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Preview image for The Baroness' New Houseboy. Will Savage is naked apart from rope bondage framing his bottom as Caroline Grey and Pandora Blake, both dressed in tight black dresses, spank and torment him

The Baroness is expanding her household, and her girls are brought in to help initiate the new houseboy. The ladies inspect his physique and his capacity to take punishment without complaint. Amelia uses her skill with rope to bind Will in a flattering tie that accentuates his toned buttocks, and Caroline and the Baroness both take a turn spanking him with hand and leather strap to see how he reacts. It seems that the new boy meets the Baroness' high standards, as finally she instructs Amelia to tie him to the coffee table as a decorative ornament, with his reddened bottom on display for all the house to see. 

Rigging: Amelia Jane Rutherford

Photography: Hywel Phillips


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9 Responses

  1. Will is a fantastic model. He has an amazing body with a beautiful, round, spankable bottom. Loved seeing him in bondage getting spanked by three fantastic models.
    More of Will, please. Thanks.

  2. Thanks Matt! I quite agree, Will is something else. I’m surprised there haven’t been more comments from ladies on this scene! I hope to shoot with him in again in 2014.

  3. The man is luscious, I would leap at the chance to do a scene for no pay If it involved him…

  4. This is really great – it’s hot because it would be exciting to be in Will’s place, at the mercy of three beauties.

  5. Goodness! *fans self*

    Will is absolutely glorious. Very much approval!

    (And Pandora, Caroline and Amelia also stunningly gorgeous as always.)

  6. while the male model is superb, my greatest pleasure is in watching the luscious Pandora and her equally beautiful ladies in action. You are a true Goddess, Lady Pandora!

  7. I loved the video of you disciplining Lola Marie! Are their more such scenes with her? would love to see her on her knees while you soundly whipped her bare bottom!

  8. For a reason, I can’t by this video 🙁
    I bought Will’s other videos, but I couldn’t buy this one!! And I don’t WHY !?

    Plz, fix the problem


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