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Preview image for Leather Shorts. Pandora Blake, wearing tight leather shorts, bends over to receive the paddle from Thomas Cameron, who is dressed in jeans and a leather jacket

What starts as a walk in the country soon turns into something much more playful and passionate. Thomas Cameron and Pandora Blake star in this outdoor spanking photoset. Pandora Blake wears knee-high leather boots and tiny leather shorts, so of course Thomas Cameron can't keep his hands off her bottom.

After a flirty beginning, he bends her over and takes a leather paddle to her upturned bum, as she teases him and takes the paddling with enthusiasm. After stripping her to leopard-print knickers and picking up the paddle again, it's clear that he's already made his mark. The only thing to do now is turn up the heat, and Pandora and Thomas make the most of this secluded outdoor spot to finish with some fiery and passionate kisses. 

Photography: Nimue Allen


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3 Responses

  1. Pandora´s bottom clad with these leather shorts can compete succesfully with the “The Seven Wonders of the World”. Really a feast for the eyes. Thanks a lot and congratulations for this fantastic collection of photos. Why not a film where Pandora is spanked over the leather shorts?

  2. For once I’ll comment on Thomas rather than Pandora. I like his rebel look in this video. Oh and I will comment on Pandora too. Gorgeously showing her cheeks in leopard print underwear. Yummy Pandy 🙂

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