Military Discipline

Film (10:44) with 48 photographs
Preview image for Military Discipline. Andres Shada bends over the table, his trousers lowered as he prepares to take a punishment from Thomas Cameron

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Havelock's Campaign, Chapter 2: Military Discipline.

This is the second episode of our historical military series inspired by the British Colonial era. Click here for chapter 1, The New Lieutenant.

During his first battle of the campaign, Second Lieutenant Shada was tasked with carrying a crucial message, but failed to carry out his duty after his horse stumbled and broke a leg. Major Havelock gives the young officer a firm dressing down, but takes pity and offers him a final chance to save his career. Rather than face a court martial, Shada must suffer the punishment of a cadet, rather than an officer, one last time, and bend over for twenty lashes from his superior.

(Find out more about this scene on our blog.)

Photography: Pandora Blake

Preview Gallery

Military Discipline - Behind the Scenes

Out-takes from Andrew’s interview and ‘Military Discipline’, including blocking shots and planning dialogue, checking in with Andrew during the punishment, everyone admiring his dramatic marks, and Tom getting the salute wrong at the end!



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Pre-shoot with Andrew Shada

Before shooting his first video for Dreams of Spanking, Andrew talks to Pandora about a range of topics including his kinky interests, spanking and power exchange; being a bisexual switch; his experiences of male/male spanking; why he opted for historical costumes scenes, and what drew him to shooting spanking video.

Post-shoot with Andrew Shada

Tom asks Andrew how he feels after his first day of shooting spanking video – what he found easy, what he didn’t, what expected and what he didn’t! They also discuss the strap, the crop, switching – and whether he would come back for more. Thanks Andrew, it was a pleasure working with you and we look forward to shooting with you again in 2014!
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5 Responses

  1. (Cadet) Lieutenant Shada should have gotten his wench back for another good thrashing in order to shed his anger over his misfortune, however his leading mentor and Commanding Officer Major Havelock seems to have everything in order.

    The Major obviously has a soft spot for Shada in that he’s very keen for his young officer to retain his Queen’s Commission and to keep this incident under his hat. What he offers is a perfect substitute to a brutal court martial which I’ve no doubt is a pretty ugly affair.

    Shada takes a brave thrashing at the Major’s skilled hands……….lesson learnt, and all is forgotten and put behind the two of them.

    Absolutely superb……The Havelock / Shada saga could continue for some time to come. It would be lovely to see the wench make a future appearance if that is at all possible, perhaps to use their wench to release bottled-up anger, excitement & energy after returning home from one of their campaigns……..when Lieutenant Shada, in the eyes of Major Havelock, has proven his worth as a substantive officer.

    As for Andrew Shada ,……hats off……..your bottom is the envy of us all watching and enjoying this divine scene. A really well taken thrashing if you don’t mind my saying………and of course not forgetting Thomas C……superb.

    Thank you all.

  2. Thanks John! Actually the scene following this one was meant to be an M/F episode starring Shada and the wench, but Andrew was too tired to do a topping scene after taking this riding crop thrashing. And yes, he did take it superbly, didn’t he?

    Fair play to him, he did three bottoming scenes and two topping scenes, not bad for his first ever spanking shoot! However, I’m absolutely intending to continue the Havelock’s Campaign storyline in 2014, and I hope to be able to revisit a scene with Shada and the wench next time I shoot with him.

    I like the idea of him taking out his frustration and anger on her after being thrashed. After all, she will be out there on campaign with them – that’s the whole point of a camp follower!

  3. What a lovely open and honest interview. I definitely know what Andrew means about the ‘spaced out’ bit after a session, although his session(s) were very long indeed by all accounts, ‘switching’ between scenes and stuff.

    Really great that you all are able to talk so vividly and confidently about what’s occurred to give the rest of us mere mortals an insight into this great world of yours.

    Fantastic………keep up the great work………you are all fabulous.

    Hats off to everyone who help make these dreams come to life……..and of course to Pandora, the whole brain-child behind this amazing phenomenon.

  4. Great video. The acting and costumes really make this one work. Tom and Andrew are completely believable which makes the spanking so much sexier. They also both look great in those costumes. Great work Pandora, Tom, Andrew, and everyone involved. I really hope to see more of these two together. Ideally doing another embarrassing OTK spanking! Thanks.

  5. Thank you! I thought Tom and Andrew made this one really believable as well. I will definitely be shooting these two together this year, and will make sure we do more OTK 🙂

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