The Avenger’s Return

Film (15:02 mins) with 25 photographs and 42 screengrabs
Pandora bends over a chair in a latex skirt as Thomas spanks her

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Pandora’s combat training with her strict mentor, the Highwayman, is interrupted by his infamous ex-protégé, the Avenger. The two superheroes cross swords and words as they vie for dominance.

To find out more about the story behind this scene, click here and here.

Photography: Hywel Phillips

Fight choreography: Amelia Jane Rutherford

Preview Gallery

The Avenger’s Return - Behind the Scenes

Out-takes, silliness, fencing practice and fight choreography during the filming of The Avenger’s Return.


4 Responses

  1. When I saw Pandora being spanked in her tight latex dress I almost suffer a heart attack!!!
    Very hot but also very artistict film. Congratulations to all the team but especially to pandora for an excellent work.

  2. Thanks so much! This one was a bit self-indulgent but I did really enjoy editing the sword-fight. Amelia is a very talented lady and I was lucky to have the help of her, Hywel and Tom to bring this fantasy of mine to life!

    Spankings over latex are a good thing in my book. I’d be up for doing more of them if people want to see them.

  3. I am sure that I am not the only fan of you that is longing to see you again with a so sexy outfit. Unquestionable spankings over the latex is a real big issue, especially when the bottom is so perfect and round as yours.

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