Pandora’s Belt Whipping Fantasy

Film (27:56) with 72 photographs
Preview image for Pandora's Belt Whipping Fantasy. Pandora Blake lies over the foot of the bed, her shorts and knickers pulled down. She screams as Thomas Cameron uses the belt on her bare bottom

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In this long-play video, Pandora confesses one of her edgiest fantasies: a dark domestic belt whipping that involves age play, struggling and resistance, and a severe punishment of over 100 very hard strokes.

Together, she and her real life partner Thomas collaborate to bring her fantasy to life. The following roleplay is violent and intense, and the remorseless whipping of Pandora's bare bottom and thighs brings her to real tears. This is what happens when dreams come true…  

Photography: Tyler Gray

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36 Responses

  1. Thank you Doug! This one was really personal. I feel quite vulnerable about sharing it!

  2. You have to be pretty experienced in the world of spanking to receive that sort of intensity of discipline, so very well done because leather straps sting like mad. Although this is clearly at the more severe end of things, the scene comes across as a very authentic depiction of a well-controlled session between two players. And the ending is great because it does genuinely show that the proper world of spanking is not in any way (or should not be) about brutality. But goodness, Pandora, your bum really does look as though it’s been painted red with rouge!

  3. I can’t remember seeing a redder bottom, not to mention the tops of the thighs (ouch!!!)

  4. Congratulations to Pandora and Tom. It is the best belt spanking that I have eve seen, and believe me I have seen a lot. The belting over the shorts is beautiful but over PandoraΓƒβ€šΓ‚Β΄s behind is pure poetry. Really marvellous. Thanks a lot for this feast for the eyes.

  5. Oh my dear Pandora…that was insanely amazing to watch. Each hit, each marking, I just felt it. Your backside had a plethora of intense colors of red and deep pink. I can only contain my excitement and jealously seeing Thomas take matters into his own hands, or belt rather. The expression on your face, pure pain and anguish. This was indeed one satisfied Cherry bottom lover. I am just in awe.

  6. I enjoyed the scene very much, thank you for posting it. It was lovely to see the discussion between the two of you before you acted out the fantasy. The ‘D*ddy’ fantasy happens to be one of my favorites, so it was especially gratifying to see it played out on screen. I thought Tom was just the right mix of stern and angry, but still in control. I loved the way you were pleading for it to stop while it was happening. Your bottom turned a beautiful shade of dark pink.

  7. Thank you Yianni. I have always fantasised about kicking, struggling, crying against remorseless discipline but it turns out it’s harder to do in reality than I thought. Once it started my instinct was not to fight back but to submit to it. Resistance play is harder than I realised!

    I’m glad you like the setup and the ending, I deliberately wanted to include the negotiation and aftermath in this scene because the consensual element of the roleplay itself is so questionable. It’s a new format I’m considering for darker scenes – essentially bringing some of the behind the scenes into the scene itself. If people like it I’d love to do more. I like the idea that even if someone pirates my video on a download site, they still have to watch the consent behind the scenes before they can get to the spanking!

    1. I think your inclusion of negotiation & consent in the video is prudent, if you want every replay (legal or pirated) to be as clear about consent as about sting & bruising. There is no way to include an attention span requirement in your product.

  8. Those thigh strokes HURT. It was one of those that brought me to a sobbing heap around stroke 80. There were a couple of other super painful strokes in this too – one that wrapped around the near cheek and caused an almighty bruise on my inner crease, and the highest one made me jump up and howl too. Worth it though!

  9. Thank you Sheldon! The leather belt I bought for our sessions was one of the ones that we considered using, but we decided to go for the “family strap” that we had already used and were familiar with. I’m really glad you like this, it was a lot of fun to make. So hot. Now that I’ve acted it out, the fantasy is even more exciting as I have some real memories of it!

  10. Thank you Cherry! I had a feeling this one might appeal to other ladies as I think it’s a fairly common fantasy. I’d be interested to know which of us you identified with watching this – Thomas, from the sound of it?

    My pain and anguish was definitely real, but I was determined to go through with it – and wow, was it satisfying!

  11. Showing the discussion beforehand (and afterwards) as part of the film rather than in a separate behind the scenes video was one of my new ideas for this film, and I’m really pleased it worked for you.

    After the whole debate in the UK about “rape porn” earlier this year and whether “please no” type scenes should be banned I was thinking of ways to make consent even more transparent, and decided that including some of the real life sections in the fantasy film, rather than releasing them both separately, was one thing that might help. That way no-one could watch the middle section of this and think it was real.

    I think it also helps that Tom and I are clearly too close in age to be a real parent/child pairing, too. This is definitely fantasy. But boy, is it a hot fantasy! Hopefully this provides an example of one way to act out this sort of edgy scenario in a respectful, consensual way πŸ™‚

    1. Tom and Pandora need not be parent/child IRL. They could be a couple into Christian domestic discipline. That’s an entire brigade of the Kink Army that will never get counted IRL because they deny what they are really about.

  12. Those sentiments about consent are absolutely spot on and a bit of ‘before’ and ‘after’ is a nice touch for the level of play involved here. I’m interested too in what you say about roleplaying reactions and resistance. It is great to see that acted out in spanking scenes but I’m sure it’s quite difficult to get right. There are plenty of examples (not DoS) where it can be really quite over the top and unconvincing. Conversely, films where a spankee shows no reaction can just end up being rather dull. One or two of the quite strict sessions you have done in the past on other sites (eg ES I think) have struck a good balance in this regard.

  13. It is a fantasy of mine actually, and not to be on the receiving end, but to be the magic behind the belt. Though I have been belted and it was extremely well…f’ing amazing. Pardon my French…haha. But anyway, yes, you are correct…I familiarize with Thomas in this scenario mainly because after showing this to my sub, she was astounded, and said she could take 100 licks. So…she basically just sealed her fate with me.

    And I did see the pain and anguish in your face. Determination is one of the drives towards a spanking this harsh, and I think you did very, very well. I think after a certain while your backside just gets so numb, you just want it to end, but then the aftermath, its like…give me another. So yes…very, very nice love.

  14. This is an interesting clip and the discussions before and after show the reality of the scene, that is to say, the real life nature of the BDSM scene encompassing a very genuine sense of consensual adult play within agreed safe limits and a clear sense that this is acting, planned and performed, real yet fictional, there is a beginning and an end. It is clear when the fantasy ends and reality kicks in.

    Many people who do not understand the dynamics of BDSM may see such a scene and be very critical of it from a feminist perspective, but as Pandora would no doubt agree, being spanked as a woman in a consensual adult forum is not abuse.

    I love the dialogue here, Pandora is cheeky and swears at her already enraged father and it is very erotic. Tragedy and pain mixed with a marriage of the sexual and the sensual and other emotions flying around in a melody of melodrama.

    I’m not into belts myself but this is erotic and there is much room for discussion here on why in all its oedipal brilliance!

  15. I appear to be late to the party because I’ve just seen this post and preview clip today. But I wanted to say that seeing this clip actually really touched me emotionally. I’m filled with a mixture of emotions (in addition to being quite aroused by it).

    First of all, I’m so grateful that you’ve made such a scene. It touches a major button in my fantasy life. And it seems to be so realistic, which I’m sure has a lot to do with it being real in the sense of your feeling real pain of a belt whipping. Thank you for that. I promise you I’ll never get tired of seeing those kind of scenes.

    Then too. I’m proud of you and Tom for playing such an amazing scene – intimate, connected, yet still within character. You both are quite remarkable.

    And finally, I’m happy for and proud of you, Pandora. You and I share some common “buttons” I think in this area, so I feel I have some idea how deep this goes. And you brought it out of yourself and put it out there, unwaveringly and pulled no punches. I’m happy to see you on the journey of your personal fantasy fulfillment through this medium. It is quite inspiring and you remain a hero of mine.

    Best Regards,

  16. This is a very intense well thought out film
    Acted out in a very genuine manner
    Its always nice to see a spankee who can take as good as she gives
    I know from personal experience that this is the case
    Long may your excellent films continue


  17. The subject line says it all WOW! what a wonderful video and how lucky you are to have someone who cares for you so much. I don’t know about you but I was squirming with Tom’s very authoritative tone πŸ™‚

  18. Thank you, I’m so glad you enjoyed this! And it always makes me happy when viewers appreciate Tom’s dominance as well as my part in things. Men in spanking porn should be compelling, authoritative, attractive and I’m glad my chosen partners are appealing to other people too!

  19. Thank you! It’s not often I psych myself up to take a really hard beating but when I do, I enjoy it so much. It takes a lot of headspace and preparation though, I can’t turn it on like a tap. I’m glad you enjoyed this Paul, thanks for the comment πŸ™‚

  20. Thanks Quai, I’m glad this worked for you. This scene was definitely inspired by your fiction. You should watch the full film sometime, I think you’d enjoy it πŸ™‚

  21. Thanks! I’m glad the reality/fantasy separation worked for you, I was a little anxious that it would ruin the believability of the scene to show the before/after sections but I’m delighted that for most viewers so far it seems to have enhanced, rather than diminished, their enjoyment of the film.

    Consent is definitely the key to what makes an activity abusive or not – informed consent from an adult who has a free range of options. My hope is that making my consent, as a professional spankee, as clear and transparent as possible will reassure those who suspect that I am not acting as a free agent. Whether they find my choices to be feminist or not is a whole other kettle of fish! But I personally think that acting on your fantasies in a safe space in a consensual, negotiated way with a trusted and respectful partner is definitely more feminist than keeping your desires bottled up and denying your own sexuality. That doesn’t mean some fantasies aren’t problematic – but the answer to that is more communication and discussion, not simply avoiding the idea entirely. That’s another reason I think showing the discussion and negotiation surrounding these dark or difficult fantasies is so important.

    As for “oedipal” – heh. For me there wasn’t much sexual overtone in this, but obviously playing out a the parental punishment fantasy with one’s lover is a complex thing. This was definitely a non-sexual fantasy for me though, rather than an incestuous one.

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  23. Just to add my congratulations (belatedly), and to say what an excellent clip this was.

    The doubts you express about whether putting the negotiations in at the beginning would spoil it were understandable, but it worked out fine. It is really good that we can, in the same film and at the same time, think of the character “what a bad girl and how much she needs a good thrashing” and at the same time know that the actress is a person with desires and fantasies just like us (though with more experience and better looking than most of us!) who naturally has the same concerns and anxieties that we would if doing a major scene.

    I don’t know what the exact dates of your filming may be, and whether films are essentially put up in the order they are filmed, but would I be right in guessing that the bruises seen in some recent films (eg the Victorian servant girl) were caused in this piece of filming?

    Anyway, congratulations on a wonderful website.


  24. Fantastic scene, Pandora is just the best, to take 100 with the belt is the mark of a real Pro -(professional that is).
    What’s not to like – denim shorts (tasty), Pandora’s bum (very tasty) and a great belting.

  25. I don’t have anything planned for my bum till Thursday ΓƒΒ’Γ’β€šΒ¬Γ’β‚¬Β not often you hear someone say that πŸ™‚

  26. Pandora; Thomas was really going at beating your ass (BUM). Pandora, you acted great as a Daughter. The video was good.

  27. This is a fantastic scene, really inspiring. Thank you, Pandora and Thomas!

  28. M/F beatings don’t usually appeal to me which I suppose is why I haven’t viewed this one before but I have to say I do like this one and I’m glad I have viewed and downloaded it now.

    The before and after bits work very well. In fact I think it would be a sore loss if they were deleted. They do establish the consensual basis of the action and this enables the escalation of the action to the really challenging level we see in this movie. I think this is what makes it quite the most satisfying M/F spanking scene I’ve seen.

    Incidentally, the fantasy presented in this movie is very close to one of my own (with a school-marm replacing the parent).

    On another tack, it’s surprising Tom was able to avoid bruising his knuckles on the knob of the bedpost (I suppose that, strictly, that bedstead does not have bedposts but you get what I mean). As usual with a right-handed spanker, the right buttock got more severely punished than the left but not as much so as is often the case – I guess it was from landing some scuds only on the left to even out the two sides that the one you mention in a comment curled into the cleft. I have yet to see or experience a strapping or caning punish both sides equally except by administering half the strokes from each side, the receiver lying flat on his/her tummy. Any comments? I have a personal interest in a solution, if there is one πŸ™‚

  29. Hi Spaniel, I’m glad that you took the plunge to watch it and that it paid off!

    The behind-the-scenes content is really important to us and you’ve put it perfectly – it establishes the consensual basis of the action.

    Even better to hear that this film reflects one of your own fantasies. I would love to see how that played out with the school-marm in the place of the parent – maybe it’s something we could discuss as a custom film?

    You’re right, he was lucky to avoid hitting his knuckles too much on there. He had his wits about him!

    I feel very passionately about evening caning/strapping so I’m glad you asked hahaha. I think your suggestions are fair, the bottom lying flat on their stomach can definitely help as can switching sides to deliver the strokes. Like you say we can easily default to our stronger side, so being mindful of that can go a long way to evening things out.

  30. I really love this scene! It’s one of my fantasies, too, and I have similar scenes in my writing. Very nice to see it brought to life. Well done, both of you.

  31. I love when my fantasies resonate with other people, I’m so glad you could see your scenario played out on film. That’s the main reason I love creating custom films!

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