we live in, it is hardly something that most of us want to be reminded of in our fantasies. You’ll probably say this is a cruel observation but curious how you answer it.

  5. While I’d love to take credit for “breaking the mould” by hiring Adele, she’s been a successful spanking actress for longer than I have, and has worked for companies including Northern Spanking, Bars and Stripes and Lupus. Many people have curves and bigger bodies, and just as many people find them attractive.

    I work with Adele because I think she’s gorgeous and I love her performances, not out of any attempt to be “gritty”. My interest in including diversity of body types in my productions arises from a genuine belief that different body shapes can be beautiful and sexy. By hiring Adele I *am* creating a visualisation of the fantasies of people who fancy plus size women.

    I wouldn’t say your comment was cruel; I would say it was rude. It’s not the first time a performer has got a rude comment on their appearance – and it’s not the rudest either. Trust me, whatever size or shape you are, old, young, fat or thin, there will always be anonymous strangers on the internet who make unkind comments about your looks. If we cared, none of us would ever show our bodies on the internet, so it’s lucky that we don’t.

  6. It would be good if you took a step back and noticed that you’re speaking for others — “people watch these sorts of videos”; “it is hardly something that most of us…” — in a way that suggests you assume that: i) your own preferences are, if not completely universal, then certainly a norm; ii) if you see something that doesn’t conform to that norm, you have some sort of right or expectation that something will be done about it.

    Even if one is generous enough to assume that your comment wasn’t meant to be actively hurtful, the narrow-mindedness and sense of entitlement is pretty ripe. Your own shallow preferences aren’t everyone’s, nor do they give you a right to bitch about something that doesn’t conform. Seriously, what were you hoping to achieve?

    It’s not something I say because I think it’s the sort of thing I should say. Nor is it something I say because Adele is a friend — though she is. But Adele is fantastic in far more ways than I suspect you’ll ever know. If I was shallow enough to care only about body-type, she’d still be fantastic. No “buts” or “despites” or caveats. *Fantastic*.

  7. For me, realism is a turn on. If someone is really into spanking, they are sexy no matter what size or look. Just joined the site, but one of the aspects I really like is the authentic look to it, with wardrobe and scenery and models.

  8. “One of your models is painfully obese and while this reflects the world we live in, it is hardly something that most of us want to be reminded of in our fantasies. ”

    I’m interested to see where your survey data comes from to say jack shit about what ‘most of us’ want. Adele is one of the best working models around, both as an actor (in a second language, no less) and as a technical switch performer. She’s also gorgeous.

  9. I was just watching the previews when I read the stupid comment about Adele and had to reply. I think she looks really great, as do you and all the actresses on your site. This is not me being PC, I genuinely don’t understand those whose definition of beauty is so narrow. And if you don’t find a particular model sexy, why tell us.Everyone will have their favourite models, tastes differ. But it would be more constructive to talk about models or scenes you do like….

  10. Well said Pandora. Adele has the guts to go out there and live the fantasy and get the experiences that she needs and there are plenty of us out here who are into bigger girls. just because something deviates from an all so ephemeral social norm doesn’t make it wrong. Rather our rush to make judgements about body shape shows the world more about us than that which we judge.

  11. I just loved this shoot! Caroline, the super brat, Adele, the diffident headgirl, and Thomas the fearsome headmaster! Wow, Caroline’s bottom must’ve been so sore afterwards!

    I’d like to endorse what others have said about Adele. I think she’s absolutely gorgeous, and her bottom doubly so! Once I know Adele is in a scene I just have to watch it.

    So to all the Adele-haters out there – I say kiss (my/her) ass! 🙂

  12. Hooray! Caroline was a total trooper in this scene – I actually felt a bit guilty afterwards! But she took it brilliantly. And yes, Adele is stunning and I enjoyed her contrasting performance in this. Thanks for the ringing endorsement!

  13. I really, really liked this film. The facial expressions of Caroline while mocking the housemaster’s explanations to Adele were priceless. In some scenes it was absolutely hysterical and had me cracking up, almost like a comedy.
    But I felt she was let off the hook to easily – such a brat doesn’t deserve six, but twelve of the best.

  14. I bought a membership for this site almost entirely to watch this scene. All the performers and the dynamics between them were seriously hot. I think I could watch a bratty Caroline get whacked all day.

  15. Tho I understand that everyone has there right to there opinon. Jimmyblake should be refunded and removed from your site. I believe Adele is one of the most beautiful actresses on your site . She is the main reason I joined and would love to see more of her. There is never an excuse for bad manners but I guess he was just raised wrong!!!

  16. Caroline acting was great. Caroline reminded of my high school days. We had co-ed private school. But there was no CP in high school. I had some girls who had mouths like Caroline. But my grade school was different. We had a teacher in 3rd and 4th grade. Whom do CP to my bum. He used a pointer stick. It was like a heavy cane. Board of Ed made him stop that CP. Never had that style of spanking again.

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