Havelock’s Wench

Film (running time 11:50) with gallery of 68 photos

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Hearing that Havelock has given away his girl, an enterprising young lass decides to present herself to him at night and persuade him to take her on. She's heard he likes to spank, of course – that's exactly why she's interested! He's quickly awake, intrigued by the girl's boldness, and puts her through her paces there and then. A thorough hand spanking, leather strapping and some intimate fondling leaves both of them hot under the collar, and hungry for more.  

Photographer: Pandora Blake

Hearing that Havelock might need a new girl, Nimue boldly presents herself. A thorough hand spanking, leather strapping and some intimate fondling leaves both of them hungry for more. 

Performers: Nimue Allen, Thomas Cameron

Preview Gallery

Havelock’s Wench - Behind the Scenes

Lights, Cameras, Action! Behind the scenes on the final scene of our week long location shoot, the evening of our sixth consecutive day of shooting. Nimue requested this scene as an impromptu addition after seeing Tom’s performance of Havelock and developing a powerful urge to play with him! Everyone is tired, resulting in a few dialogue flubs and Pandora methodically working out the blocking one step at a time. Also includes negotiation regarding the strapping, and some gratuitous boob closeups when Nimue pops behind the camera to help set up a shot. And that’s a wrap!


6 Responses

  1. Of course Nimue is as lovely as ever but I am a little bit shocked, Thomas Cameron is a very naughty boy.

  2. Nimue IS a beautiful name and Nimue IS a beautiful lady……..damn Havelock……you’re a lucky lucky Major !!!

    Her cries of pain are perfectly delightful……who cares if she can cook when her gorgeous bottom is willingly available to call to duty at any given moment…….war is a dirty business, but someone has to do it !!!

    Picture 005 is very lovely, what a gorgeous, natural & sensual pose of Thomas & Nimue captured by Pandora… in the click of a button.

    What naughty carnal pleasures is Thomas up to at the end of the scene, I nearly had to close my eyes….then decided not to, and enjoyed very much the moment like everyone else will.

    A fantastic and fitting ‘Threequel’ to The New Lieutenant & Military Discipline……

    Where will this majestic saga end…….hope it keeps on going forever……..

    Hoooooorahhhh……………..Tally Ho, Zippidy Yang and Zing Zang Spirit !!!

  3. I of course knew this already – although I was also surprised when I came to edit this one. I’d been behind the face camera and hadn’t seen what he was up to! Surprised… and, I admit, turned on. I think this film might be one I come back to 😉

  4. He he….NLOL (nervous laugh out loud)

    ………ermmmmmm……how can I possibly answer that…….(deep breaths)…….ermmmmmmm………yes….it’s corruption most definitely………but………ermmmmm………it’s debauchery of the most sophisticated and beautiful kind, so I look upon it as hugely erotic and educational………..

    ermmmmmmm ….(starts digging a hole)………….cripes……..ermmmmm (more deep breaths)……….probably best if I leave it there……..(beads of sweat trickle down his forehead)……..

  5. Nimue is sooo gorgeous and her theatrical skills are astonishing amazing. I loved her expressions with each slap of the divine and handsome Thomas. I could watch this all day…unfortunately work of course has to get in the way. They make a wonderful team, this by far is my favorite one, next to My Lady’s Pleasure.

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