The Smugglers of the Running Fox

Film (24:05 mins) with 48 screengrabs and 8 photographs
Caroline bends over a desk in a sailor's outfit, as Thomas canes her

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Young Charlie is a sailor with secrets. Investigation by the Excise leads to the local pub, where landlady, barmaid and Charlie are subjected to strapping and interrogation. Who will be the first to break?

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20 Responses

  1. I don’t know what you mean, this is VERY SERIOUS SPANKING THEATRE! No relation to real life whatsoever…

  2. The straightforward caning of Caroline Grey, in her smooth trousers, should be a model for other shoots – although with less talking and bending down lower, perhaps gripping the low struts of a chair or with elbows on a chair seat.

    The model could be a secretary or other employee being mentored who has seriously and/or persistently misbehaved and who now (reluctantly) accepts that she deserves and needs a caning. No levity or waffling.

    The caning should be hard enough to make her seem somewhat shocked and thoroughly chastened. Afterwards, she could inspect her marks in private or she could be made to stand in the corner and display them.

  3. Hehe, getting Tom to stop talking can be tricky 😉

    I love this caning too, though: not only the hot M/M military flavour, but the no-nonsense severity of it. Caroline bears up incredibly bravely. The trousers prevent the hard strokes from making a mess of her bottom, but the overall effect is still one of effortless force.

    I like the idea of re-doing this in an office setting, with business trousers. In fact I might volunteer for that one myself…

  4. Nice to see that you don`t leave anything out in your quest to encompass the entire world of spanking :-).
    The story of a girl dressing as a boy in order to get on a ship as sailor has been written before, perhaps several times because it offers nice possibilities to being aware of the stunt but not reacting to it because of the thrill to have the boy/girl punished before unmasking the charade.
    Niki Flynn (alias Fiona Locke) has a very nice story in her book “On the Bare” titled “Kissing the gunners daughter”.

  5. Other suggestions.
    1. No angry hectoring. Secretary comes in and meekly reads out the short report she has written about the 3 offences she has committed which each got her 20 lines and 10 minutes in the corner. She admits the 3 offences in a month constitute persistent misbehaviour and that she is due for a caning.
    2. Her boss commends her for owning up, then tersely informs her she will receive 12 strokes of the cane. He tells her to go and face the chair and bend over.
    3. The chair seat is towards her. She bends right down to grip the low struts and rests her forehead on the seat of the chair. Her legs are together and straight. This keeps her stable. The smooth, pocketless seat of her trousers is stretched taut and thrust up high. She feels totally submissive.
    4. She can count each stroke: “One, for persistent misbehaviour”.
    5. The corner, afterwards, is optional. When she is dismissed, she must say “Thank you”, very contritely and leave the room.

  6. Oh, I love that story! I don’t own On The Bare yet, but I think I read it in an anthology called Sex in Uniform. It’s a delicious time-honoured device that deserves many more CP outings!

    Out of interest, did you have any opinion on having music over the beating? I’ve heard people say in the past they find it very distracting, I want to know if it’s something I should avoid or if it can occasionally work.

  7. A caning over trousers from start to finish does have an appeal. Preferably trousers offering only limited protection, so a business suit would be better than denim, for example.
    Alternatively, (maybe a bit male-gaze?), over a pencil skirt.

    I didn’t find the music in this scene distracting at all. I think you would need to be a little careful where you use music, though. One imagines that a fast hand-spanking to music might resemble something from the Benny Hill show.
    But occasional music over a more severe punishment – especially with accompanying shots of facial expressions – this could be very effective.

  8. If the scene is carried out formally, politely and tersely – as a genuine punishment that hurts and humbles – it could be re-enacted with minor variations over and over again, using different smooth trousers and pencil skirts etc.

    The secretary must feel she deserves the punishment as part of a disciplinary system run for her benefit. She should “transcend” her individual feelings and submit to a greater force.

    It is a partnership: she has to bend down low and thrust up her taut seat; her boss has to apply the 12 cane strokes across her seat – harder than she would wish upon herself.

  9. There has been one pay site (I forget the URL) where the producers added music to existing videos. The result was terrible.
    However, depending on the scene, it might enhance either suspense, or funny parts to add some music (but very carefully measured). It also depends very much on the music or background noise itself whether it will add anything to the plot.
    So, yes, but carefully.


  10. The song is indeed traditional. The boat rides out past Ailsa Craig, which is an interesting rock somewhere off the west coast of Scotland, and the original lyrics are in Scots dialect. This came as something of a surprise to me because *everything* else about the song could have been written in the West Country, and I always thought it had. Hazelholme being one of those names which shows up in both regions, and the references to Frenchman’s wine evoke the Cornish gentlemen.

  11. Yeah, with the French references I assumed it was south coast! Thanks for the background, and for your contribution to this scene – really pleased with how it turned out in the end 🙂

  12. I’m definitely trying to use it judiciously. Most of my scenes involve dialogue, and music over dialogue needs to be handled with as much care as music over spanking. I’m finding it increasingly invaluable for scene-setting, though.

  13. I’d love to see more videos with spanking over slips like this one either historical or modern, I would also like if the woman being spanked while wearing the slip is an authority figure like a governess nurse or teacher

    Great videos by the way, keep up the good work

  14. The 3 most beautiful pairs of cheeks on the planet all in one movie, love it 🙂

  15. This comment is a bit late, the movie having been out for quite a few years but since none of the other comments addresses this point I venture to do so.

    You raise the question, “does this sort of scene count as M/M, or M/F, or both?”

    In this case it’s M/F. The viewer is very well aware of the sex of the performer in the role of canee so it’s M caning F. If the caning were entirely acted the viewer’s response would be different but then, the question wouldn’t really arise at all. If the performer were effectively disguised so as to really deceive the viewer the latter would respond accordingly, but from real ignorance.

  16. Ooh I really liked this one! Especially the interrogation aspect. I would love to see more like it!

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