The Spy

Film (17:30) with 75 screengrabs
Preview image for The Spy. Caroline Grey and Will Savage are tied over the table with bottoms exposed as Pandora Blake and Amelia Jane Rutherford interrogate them

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A captured spy and an agent suspected of fraternising with him, both bound, interrogated and beaten. If he won’t talk to save his own skin, he might to save that of his lover.

Captured spy Will Savage is brought in and bound for questioning. Interrogators Blake and Rutherford suspect that their associate Grey has been fraternising with the spy, and they devise a loyalty test: she is ordered to beat him. Her hesitation confirms their suspicions, and Grey finds herself tied in place opposite Savage, and subjected to the same punishment as him. Despite his defiance, it seems that this spy has a chivalrous heart. If he won’t talk to save his own skin, he might to save that of his lover…

How much does Grey know, and how well do she and the spy know each other? Who is his contact? And who will break first? An edgy, fast-paced interrogation film featuring tight rope bondage, and hard F/M and F/F spanking.

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25 Responses

  1. Hello Pandora,
    I love this film. The man in front of his girlfriend punished by two beautiful women …
    A thousand thank you for this fantastic moment.

  2. Beautiful the spanking dream time strikes again. Funny movie and Pandora perfect as interrogator, poor Will and Caroline. However it is for me a real waste to use a woman so splendid as Amelia just for making the roping…

  3. Amazing vids .hope one day you will have million dollar budgets to really expand your repertoire xxx

  4. Thank you, I’m glad you liked it. He has a great bottom, and I LOVED his reactions in this. You can tell he isn’t used to being spanked!

  5. Well, Amelia doesn’t top at all, so I couldn’t ask her to do any spanking. Rigging while acting toppy is different 🙂 I really appreciated her input in this, acting while tying safe, neat ropework is really not easy!

    I loved Will’s lines in this. Especially the “Your mum!” one. Brilliant. 🙂

  6. Wouldn’t that be nice! Thank you so much, I wasn’t sure how well this film would be received and am delighted at the positive response 🙂

  7. I’ve lately been intrigued with the idea of a male female “buddy” / team of some sort. And I’ve always liked the noire emotional landscape of spy and detective movies.

    I don’t know if I can claim to have a “great mind” (as in “great minds think alike”) but I do think that you do 🙂 And our creative expressions seem to have some things in common…

  8. Hello Pandora,
    I really want a sequel to this story where Will is still spank in front of Caroline, Amelia put him a big spanking across her knees. Then he would put all nnu and exposed and Caroline must suffer the shame of his friend. Caroline then be obliged to also spank. So I really hope to see more of this story. Thank you Pandora, you delighted us a lot with your stories spanking.

  9. Thank you Alex, glad you enjoyed it! Amelia doesn’t enjoy topping, so you won’t get to see her deliver a spanking I’m afraid. But I like the idea of Caroline being forced to punish her lover AFTER they have been found out, for extra humiliation. Actually we have already filmed a scenario where a male and female couple must spank each other, while suffering at their loved one’s pain – take a look at Punished by Proxy if this is the sort of thing you like 🙂

  10. It’s funny how we came up with this idea independently – we filmed this scene in February! And actually in the original script it was a straightforward bondage interrogation of Will by me and Amelia – I only decided to incorporate Caroline’s character at the last minute. Very glad I did.

    I think you and I have very similar kinks when it comes to the emotional/psychological aspects of spanking and what makes for a really interesting scene. There are several of your videos I’d love to turn into films – the teacher taking a paddling for her student to save her from her abusive parent springs to mind.

    I’d love to have the time and budget to create a truly noir spy film. One day!

  11. It’s interesting. I’ve reached a point in my self-knowledge about my spanking kink that I now understand that “the emotional/psychological aspects of spanking” are really most of what matters. If that part’s not “right” for me, it doesn’t matter about implements or how lovely the woman is who’s being spanked or her position, the scene won’t work for me.

    I also made a comment on your video about the psychic, which we also arrived at independently (with some key differences of course). Given our similar emotional/psychological tastes I’m curious if / how you use written screenplays for your videos. I enjoy screenwriting and would love to give a try to creating a screenplay aimed at fitting in with something you and your production company might do.

    In other news, I’ve also come to realize that the bending over, elbows on table or arms stretched in front position is my favorite, particularly if she’s restrained in that position. As much as I like variety in my in person play sessions, that one position is most of what I seek out in videos.

  12. Hmmm, Will’s aggressive reactions to being spanked are something of a turn off 🙁

  13. Aww, do you not like them? That’s interesting! I thought they were adorable – a bit inconvenient from the point of view of being the person spanking him, but they fit the character and it was hot to know how much he was feeling it! I love it when male spankees express themselves physically and vocally, I’m so bored of watching male subs who absorb all punishment without any reaction at all.

    What sort of reactions do you enjoy from a male spankee?

  14. Thanks for asking my opinion Pand. Yeah i’ve seen male spankees who don’t react. Obviously Will’s reaction was the stereotype male reaction. Michael’s spankee performance in the first Tailor’s Apprentice film was probably the best I’ve seen and I could easily say that is because Michael takes his spanking more like a woman, though with a little more pride and resistance.
    On the other hand Pand, I loved your coarse reactions to your spanking from Caroline Grey in the Student’s Revenge film. Was a major turn on hearing you curse Caroline with f-words.

  15. Also, you’ve done some very hot scenes that have appeared on other sites – ‘Spanking Nurse Amelia’ on Spanking Sarah and ‘Punishment and Pleasure’ on Sarah Gregory Spanking. (Hmm, is it Sarahs that bring out the hotness?)

  16. A great vid. I love seeing the male and female spanked together and it’s all the hotter for having the delicious Amelia taking part. I too think there’s plenty of scope for building on this one. No doubt you will discover that the ‘confession’ is all lies, that the ‘spy’ is just playing for time before his nefarious plans come to fruition and that the beautiful but calculating Caroline knows a great deal more than she has so far admitted!

  17. Thanks! I like all these ideas 🙂

    Glad to hear you’re enjoying the theme of men and women spanked together, it’s a favourite of mine. More here. My next plan is to shoot M/FM, which will be super hot from my point of view 🙂

  18. Please excuse the mis-post above LOL.

    Love this film’s theme and interplay between the four players. Aspects that make this good for me are: How amazingly mean Pandora and Amelia are; Will’s level of swearing as he reacts to both the spanks he receives but also to the treatment meted out to his friend; Caroline’s innocent sounding pleading in turn for her friend; the great dialogue, particularly (as mentioned above in a comment) the ‘mum’ one.

    In some films this level of swearing can just end up sounding course which then ruins the film. But here I feel that isn’t the case and it really works to emphasise Will’s exasperation at his and Caroline’s predicament, as well as what look pretty genuine reactions to stingy swats because Will looks as though he has the sort of male bum that is quite sensitive. Poor guy!

    Love these films that bring in characters that are working in different professions. How about some dodgy hedge fund managers brought to book?

  19. I like how Caroline got rope in to the beatings. I enjoyed this one. Well written line. Everyone gave great performance. You should have a part 2 of this. Kevin

  20. I feel uneasy about this and “invitations”. How did a guy not used to being spanked come
    to be in these videos? What negotiation went on behind the sceens. I hope you gave him
    lots of sympathy afterword.

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