Teacher’s Pest

Film (running time 17:45) with gallery of 64 photographs

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Lola has a crush on her teacher, but she's in for a shock when she playfully provokes a spanking. He knocks her back, and gives her a serious hairbrush punishment that she doesn't like one bit.

Lying awake in their shared dorm, schoolgirls Pandora and Lola gossip about the boys they like. Lola confesses that she has a crush on a male teacher, and likes the idea of being spanked by him. The problem is that she's such a teacher's pet she never gets in trouble!

Pandora encourages her to deliberately earn herself a punishment over Mr Cameron's knee. Repeatedly texting in class gets her phone confiscated, but she doesn't care – it's going to be so worth it. She arrives at detention wearing knickers that say "BAD", and in a flirtatious mood. When given lines to get on with, she spends the time doodling hearts and daydreaming instead. Needless to say, her teacher is unimpressed.

He knocks down her juvenile attempts to seduce him, and gives her a no-nonsense, entirely not-fun hairbrush spanking until her bottom and thighs are marked and sore. She quickly decides she doesn't want to play any more – but by that point, it's too late.

Photography: Tyler Gray

Performers: Lola Marie, Thomas Cameron

Preview Gallery

Teacher’s Pest - Behind the Scenes

At the end of Lola Marie’s first shoot for Dreams of Spanking, she and Pandora chat about the scenes they’ve filmed and which Lola liked best. Lola tells all about spanking, switching, making videos and what sort of play she enjoys at home. A fascinating insight into the life of this remarkable young lady!,Lots of giggling during the filming of Teachers Pest … including wobbly tables, Pandora attempting to manouver behind the camera and accidentally kicking a door, checking in with a remarkably cheerful Lola during the spanking, and Tom wielding the hairbrush so hard and fast he drops it! Plus additional unused footage from the schoolgirl dormitory scenes.



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Lola Marie

At the end of Lola Marie’s first shoot for Dreams of Spanking, she and Pandora chat about the scenes they’ve filmed and which Lola liked best. Lola tells all about spanking, switching, making videos and what sort of play she enjoys at home. A fascinating insight into the life of this remarkable young lady!

28 Responses

  1. Oh some lovely shots and what cute knickers too 🙂
    I don’t really want to make references to colour, but I keep thinking “Lovely chocolate booty!!” when I see Lola’s bottom. Nice and bouncy 🙂

  2. Oh Lola is such a sassy girl! I loved her reaction when it all went down, her face was screaming what did I get myself into just now? Her backside is gorgeous…omg, the bouncing, rippling effect. I love the crisp sounds emitted after the paddle falls. All in all, a favorite of mine. *swoon*

  3. Great little film and a pretty strict over the knee hairbrush spanking. Tom’s rapid fire slap technique partway through is excellent. It’s amazing that Lola was still smiling and giggling so far into her ordeal. Her flirty protestations are wonderful. To be honest I’m amazed Tom was able to keep up such a stern face throughout, he must have been bursting to break into a big grin here and there. I know I would have been!

    Pandora, your role in all this absolutely begs for some follow up. Lola lets her off very lightly at the end of the story, given that your suggestions are a huge part of why Lola got spanked, and with a hairbrush to boot. A bit of table turning in which Lola somehow tricks you into getting a come-uppance spanking from ‘Mr Cameron’ would be just fine.

  4. Truly the new star of the spanking scene, Lola plays the role so well and more importantly makes it such fun……. and this is only the beginning!

  5. Lola’s bottom is amazing bouncing under the brush. I wouldn’t worry about noticing – there aren’t enough performers of colour in spanking porn so it’s not surprising when they stand out. Although hopefully as diversity improves it will become less unusual. Sarah Bright seems to have a knack for introducing talent to the scene 🙂

  6. I loved her reactions and acting in this scene! She took the idea and ran miles with it. Her OTT flirting had us all in stitches!

  7. Lola’s tolerance is truly impressive, she can take one hell of a beating and keep on smiling. I was ready to jump in and call cut any second during this but she was absolutely fine. I couldn’t have taken that hairbrushing that easily, I don’t mind telling you!

    There was a fair bit of cracking up behind the scenes, I’ll hopefully upload the outtakes after the weekend 🙂

    LOL at your thoughts on my character’s just deserts. That sounds very likely to me. Definitely an avenue to pursue next time the three of us are shooting together!

  8. Love her sense of humour and she’s a natural actress. She deserves to be widely known! Looking forward to sharing the rest of her scenes 🙂

  9. Lovely comments, thank you everyone. I love a good spanking and hopefully that comes through in the scenes 🙂

    L x

  10. Lola is a truly amazing spankee. I love this girl to bits. I am sure we will be seeing a lot more of her

  11. Not wishing to offend, but having an African actress opens up a lot of interesting possibilities for historical roleplay. Would Lola Marie consider a scene like this?

    It is 1845, and Sir Thomas plans on taking his wards Pandora and Lola Marie on a tour of Southern Europe and America, including a trips to Morocco, Tripoli, Athens, Boston, New York, Charleston and New Orleans.

    Both girls are excited about the trip, until Sir Thomas explains that since slavery is legal in the United States, the safest way to travel is with “ownership firmly established” which means that “sadly, I must prepare slave papers on Lola Marie”. As Pandora records the details on the slave papers, Lola Marie is stripped and examined by Sir Thomas, culminating with a strapping on Lola’s bare bottom so that “she can play her role convincingly, and show some color on her bottom if we happen through a slave market where I need to show her to some buyers, to maker her cover convincing.”

    Lola Marie is quite humiliated, but Pandora is secretly excited by her friends embarrassment, at least until she discovers a separate set of slave papers with her name on it. Apparently the trip to Morocco requires Pandora to be registered as a slave too, since “when we visit the slave markets in Tripoli, Lola Marie will be clothed, Pandora, and you will be the slave girl.” So the procedure is repeated, with the amused Lola Marie talking Pandora’s measurements and strapping Pandora’s bottom.

  12. Tripoli is in North Africa, of course…not Morocco. Duh!!

    Again, I don’t mean to offend. I don’t condone slavery as a concept, or school punishments either, only as a fantasy.

  13. I do believe you when you said that you didn’t wish to offend any one but I hope by now you have sobered up and realized this story is a very, very, very bad idea !

    Sadly Lola Marie does support the Arsenal, but pretty much every thing else about her is perfect

  14. Um, Lola Marie isn’t African, she is of mixed race and born and bred in the UK just like me!

    Anyway, in a word, no. I’d feel deeply uncomfortable filming any scenario centred around the historical slave trade or black oppression. As a white producer, it would feel exploitative and highly problematic for me to use this history in this way.

    Perhaps if a spankee of colour – perhaps one of African American heritage with a personal connection to the historical reality of slavery – wrote and sought it out for him/herself, and perhaps if it was published with lots of surrounding discussion, it might be possible to do ethically. But I am absolutely, 100% not interested in endorsing or suggesting it, and on a personal level I find the idea incredibly distasteful.

    I tell stories about my own heritage and culture and I identify with the spankee in the story I tell. In my view it’s appropriate for me to tell erotic stories about UK historical school punishments, workhouses, prisons, the military, domestic servitude, because these are things that happened to my own ancestors. It’s not okay for me, as a white director, to appropriate the stories of the peoples my ancestors oppressed. The history of black slavery is not my story to tell.

  15. Again, my apologies for offending, as that was not the intent.

    I do appreciate you discussing your concerns in a respectful way, Pandora, and I totally understand what you’re saying. Your essay raises some thoughtful points: is it right for Quentin Tarantino to make a film like DJANGO? Do you “own” English reformatory stories more than an American writer does, or does it not matter because of our shared ancestory? Would the exact same scenario set in Roman times be acceptable? I think as an artist you have to answer the question for yourself, which you have, and again, I totally respect that.

    Please delete the suggestion, as it was not my intent to upset anyone, and again, thank you!

  16. Great video. I thought the two girls talking to each other in their dorm room was pretty accurate for school girls. Pandora and Lola are very cute and sweet discussing their crushes. 🙂 I loved the way Lola was obviously trying hard to come on to Thomas, while he remained strict and unmoved by her advances. Wonderful moment when she realized she didn’t like it, and eventually that she didn’t like him either. Well done spanking story. And boy can Lola take a spanking! Impressive. 🙂

  17. All of you have that certain cheeky appeal, but when one is doing it on purpose, Lola has it all right there. She is a perfect addition to your team. Very amazing with the reactions. Seriously.

  18. I thought Django was EXTREMELY problematic!

    When it comes to ancestry and history the key is the history of oppression. Colonial Americans have historically oppressed Native peoples and so I think it would be added insult for a white American to create porn that eroticises the subjugation of Native people by white people. Britain has likewise historically colonised and oppressed many native around the world and I think it would be similarly insulting for me, a white British person, to eroticise the oppression of, say, Indian, African, Canadian or Australian Aboriginial native peoples by white British people in porn.

    I, and other white people, look like the people who have historically claimed power through oppressive means, and I socially benefit from that in all sorts of sublte ways whether I want to or not. I am not only a member of a nation which created its wealth through slavery and oppression, I look like the dominant group. If I want to be an ally of equality, and fight oppression (which I do) I need to make sure my actions challenge power based on inequality, and do not support existing, unfair power structures.

    Porn is a tricky one because a lot of our fantasies are based on things that would be unfair or wrong in real life. But I think porn falls under the general category of art/entertainment, and so the ethics are the same as any issue of cultural appropriation.

    The difference is history and power. This is a good introduction to the concept of cultural appopriation, and why we should avoid it, if you are interested.

  19. This article about cultural appropriation might be helpful, too.

    “Calling something art does not give it some anti-racist super hero quality.

    Art is, and can be, racist.


  20. Thanks! Glad you liked. In enjoyed the dormitory roleplay, I love me a bit of schoolgirl age play 🙂 We got so into it we ended up wittering on for far longer than I could use in the video!

    Lola played this dynamic out perfectly. I love her performance so hard. And OMG, her butt is made of iron or something!

  21. I will admit that this scene tested my professional detachment a bit 😉 It was both enormous fun and very humorous out-of-character. In general, Lola was a real pleasure to work with, top-notch improv actor. Glad you liked it 🙂

  22. It was a real pleasure working with you, hon 🙂 Hope to see you again soon!

  23. So this is my last comment/video watch because I have to go do work, but I just wanted to say how dead on to my fantasy this was randomly. I already knew it was to begin with (good girl behaves poorly to get a spanking from a teacher she likes and then it’s more than she bargained for), but the little details are shockingly similar! I had a huge crush on my geography teacher in 9th grade, and I didn’t do my homework a few times to get his attention! Sadly we didn’t have spankings, but I adored this video which happened to bring that fantasy to life!

    Great job as always. 🙂

  24. That’s such a weird little coincidence! Glad you enjoyed this one. It’s one of my favourites 🙂

  25. This was a great scene! I love the two girls planning, then Lola getting in over her head! And Tom played the stern no-nonsense teacher perfectly.

  26. “Can I see your bum then?”
    “Of course Pandora” 😀 😀 😀

    I’ve read Roald Dahl’s Boy and he claims that showing one’s bare bottom to the other boys after a spanking was a common thing :O

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