Thrashed and Forgiven

Film (15:46) with 48 photographs
Preview image for Thrashed and Forgiven. Pandora Blake bends over the table, her dress lifted and knickers pulled down as she receives the belt from Thomas Cameron

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Not only has Pandora lied to her partner about having a work do when really she was at a friend’s party, but she’s been caught out by photos posted on Facebook. She is truly sorry for having been so stupid – and she will be forgiven. But first, she will be punished. 100 strokes of Tom’s leather belt will help her learn to be more brave and honest in future.

The scenario in this scene is fiction, but the emotions and atmosphere are very real. I wanted to capture the mood of heartfelt domestic discipline, where one partner is truly contrite for hurting the other. In this scene Tom’s character is not acting in anger, but applying punishment with love, and within a consensual discipline relationship. While shooting this scene I found myself quickly getting very immersed in the roleplay and feeling genuinely upset; and as a result, the belt whipping was genuinely cathartic.

The belt whippings in my fantasies are often long ones, 50 or 100 strokes, applied slowly and methodically. Bringing this fantasy to life on camera was both emotionally intense and extremely hot for me. I hope you like the result. We enjoyed shooting it so much that I’m quite sure we’ll be revisiting the theme of an extended belt whipping before too long.

Photography: Nimue Allen

Preview Gallery

Thrashed and Forgiven - Behind the Scenes

Behind the scenes with Tom, Pandora and Nimue during the filming of ‘Thrashed and Forgiven’. Pandora juggles her director headspace with her submission to the whipping. Join us as Pandora insists on extra strokes for the sake of a closeup shot for the leggings fans, frets that the marks aren’t dramatic enough and asks Tom to hit her harder, and the two lovers share cuddles between shots.


28 Responses

  1. Excellent, really excellent. The wise use of a leather belt for spanking is so domestic and intimate…Incidentally ,the combination of Kandinsky reproduction and Pandoraรƒโ€šร‚ยดs bottom in red is a great artistic combination.

  2. That’s the second comment I’ve had on the set dressing in this scene! Michael Darling was a fan of the “dance in the rain” sign as a metaphor for squirming under the belt. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Glad you enjoyed, this is one of my all-time favourite scenes. I want to go again!

  3. Pandora you are becoming spanking into an art. Thanks a lot for this and for many other things. At any case if you like the belt…

  4. A wonderful demonstation of superb acting and skilled direction. For me, what soars this scene light years beyond the norm is the depth of love and warmth of concern which the couple clearly have for each other. I often take a dislike to male tops, specifically when they send the impression of being actually misogynistic and abusive. Tom’s character emantes an almost Calvinistic concern, not just for Pandora’s body but for her moral welfare. I loved the behind-the-scenes clip too! When Pandora deftly slips out of character to issue a direction there is an exquisite revelator moment when the brilliance of her acting skill is there to gasp at. And I applaud with heartfelt gratitude her insistence on shots with those wonderful leggings up! Well done! It is uncanny how this site is constantly exceeding itself. X

  5. I do, very much. I also need more practice administering it… it’s not the easiest of implements.

  6. Wow, I want to print out this comment and stick it to my wall to cheer me up whenever I’m feeling low. Thankyou so much.

    I would only ever consider doing a scene like this – traditional male-spanks-female domestic punishment – within a genuinely loving, supportive framework. I am so tired of seeing women represented as deserving punishment from male partners for dressing slutty, or overspending, or sometimes simply for breathing! I’m glad that my attempt to separate this scenario from those ideas has been successful – and I think the behind the scenes video is a big part of that, so I’m glad you enjoyed it.

    And so pleased you appreciated the leggings shots! I knew someone would ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. It was such a pleasure to film this scene for you – I adore the dynamic between you and Tom in these sort of domestic discipline scenarios. Although I do think Tom makes a wonderful top where he is pushing the power he has, being angry and unjustified, I do think that he really shines in these caring/nurturing scenes.

    You’ve definitely managed to separate this scene from the “traditional male-spanks-female domestic punishment”. Quite often in those sort of scenes, there’s a definite feel that the top is simply enjoying dishing out the punishment and is just looking for reasons. In this scene there’s a feeling that Tom doesn’t want to have to do this, just as much as you don’t want to have earnt it, but you both know that it is needed.

  8. If you do print out my comment, Pandora, would you be so kind as to put right a couple of spelling mistakes? I.e demonstrate; emanate (and anymore I might have missed) x

  9. Erm – I think there were at least 2 of us that appreciated the leggings shots. Another great video Pandora!

  10. Thankyou! Nurturing and caring is definitely Tom’s natural dominance style. I think you’re right that genuine regret/remorse on the part of his character is part of what makes this scene interesting.

    The other factor that makes male-spanks-female domestic punishment more enjoyable for me is ungendering it; ie, were the genders reversed, the scene would still make sense. I don’t ever want to make a domestic discipline film where a female character is punished by a man for doing something that misogynists criticise women for, such as overspending or dressing sluttily, in a way that implies she is wrong for behaving that way. In this scene the punished behaviour is deceit and betrayed trust, and that would have worked just as well if my character had been male.

    In general I dislike any punishments that are sex negative, or where a woman is punished for expressing her sexuality.

    (I guess the exception is scenes like Liberated Ladies of the Jazz Age, where the disciplinarian is the oppressive villain, and the spankees are wronged heroines. But mostly, I think the domestic discipline genre intends the viewer to sympathise with the punishment rather than condemn it.)

  11. The quiet intensity of this clips is amazing…and my god, Ms. Blake is beautiful! Watching as a contrite Pandora proffers her exquisite bare bottom and the leather strikes reddening cheeks that open to reveal all of her feminine charms, one is mesmerized. Certainly among the very best offerings at this site so far.

  12. Thankyou! Really glad you enjoyed it. I felt very submissive during this whipping, and definitely offered my bottom to the belt more readily as a result.

  13. A damn good thrashing with the belt. When swung with some determination, such a strap stings for real. Brave girl.

  14. Thankyou! But which do you mean? If you mean the Feminist Porn Award 2013 then we were nominated, but we didn’t actually win this year. We did however win a less prestigious blog award for Most Improved Spanking Site 2012 ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. Hi Pandora

    Your expertise at the belt seemed ok when I met you for a session in fact your strapping was hard and accurate very enjoyable.
    Really enjoying your site its excellent and well done long may you continue Pandora

  16. Hmmm, have mixed feelings about this shoot. On the one hand, quite riveting – certainly the top/bottom dynamic between you and Tom. But….I thought 100 strokes was a bit excessive…after a while it become somewhat repetitive. I suspect that mine will be a minority opinion though!

    Good camera work….

  17. Interesting feedback, thank you! I wonder if it was because my reactions in this one were quite restrained, and the whipping not unduly severe. I’d be interested to know if you also found our other 100 stroke belt whipping published recently repetitive, or if the more violent energy carried it in that case?

  18. Hey Pandora, thanks for quite thought-provoking questions. Curiously, I didn’t quite feel the same way about the more recent belt whipping, in terms of repetitiveness. Perhaps, there was a bit more variety in camera angles that made it more interesting for me. I certainly felt there was more violent energy in this film than the later one.

    Hmm, not sure if your restraint was a factor – now that I think about it – it could have been.

    Anyway, I still think you have one of the most gorgeous spanking bottoms in the business! And of course, one of the most creative minds in the spanking business too…

  19. Gosh, this was amazing. I found it so emotional to watch. I’m so looking forward to my session with you Pandora, and I really hope I can be as brave in taking my punishment. Seriously, I can’t stop thinking about it. I’m still anxiously waiting for you to confirm the date & I’m counting the weeks.

  20. I’m sure you will be! I replied on January 3rd and have no email from you awaiting response, so would recommend checking your spam!

  21. I’ve sent 2 emails to you at your personal email address, one on the 3rd, and one yesterday, in response to your email 3rd. I’ll send again to you at your dreams of spanking email

  22. I haven’t received anything from yesterday, and there’s nothing in spam. I’d recommend you send it again and hopefully it will come through.

  23. Just watching this again. I hope I can be brave, but I’m sure I won’t be as brave as you, Pandora. Hoping to hear from you soon re: session time.

  24. This surely has to be one of my favourite films. I really love the severity of it. I actually surprise myself because I can imagine myself in the role of the spanker, very unusual for me. But equally, I think I could enjoy being the one being spanked in this way. I would really enjoy receiving such a severe punishment!

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