The Secret to Success

Film (34:30 mins) with 50 screengrabs
Adele looks on as Thomas spanks Pandora over his knee

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Pandora is a chronic procrastinator, and jealous of her friend Adele’s success with time management. When she finds out her secret, she’s more than a little curious.

In this film, Adele Haze plays the experienced bottom who is successfully using consensual discipline to improve her studies, and Pandora plays a disorganised student who is desperately in need of some time management skills. Over chats in the library, Adele tactfully introduces her friend to the concept of corporal punishment and a discipline arrangement where the bottom sets the goals. Pandora is intrigued – but understandably cautious. When Adele’s top Tom arrives for their weekly appointment, they invite Pandora to stay and observe – and make up her mind for herself.

This scene goes from zero to consensual in 30 minutes. We wanted to take the time to explore the psychology of someone new to the idea of consensual discipline who goes through the process of adopting it for themselves; and we wanted Pandora’s transition from outsider to new, nervous bottom to be believable. It wouldn’t happen in a heartbeat. As a result this scene takes a little time to build, with some in-depth conversation as the characters discuss the concept and begin negotiations. It might be slow for a spanking movie – but for a real life decision it’s surprisingly quick.

Those who don’t like extended scene-setting may wish to skip straight to 19:00, which is when the punishments start in earnest. But if you’re interested in the psychology of real-life discipline and want to get to know the characters and their motivations before diving into the action, you’ll want to watch from the beginning.

Our hope is that this film will serve as an informative introduction to the concept of consensual discipline, which might be suitable to show to newcomers to kink. And the belt whipping and over the knee spanking in the second half is, in our opinion, really quite hot. We hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed making it.

Preview Gallery

The Secret to Success - Behind the Scenes

Outtakes and behind the scenes footage from The Secret to Success, plus a post-shoot interview in which Pandora Blake talks to Adele Haze and Jimmy Holloway about shooting impromptu spanking scenes, getting the belt from Thomas Cameron, and what it’s like having your boyfriend behind the camera.

After the chat there’s an impromptu spanking between Jimmy and Adele – the first time we’ve seen this real life couple switching together on film!


13 Responses

  1. I like this scene. It is a very sweet introduction to CP, I kinda want to show it to my friends as an explanation!

  2. Congrats on the new site Pandora. However, it seems I’m experiencing a problem with replaying the entirety of this film. It cuts off somewhere around the middle.

    I like the concept behind this particular scene, but I think the dialogue is far too long. Could have done with a bit more editing.

    Finally, let me say this: I never usually subscribe to a site upon its launch. I did so, however, because you are one of the best spanking models in the business. I realize that you’ve put a lot of work into getting the site up and running, but I do think that monthly subscription is a little steep considering that you’re starting with only 17 scenes. You are, after all, competing with other sites that have far more content at a less expensive price.

    All the very best.

  3. Can you let me know which version of the film you are having trouble with? Is it the embedded player or one of the download links?

    Yeah, I had a hard decision to make with this one. You’re absolutely right that it is slow to get going. In the end though I decided to keep the dialogue because for me, this film serves two purposes. Starting from 19:00, it’s a hot spanking/belting scene. But in it’s entirety, it’s an introduction to kink, to consensual discipline, and an honest look at the reasons someone might come to it and the questions they might have. The dialogue may not be much interest to the casual watcher, but I’m hoping it will be reassuring and educational to those new to kink or to the concept of consensual discipline. I’ve added some text to the page which I hope will give people a realistic sense of what to expect.

    As for the membership fee – I deliberately set the cheap 5 day membership as an option for those who think the other is two high. I am fairly confident that I’ll be able to compete on quality before too long, and it is quite hard to put one’s prices up, so in the meantime, I hope the 5-day option will cater to anyone who can’t stretch to the 30 days price.

  4. You know, I would absolutely love it if people used my films that way 🙂

  5. Hi Pandora, thx so much for responding. I’m actually a little surprised, I often don’t get a response to feedback that I offer.

    I’ve sorted out the film issues – it seems the MP4 was the culprit. No problem at all with the WMV.

    Ok, I get your rationale for the dialogue. You used a flash-back technique with Adele early on which I think you could’ve applied throughout the dialogue. I found that quite effective. Also, if you are incorporating long-ish dialogue, the audio needs to be of a less variable quality. Totally agree with you that spanking/belting scene was hot! The only thing I’d have added would’ve been for you to get a little taste of the belt too!

    Don’t get me wrong, I do think you have a quality site. I fully expected it to be, given how well you’ve marketed it. It’s very well designed, and the film quality is definitely top-notch. I would say that for some sequences, I’m a tad disappointed that there are only film stills, rather than high def pics, but that doesn’t take away significantly from the overall quality of the product.

  6. Oh, I’m glad the files are working for you now! Was it the high res or the low res MP4 you were using? I’ll re-upload it just in case.

    Thanks for the comments and I’m glad that overall your response is positive. Audio quality is definitely something I’m working to improve.

    I made a deliberate decision not to *always* generate stills to accompany a video. Sometimes a video is just a video. Duplicating every scene in both media can be redundant, and is not much fun for the performers on long shoots. My aim is for my photo galleries to stand alone as galleries, and my films to stand alone as films. In scenes where I think the story is worth telling in both ways I will do so, but in this one I didn’t think that was the case. The screengrabs are hand-selected and included in case anyone wants to blog about or link to the film and wants images to do so.

    As it happens on recent shoots I *have* tended to take more stills accompanying videos, but as a point of principle, I don’t want to make it policy to always shoot every scene in both media. Every story are told in the best way for that scene, and I don’t want to generate redundant material for the sake of it. Sorry if that doesn’t suit you but it’s something I feel quite strongly about.

  7. Season’s greetings Pandora.

    It was the high res MP4 that I’d initially downloaded.

    Thanks for taking the time explain your thinking. I entirely appreciate where you are coming from. I would agree with you that some stories are better told in one medium, rather than both.

  8. My local file of the high res mp4 is working fine, so I’ve reuploaded it just to be sure. Hopefully that’ll solve the problem, but do let me know if you’re still having issues.

  9. Pandora, you are just great when you act those scenes where you know you havent been doing chores in time and try nervously to talk it away! Like with the serious, German accountant. There you are a natural (because you know in r.l. you are always behind with everything, by the standards you set for yourself?) So I enjoyed that, it was funny, at least for a while. Maybe in future dialogues there occurs a sudden twist, when new facts are disclosed? (Steal and borrow some and make changes… hsssh.)
    You are good at improvising dialoge over a basic script.

  10. Thankyou, I’m glad that the dialogue came across as believable, despite being a little long-winded!

  11. This was a fascinating film, particularly with the commentary afterwards. It was very illuminating about the real-life relationships in the spanking community.

    Can you explain something to me? I can understand how spanking can be a deterrent to improve behaviour in a DS relationship (which is, after all, how punishment has normally been understood), and I can understand how it can be an enjoyable game to play (as I and you and others find it, the observance of appropriate limits being always understood) – but I honestly don’t understand how it can be both for the same person. And yet I know that it can because I know at any rate one person to whom this applies, quite apart from what I see of you on the web – and I think I can tell the difference between acting and sincerity!

    I suppose Adele’s character came close to addressing this when she said something like “He does it a little bit too hard to be fun” – but then you might say “Well just tell him to keep it at game-level and carry on procrastinating”! It’s a very strange paradox.

    With regard to Nalga00’s comment that there was not yet much material on your site to provide value for money – I should say that one can only watch so many films at a time, and providing there are enough that are interesting it isn’t necessary to have a huge back-list of films that might also be interesting if one ever had time to view them! What I like about your site is, apart from the quality and imagination shown in the films themselves, the feeling of getting to know someone I have read the written words of for quite some years (Adele, as well as yourself). I suppose it is like reading a journalist in your regular daily paper who suddenly gets a job on BBC television, so you start hearing him as well as reading his thoughts – only the subjects are more personal than Andrew Marr normally deals with!


  12. Thanks for this feedback, Ernest! Sorry it’s taken me a little time to reply: I don’t get comment notifications yet, although my developer is working on it 🙂

    The discipline paradox is, exactly, a paradox. I don’t know anyone who engages in consensual, functional, non-abusive CP discipline who isn’t kinky, and so it’s clearly not an option for people who have no interest in kink, power or pain play. But I do know people who aren’t spankos, but have other kinky interests, who use CP for discipline rather than play, and more BDSM activities when they want to have fun. Still, there clearly needs to be some positive associations for the whole thing to be successful and non-abusive.

    Personally, I like spanking and am quite masochistic for it, but spanking can also be a discipline deterrent. A discipline spanking is usually

    – harder than normal
    – delivered without a warmup
    – with an implement I don’t find erotic, or particularly hate
    – accompanied by an awareness of disappointment from the top, or an acknowledgement that one can do better. This can range from full-on scolding to a quiet “I’m looking forward to the week when I don’t have to do this, and can give you a good girl spanking instead.”

    In my experience it’s the last that makes the difference. We allow someone to share the responsibility of our lives because we respect them and value their opinion. Admitting fault to your top is often the real deterrent; the spanking is just a reminder. If you didn’t take the discipline seriously, trivialised the punishment and deliberately got into trouble, your top would notice. Either they’d cancel the arrangement, or they’d take steps to reinforce your commitment to it.

    “Tell him to keep it at game level” – in my experience, a discipline arrangement where the spankee gets a say in how hard it is isn’t going to work. You can have control over what you get punished for, but the top needs to have the final say on sentencing. If the top is too harsh or not harsh enough, you can argue afterwards and find the right level over time (or a new top!)

    Thanks for the lovely comments about the site, I’m glad you’re enjoying the variety of scenes and finding out more about Adele! She is a fascinating lady 🙂

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