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Preview Image for Teaching Experience. Amelia Jane Rutherford bends over the bed, her skirt raised, knickers on display, as Caroline Grey prepares to slipper her bottom

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Young teacher Amelia Jane Rutherford is about to start work in a new school. The job is exciting, but involves a task she's never done before: administering corporal punishment to naughty students. Luckily, her good friend Caroline Grey is used to slippering pupils who misbehave, and she's willing to show Amelia the basics.

Testing the slipper by whacking it on her hand, Amelia starts to appreciate how much it hurts, But she's anxious that she might do it too hard or too soft, and she shyly asks her friend for help.

Soon Amelia is bent over the bed, taking six hard smacks with the slipper. As she experiences the pain and embarrassment of a slippering first hand, she starts to understand what it's all about. But she still has concerns: what if the student is a repeat offender? What if they won't stop misbehaving? Caroline obliges with the details, telling Amelia that in such cases, punishment is usually given on the bare.

Gradually, Amelia starts to appreciate the embarrassment and humiliation of having to bend over and lower your knickers for corporal punishment. Her integrity compels her to learn what it feels like before dishing it out, and she insists on the full experience: from harder swats over her sheer knickers, to a final flurry directly on her bare bottom.  

Photography: Hywel Phillips

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Teaching Experience - Behind the Scenes

Behind the scenes during the filming of Teaching Experience, including Amelia’s gratitude about being “paid to talk”, Caroline removing her clothing tag with her teeth, Pandora’s tea addiction getting the better of her, blocking (complete with exaggerated spanking actions!) and planning dialogue. Plus unused footage: “We are the scary, teacherly queens of discipline!”


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  1. Love Amelia Jane’s pretty sheer knickers, but would have liked a further scene/sequel in which Caroline offered to take a spanking to critique Amelia’s technique?

  2. I found this light-hearted film really enjoyable. The way Amelia plays the innocent ‘I’m not really sure what to do routine” is good fun. I also like the way Caroline changes from a matter-of-fact and explanatory tone at one point to say ‘Amelia’ in a sharp, stern voice. That raises the level of anticipation of what is to come really nicely.

    I like snorbenite’s comment above about Amelia having a chance to practise on Caroline. It reminds me of what did indeed happen in a story in one of the old spanking mags on a similar theme. In that, the teacher came home and started talking to her husband about her work and need to administer spankings. He asks her to show him what she means, which she does by putting him over her knee. After a while she becomes worried that she has been far too strict as her husband has tears in his eyes. She therefore insists that he has the chance to return the favour, which of course he does! The story was illustrated with a couple of delightful old-style drawings of both the F/M and M/F orientations depicted.

  3. Pandora ,a very enjoyable video with 2 nice girls ,we had the slipper at school and I witnessed slipperings in class ,I didn’t get it I behaved ,best spanks from your chum Timx

  4. Thanks Mo. I thought of you when Amelia was getting herself into position and lifting her skirt for punishment!

  5. Oh, wouldn’t that be perfect? But Amelia really hates topping – she’s tried it and it just makes her really unhappy, and I have no desire to ask her to do something she doesn’t enjoy. Her whacking the bed with the slipper and scolding a pillow called Michael are about as close as you’re going to get 🙂

  6. Oh, you mean the discussion about private schools? That was totally unscripted 🙂

  7. Isn’t the roleplay compelling? I always aim for believable storylines but somehow, thanks to Caroline and Amelia’s acting and improvisation skills, this one feels *really* real.

    There’s a lovely tension too – you mentioned Caroline snapping at Amelia, but for me it’s Amelia’s dread of administering corporal punishment that racks up the anticipation. Her sense that she can’t possibly do it because surely it’s too awful for words.

    I love the sound of that switch scenario! I didn’t realise the classic spanking mags had F/M switch stories. How cool.

  8. So I’m wondering, does this mean Amelia is genuinely taking more interest in handing out spankings? That will be interesting 🙂

    I like Amelia’s very skimpy, translucent knickers 🙂

  9. This is not so far fetched if you go back 60 years or so. Teachers used to have to administer corporal punishment and they were not taught to do it in teacher training college. I was told by teacher that at her first job fresh out of college, the headmaster took her to his study and taught her to cane. Not doing it to her like in this video, but him demonstrating on a cushion and then getting her to do it on the cushion, until the headmaster was satisfied she could do it. She had to for real a few weeks later. In that school the teacher always had a cane hanging on a hook on the desk and caning was done in front of the class. Caning her first pupil was a sort of “rite of passage2 for new teachers. This would have been late forties, early 50’s. I suspected that the headmaster probably rather liked teaching 21 year old new female teachers to do that, but the teacher who told me accepted it at face value and did not think there was anything untoward about it. Being able to cane was an important part of being able to keep order in those days.

  10. Sadly not – this is as toppy as she gets! A cushion called Michael is definitely her line in the sand – she’s not interested in whacking any actual bottoms.

  11. Amazing story badboy, thank you! I’d rather like to film that scene 🙂

  12. being spanked just before that when she was saying the pain wasn’t too serious and they were talking about the embarrassment and the student’s desire to not react.

    And the way she was practicing saying “Bend over” and the other lines at the end. What could be more of a power trip than telling someone to bend over and make his or her normally private parts available.

    I remember in the banking world, of people being very stoic about their bonuses being lowered from three hundred thousand pounds to two hundred thousand for some stupidity, but were in mortal fear of the prospect of being scolded in front of their mates.

    A conversation with a young woman who was unsure if she could get something done correctly went something like this:
    — What if I yell at you in the department meeting and make you lose your composure if it isn’t done right?
    — You would never do that.
    — Well, what if you were afraid that I might?
    –Then I would make sure that everything was absolutely perfect.
    –Could you please do that anyway?

  13. Both these wonderful young ladies were absolutely terrific in this story. What a great story line and how beautifully they performed it. I can’t imagine that professional actors would do it any more convincingly. I, of course, being an F/M man would have liked to see Caroline demonstrate her skills on a real (male) student but in fact I think the actual story is all the more tantalising because nothing of that sort happens.

    I really appreciate Amelia’s normal disinclination to act as a top so I think her acting this part in which she contemplates administering the slipper to naughty boys and even, laughingly practices telling one to take his trousers down etc creates even greater than usual enjoyment.

    Thanks everyone for this pleasure.

  14. I think that very good acting, plus the film quality, is one of the things that sets D.O.S. apart from the rest and, in Amelia, hey have an absolute star in the field. The script and nervous mannerisms and questions are all very laudable.

  15. This film smoulders from beginning to end: from the briefest upskirt glimpses of Amelia-Jane’s thighs to the superb dialogue, almost believable storyline and then a beautiful spanking over the floaty skirt, lacy knickers and then shapely derrière.

    Beutufully executed.

    Thanks for a wonderful classic of the F/F genre.

    M xxx

  16. It’s scenes like this that makes this site so unique. A delightful, well acted, light yet hot scene. Both girls are just too gorgeous!

  17. Timmy1954, you speak for me too. I know AJR/AA is extremely busy with lots of other things. Not sure about Caroline. But either way it would be absolutely excellent if both came back for a shoot with Pandora. Especially a scene with Pandora spanking both of them. I know it’s a cliche but how about two chatterbox, Twitter obsessed secretaries who just won’t get on with their tasks and end up leaving Pandora, the company director, totally in the lurch. Hand, hairbrush and cane or the sack. They must decide!

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