The Fix

Film (18:05) with 100 photographs
Preview image for The Fix. Amelia Jane Rutherford looks on tearfully as Caroline Grey is bend over the table, caned bottom on display

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Amelia and Caroline are two of the best students at Miss Blake’s Riding Academy. Amelia is the best racer, while Caroline is the best handler. Caroline’s brother, however, is convinced his sister can win her upcoming race against Amelia and bets everything he has left, hoping that his winnings will be enough to cover his other gambling debts. Caroline knows she can't beat Amelia, but Amelia has a kind heart and offers to come second and let Caroline win. They fool the race officials, but they can’t fool Miss Blake.

She knows Amelia could have, and should have, won the race and demands the girls explain themselves. At first they deny everything, but when Miss Blake asks if they fixed the race because they were betting on the results, the girls finally break down and tell all.

Miss Blake listens patiently while they both tearfully confess their role in fixing the race, and while she understands their reasons, they still have to be punished. She agrees not to expel the girls and tell the race authorities, but only if they’ll submit to a harsh spanking. The two crying girls hold each other’s hands, tearfully comforting each other and trying to be brave as they each receive a harsh whipping from Miss Blake's riding crop, first over their tight jodhpurs and then on their bare bottoms. 

Photography: Hywel Phillips

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44 Responses

  1. Superb video! My absolut dream is to see equestrians getting a good sounds spanking by another equestrian with the riding crop! It would be so great to see these two girls in full equestrian outfit getting their arses whipped with the dressage crop. Like in this video first on their jodhpurs covered arses and then on the bare ass 🙂 That would be a dream come true 🙂 Or even better they get it with both, the riding crop and the dressage whip 🙂

  2. Ooh Pandora, I think this video is great. Those bottoms in those jodhpurs and without them are great and it has to be said the two girls took the crop so well and I loved the marks, in particular, it left on Caroline’s bottom. I liked the storyline as well which could give it an element of truth. Well done one and all and as I’m an acquaintance of Amelia I shall tell her of my appreciation of her efforts.

  3. The work of this trio of beautiful women is becoming totally fantastic. The introduction of the film is long but necessary. The performance perfect, the thrasings memorable. Especially the floogging of Amelia over her jodhpurs is first quality. But the three ladies are really wonderful. It is a pity that Amelia does not switch, because I dream to see the severe Pandora over the knee of Amelia, receiving what she deserves…

  4. Thanks, sounded like this video would tick several of your buttons! The dressage whip – hrm… I don’t own one, and they’re horribly stingy and difficult to aim accurately. The stinger is very long and has a tendency to wrap around and leave welts on the hip which isn’t good practice. I prefer the riding crop by a long way. But I’m open to a dressage whip scene if I ever work with a spankee who loves them!

  5. Red haired, pale skinned Caroline marks beautifully, doesn’t she? It’s almost a shame, Amelia was punished just as hard – actually a bit harder, I think she got more over the jodhpurs – but she has less to show for it! On the other hand it is a useful trait for a spanking model to be able to shoot multiple scenes in a day without accumulative marks. Wonderful spankees and brilliant actors both, such a pleasure to shoot with them. 🙂

  6. Yes, lots of people have said it’s a shame Amelia doesn’t switch. I don’t know if it’s just because she’s tall. Anyway, I fully respect her preferences, there are plenty of others that do. Caroline for instance!

    Funnily enough, this was the last scene of the day and after we shot it, I felt very weird that they had both been spanked and I hadn’t been. Caroline had to take me upstairs and put me over her knee until I felt better. True story – she’ll back me up if you don’t believe me!

  7. It is a pity that the OTK spanking administered by the sweet Caroline over your unique boottom was not filmed.

  8. Perhaps, but it was a way to unwind after the shoot… wouldn’t have had the same effect with the cameras still rolling!

  9. As I said earlier, Amelia is an acquaintance of mine and in the new year we hope to do a photo shoot together(not spanking) I shall quiz her about switching. I’d certainly like to go over her knee!!! If she doesn’t do as she’s told during the shoot she’ll be over mine !!

  10. She has told me pretty clearly that she isn’t a natural switch, and when she has had been asked to do it she hasn’t enjoyed it. I’m sure she’ll be happy to tell you about her preferences in person though.

  11. I don’t know why, but red hair and pale skin tones make me crazy with lust, wonderful scene of just such a girl being spanked, superb, may i suggest that we see more of her, much more of her, or even all of her in future 🙂

    I really like Pandora’s calmness as a dom, matter of scene and unwavering. This is a good scene which has a sense of business-like realism about it even though a fantasy…

    From a feminist perspective – Why do girls like horses so much… hmmmm… Maybe we should search for an answer in Leonora Carrington’s work?

    x x x

  12. Hello Pandora,

    you might be interested in an implement from JT’s Stockroom for another equestrian shoot. It’s call a Flex Flicker Whip. It’s a bit like a small dressage whip with a much smaller and more predictable stinger. It has more of a switch like feel to it, but without leaving the nasty little marks that form when the tip of a switch digs in.

    Just a suggestion 🙂

  13. Some very interesting comments about the use of dressage whips. I have used one in the past with my CP partner Tanya, and we both found it was absolutely fine so long as not used excessively hard and, as you say, taking great care not to wrap the tip around the hip. But they do look very impressive when seen on video. Oh and by the way – Amelia in jodhpurs – just Wow!

  14. I just wanted to say that I enjoyed watching this video. I always enjoy watching these two getting punished in different situations. I was really surprised to see not only Carolines bare backside but also showing us for the first time her bare front. I have seen her in Bars-and Stripes,Northern Spanking ,and Spanked in Uniform, but she always manages to hide her front using long tailed shirts or long skirts. She has such a good looking body and should not be ashamed to show it off. I want to say it is always fun to see Amelia in these little stories. I just think that she has a good looking body as well as yourself Pandora. I was thinking about a story you three could do together. It takes place during world war 2, Caroline and Amelia are members of the underground who get caught by the germans and you are the officer who must interrogate them to get information of there underground network. You subject them to the strap and the cane before they finally break. They manage to escape and they wind up capturing you and give a taste of your own medicine. This was just an idea but if you want to use it do so. Thanks Mikeb

  15. The whipping was just the right level of severity and so well timed. Of course I recall you and I have similar tastes in terms of stroke timing 🙂

    And you drew tears. Wonderful!

    Best Regards,

  16. Ah, I’d forgotten our conversation about stroke timing! It always, always depends on the tolerance of my spankee, of course. If someone is struggling, I slow down; if I’m not getting where I need to be, I’ll speed up a bit. I never want to push someone on video farther than they’re happy going, especially when I’m both topping and directing, so sometimes I err on the side of caution. I absolutely agree that pacing is important – Tom is excellent at it in my opinion. It’s a skill I’m still learning!

    Tears are always precious, every time 🙂 This was a wonderful scene to take part in.

  17. Thanks for your comment Mike. I love your WW2 idea, especially the revenge scenario! Some people are understandably uncertain about using Nazi roleplay in porn … I admit I’m not sure about it myself. We might have to anonymise it a bit. Have you seen our film The Spy which is rather similar to your idea – and stars Amelia and Caroline as well?

  18. I love working with Caroline, she is gorgeous and such a great actor. You can see the rest of her films by clicking here 🙂

    Thanks for the compliments on my topping style. I definitely tend to be calm rather than shouty.

    I hear that the horse thing is rather similar to the motorbike thing… I wouldn’t know though 😉

  19. Thanks John! I’ve played with one as a bottom and hated it, not in a sexy way either, I just found it inaccurate and irritating. But perhaps that was situational. I’m up for trying again 🙂

  20. Well done on writing this one Pandora. It’s so serious and emotional which I think helps make it sexy too. Jodhpurs are always lovely of course. I love Amelia’s flowery thong underwear.

  21. Thanks Andrew! I’ve been wanting to do another jodhpurs scene ever since our first one proved so popular, and working with two of the most shapely, famous bottoms in the business it was a chance not to be missed! I enjoyed coming up with this scenario and the ladies both got really into it. I love mutually justified punishment set ups, where both top and bottom are sympathetic characters and behaving in a way that is understandable and makes sense to them… even if the bottoms might later come to regret it. 🙂

  22. Two of the most famous, shapely bottoms in the business, alongside your famous, shapely bum of couse! 😉

  23. Lovely well paced film. Amelia and Caroline are two delightful spanking models. Riding gear has a great fetish side to it, especially jodhpurs hugging two beautiful bottoms so gorgeously tightly. It’s almost a shame when they have to come down. But for the sake of the genre they have to!!

    I was interested in the discussion about Amelia switching. I too would love to see her in a dominant role but I guess she doesn’t feel that comfortable with that. I know she has done some posing in this role in the past, eg a school maam fantasy site some years ago, and she looks great but perhaps more in a fun spanking way than posing as a serious, no nonsense disciplinarian.

  24. There is definitely a big riding gear thing – that’s why we have an equestrian tag! (Perhaps I should rename it “riding fetish”?)

    I’ll send Amelia the link to this conversation, if she has time perhaps she’ll reply to your comments herself 🙂

  25. But even left to just thoughts, the imagination runs riot on the lovely Caroline taking you across her knee, Pandora. And so deserved after the marking she received in filming!

  26. Pandora and Caroline in the same scene = winner! And also having Amelia in it…YEAH.
    Being an equestrian myself I noticed that parts of your clothing are a little bit “out of character” but whatever, the three of you look soooo great in this film!

  27. Thanks! Yeah, the costumes aren’t perfect, but then with our tiny budget they rarely are. We do our best 🙂

  28. Dear Pandora, I did see your film the spy and iliked it. I would have liked to see Amelia on the receiving end as well. I ‘m glad you liked my WW2 story idea. If you can’t do a story about WW2 how about a story that has Amelia and Caroline as investigating reporters on a story about a SM club that is really a cover for a white slavery ring. The girls are to meet with their contact who will get them in the club. What they don’t know is that this is a trap to capture them both. Once they are captured you and Leia Ann Woods make them strip naked and then subject them to having them strapped , flogged, and then caned. Once this has been done you feel they are ready to be shipped out to be sold as slaves. When you and Leia are alone with them they wind up turning the tables on you both. You and Leia are now on the receiving end of what they went through. When they are done it is you and Leia that are shipped out instead, and your slavery ring is broken up. I hope you like this story idea.

  29. Dear Pandora, I want to tell you that I always enjoy seeing you play different characters on this website. I also enjoy seeing you with Amelia Jane Rutherford and Caroline Grey. The three of you have a great chemistry together. I love to see the different stories you come up with . This is a terrific site and you come up with great stories. I was thinking about a story that takes place in the 1800’s in a little village. Amelia,Caroline and you run a shop where you sell all kinds of herbs and elixers to help cure people when ehen they are sick. The local doctor in town doesn’t like it when the villagers go to you instead of seeing him for help. He accuses the three of you of being witches and has planted evidence that convinces the villagers that you are. The three of you are arrested and are brought to the jail. They want you to confess that you are witches and when you refuse to they decide to use corporal punishment to get you to confess. The three of you are first stripped naked to see if there is the devils mark on you and then they use the flogger and then the cane on you. When none of you confesses they sentence you to be burned at the stake. The three of you are in the same cell together and we find out that you are witches. You can only perform your witchcraft when you are together. The three of you cast a spell on the jailer and get the keys from him and escape. The three of you then cast a spell on the doctor and turn him into a toad. You leave the little village and the three of you take passage on a ship bound for America. I hope that you like my story idea and maybe you will use it in the future.

  30. I love this story! Did you ever see Niki Flynn’s film “Trial by Ordeal”? Similar idea.

    I will definitely add this to my script collection – I may not be able to get Amelia and Caroline together again but I’m sure I can find two suitable ladies to be my fellow witches.

  31. Dear Pandora, I want to first say thank-you for likeing my story idea, and that you are adding it to your script collection. You are the second adult spanking site that has liked my idea for a story to use. The other site is Bars-and Stripes. I recently submitted an idea for a story that deals with Caroline Greys character. I know you have done several episodes for them. In fact the last one i saw was you trying to get a lighter sentence from the governor if you get information about where Caroline and Irelynn hid the money they stole. I hope to see what happens in the coming months. I am looking forward to see what stories you come up for this year. You have a great site and a good imagination. Mike

  32. Pandora,

    I looked forward to this one for a long time. I had seen a still showing Caroline’s vivid marking. The pale white skin which comes with the red hair gene makes such a wonderful canvas.

    I wonder if I dare ask to be treated like this (a cane-style cropping, 12 clothed, 12 bare) when we meet in September.

    Doing the stills after the video (as opposed to screen-grabs) can give rise to minor errors of continuity, e.g Caroline losing her black jacket much earlier in the JPEGs. But the ultra-high quality of this gallery shows off Ms Grey’s “stripes” to perfection. Utterly exquisite.

    Three fine performances. The bottoms deserve top billing, as almost always. If one is to be singled out for higher praise, I’d pick Caroline over Amelia-Jane for her tears BEFORE her own punishment.

    James M

  33. Their just aint nothing better than seeing Amelia getting spanked in a OTK, or that would be Amelia over the knee hand spanked in a thong.

  34. *Their just aint nothing better than seeing Amelia getting spanked in a thong

  35. Great scene! I loved the chemistry in this one. Plus I like seeing a riding crop in action.

  36. You like riding crops? Then you are going to love tomorrow’s release…

  37. I love this video and the two women in it. I’m glad Amelia is still in the business, but I never lose hope to see Caroline make a comeback.

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