The New Lieutenant

Film (18:13) with 120 photographs
Preview image for The New Lieutenant. Tavern wench Pandora Blake bends over, skirts raised to recieve the riding crop from Captain Thomas Cameron, as the new lieutenant Andrew Shada watches

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Havelock's Campaign, Chapter 1: The New Lieutenant.

This is a new historical military series inspired by the British Colonial era.

Major Harry Havelock of Her Majesty's Hussars is about to set out on a new campaign. He has been assigned a new Lieutenant, fresh from training, commission bought with daddy's money, of course. The night before they move out, Havelock summons the young Lieutenant Shada to educate him in the privileges of an officer and a gentleman: wine, wenching, and whipping! As a passing-out gift, Havelock presents the new Lieutenant with a girl he has trained himself, a saucy wench with a heart of gold, just the thing to keep a young man's tent warm on his first campaign.

Havelock also takes the opportunity to demonstrate to the new Lieutenant the best methods he has found to keep the help in line, should the need arise: a brisk over-the-lap spanking (which also serves as an entertaining diversion) and, if she needs it, a firm thrashing with the riding crop. Duty and pleasure don't often combine so pleasantly, but when they do it really is marvellous.

(Find out more about this scene on our blog.)

Photography: Nimue Allen

Preview Gallery

The New Lieutenant - Behind the Scenes

Extended outtakes and behind the scenes hijinks. Includes much hilarity as Pandora and everyone else cracks up at Flash Harry’s OTT dialogue (“What what!”), working out the “fishing and fucking” joke, many Blackadder quotes, and the opportunity to get to know Andrew Shada considerably better as he and Tom bond over fencing and other interests… until Pandora and Nimue have to remind them to get back to the job at hand. (“Gentlemen, gentlemen! Beatings not geekings!”)



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Pre-shoot with Andrew Shada

Before shooting his first video for Dreams of Spanking, Andrew talks to Pandora about a range of topics including his kinky interests, spanking and power exchange; being a bisexual switch; his experiences of male/male spanking; why he opted for historical costumes scenes, and what drew him to shooting spanking video.

Post-shoot with Andrew Shada

Tom asks Andrew how he feels after his first day of shooting spanking video – what he found easy, what he didn’t, what expected and what he didn’t! They also discuss the strap, the crop, switching – and whether he would come back for more. Thanks Andrew, it was a pleasure working with you and we look forward to shooting with you again in 2014!
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35 Responses

  1. I love, LOVE the period costumes. You all look so sexy. Nothing hotter than period costumes and spanking. Pandora, you lucky girl. Two great looking guys in hot military outfits! And they’re awfully lucky, too! Great work. Really hope to see more like this.

  2. Thank you! This sort of historical fantasy is my favourite too. When I saw Andrew owned that black jacket I knew I HAD to shoot him in it. He looks bloody good, doesn’t he?

    Between the three of us we aren’t authentic to any one particular period, but for generic Olden Tymes, we’ll do fine 🙂

    This scene is the first of three centred around Major Harry Havelock, chapter 2 is coming up at the end of the month. I’m hoping to continue the series next year 🙂

  3. …..please!. Great character and as always, Thomas is such convincing, committed actor. I can’t wait to see the other chapters. And, yes, Andrew looks FANTASTIC in that jacket. At some point the spoiled young lieutenant should end up over Major Havelock’s knee getting the kind of spanking his father never gave him. Maybe with the “saucy wench” watching for extra humiliation. Congrats again to all three of you.

  4. Love the swashbuckling style in this costume drama. Thomas ‘s role and OTT dialogue also reminds me of Lord Flashheart from Blackadder. Your ooos and ahs throughout and cheeky little ‘yes sirs’ are very nicely done Pandora. Suggests you enjoy the OTK far too much of course!

    Costume dramas bring out all sorts of fantasy in my head and also the odd limerick from time to time. Eg

    The maid and two dilettantes
    Were caught in delicto – aye: flagrantes!
    Protest all they might
    The Contessa that night
    Spanked hard the seat of their panties

    Going back to the film – the end part:
    While I’m pretty much always focused on bottoms when it comes to spanking, the very well controlled breast strokes at the end are a spicy addition. Done like that without excess it looks nicely kinky. I suppose at the back of my mind though I always have a nagging worry about areas other than the bottom. Bottoms and top thighs are eminently layered with the right sort of padding to absorb smacks that while stinging are not going to cause problems. I’m sure much more care has to be taken elsewhere but it’s not something I’ve experience of.

  5. You’re in luck, as it happens the next scene is an M/M. Not OTK though – we all pretty strongly felt that would be far too intimate to be believable for a context like this! Real military discipline involved the lash or the cane… in this case, it takes place slightly off the record, and involves the Major’s riding crop. They are cavalry officers, after all.

  6. I love that you mentioned Flashman. Once I’ve uploaded the outtakes you’ll enjoy the extended Blackadder references that show up 😉 Flashheart is indeed based on Mcdonald Fraser’s Flashman character – as is Harry Havelock.

    I reckon as a well-trained wench I would enjoy OTK if I knew what was good for me! Or the Major would have the good taste to pick a girl who was already that way inclined 😉

    The limerick is superb! More, more!

  7. Oh and thank you for the comment on the breast punishment. I find it very sexy, if extremely painful! But of course, there’s something lovely about the threat of knowing how much it hurts even though it’s being done with extreme care… and what might happen if it was approached more violently.

  8. Picture two is exquisite….my wanting maiden eyes requesting you come to me and use me for your pleasures

  9. I luv the way the wench gives Lieutenant Shada the once over when she has been made aware of her responsibilities by Major Havelock……. I think she approves…………….but not of the Lieutenant’s cold hands……excellent exchanges between the Major and Lieutenant whilst the wench is over knee………..This whole scene from start to end is superbly delivered, the breast whipping is a fantastic climax to the scenario all I’ve no doubt spawned from Michaels excellent scripting work………..I think it’s damn fine and utterly tremendous…………..up 2…3……..up 2…..3 !!!!!!

  10. Oops sorry no Michael didn’t write this one, it’s another epic, amazing, ingenious, utterly fabulous Pandora nothing short of a work of art……..well done lady, wench, maiden………you……xxx

  11. Thanks. We don’t script scenes anyway, whoever writes it – for the most part everything is improvised. By “written” we just mean coming up with the concept really.

  12. Pure genius……..a brilliant adlib moment although I don’t think it was too wise a thing to say sitting in front of Major Havelock with crop in hand… paid the price but boy did we enjoy it…….thanks……

  13. Ah yes I see what you mean……..I had an idea go through my head………Thomas, me + music….guitar dual….loser gets to top the other………i can’t play guitar……

  14. Thanks, Pandora, for your appreciative and kind comment. I do love limericks – there something about the simple structure and the rhythm that brings humour and observation together. Every so often I ponder over a few rhyming words and they sometimes resolve into a limerick. Here are a couple more in the spanking genre (and please excuse the reference to your good self)

    At two-thirty Pandora B
    Took a naughty guy over her knee
    Despite all his pleading
    She said he’d be needing
    A spanking till quarter past three

    Surely quite high in the ranking
    To cure the excesses of banking
    Is to tell all the sinners
    Their future posh dinners
    Will change into sessions for spanking

  15. Only what I’ve read so yes I guess so, in that case he’ll just have to thrash me when I lose……..perfect

  16. Not sure I would be a good Top (need more practice), but I’m a very very very willing Bottom……….

  17. Absolutely fantastic and such great fun and well done to Nimue….a brilliant insight into just how difficult it must be at times to direct and film these scenes………..absolutely top stuff……no wonder you are so pleased with the end result…………hats off……..what what !!

  18. Does it look difficult? I felt this one flowed relatively smoothly. We all enjoyed it, certainly 🙂

  19. Well I have a whole collection of very old S-VHS cameras and two tiny digital palm cameras, I use to film local music concerts and perhaps music concerts I’ve played in myself, and I use a TASCAM hand-held digital recorder to capture the sound track then sync in the moving pictures to the same sound track using SONY VEGAS….(not rich enough to own Adobe Premier), cutting to various different camera angles…….five or six cameras usually.

    I don’t have “subjects or lines” to have to worry about but I still find it a challenge sometimes so to do it in this environment to capture the essence of everything I think is a challenge.

    You could I guess easily miss a shot or angle. I guess the other thing to consider is not having another camera in the shot or line or of another as it would spoil things. Not always possible for me, sometime you see my big ugly cameras on tripods….and people comment…usually not good………ah well.

    I guess you have a routine or pattern for the spanking video’s, face, bottom and subject…..but it’s still refreshing to see so many ideas come out in your clips based on those three anchor points.

    They’re amazing and always fresh with something different.

    Sorry for my waffle……

  20. I do like the big cheesy grin on your face, Pandora – it shows how much fin you’re having.

  21. “fun” not “fin”. I mean, you may be having fin, but there’s no clear evidence here …

  22. Thomas is BEYOND brilliant in this! Well, everyone is, but I’m astonished at how much I believe him in it. Like he was made for the role.
    Amazing job to all as always! 🙂
    (Also, Pandora, you look spectacular!)

  23. Thanks Kelley! I developed a bit of a crush on Major Havelock myself on this shoot. You are going to LOVE the scene we have lined up for this weekend 🙂

  24. fab historic spanking scene, makes you wish you were in the army in those days if there was such privileges of rank! very well acted and a lovely punished bottom !

  25. And thank you, PrincessKelley: this one did feel like a good character. I’ve been reading pretty widely all my life (homeschooled, no TV in the house or, indeed, within 700 miles of the house) and one of my favourite series of historical novels takes a bully who is expelled from Rugby School in a famous Victorian school-boy book, and turns him into an anti-hero of virtually every great military disaster in the Victorian age.

    I mean, this guy runs away from the Greasy Grass, Mangas Colorado, the battle of Balaclava, the Indian Mutiny, Rourkes Drift, rides with John Brown, gets jailed by Lincoln and at one point meets Sherlock Holmes, all the while being a first-class coward and cad who lies and cheats his way to a totally undeserved heroic reputation.

    Flash Harry Havelock kind of evolved out of that character combined with Lord Flasheart from Blackadder, but then took himself in a rather more steam-punk direction 🙂 Glad you liked him.

  26. Sadly I think my fantasy is just that! Although social inequality was of course huge then, as it is now. Glad you enjoyed the scene, this sort of thing is just my cup of tea 🙂

  27. Ever since this shoot I’ve been thinking, I really MUST read the Flashman novels!

  28. Very excting story and well acted! I wish I’d had that opportunity when I was that age…!

  29. Great spanking as always, but the major thing about this scene is how completely hilarious Tom is. What what!

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