The Morpheus Club: Pandora’s Initiation

Film (37:20 mins) with 93 screengrabs
A naked Pandora holds her hands out for Hywel to tawse

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New slavegirl Pandora is nervous, untrained and intimidated by the experienced Amelia. She endures bondage, nipple clamps, humiliating inspections and punishment, culminating in a painful double caning.

So much happens in this 37-minute BDSM epic that there was no hope of me squeezing it all into the short scene description above. I decided to focus on my character’s journey, but you only need to look at the tag list or trailer to get a sense of just how much else is packed into this movie. Specifically, Amelia Jane Rutherford demonstrates gruelling slavegirl postures and submits to strapping, spanking, hot wax and a flogging on her back and bottom, and does it all with sublime grace and poise.

This is one of my oldest fantasies. It’s got a dark non-consensual edge (the implication that my character has consented to be enrolled in this establishment out of desperation, rather than because she is kinky) but otherwise it’s absolutely classic, chapter one of dozens of erotic novels.

I am privileged to have had the help of the talented Hywel and Amelia to help me bring this fantasy to life, and indebted to Hywel for his expertise behind the scenes. As a natural consequence of the cast, this scene is pure M/F, but there’s more to the Morpheus Club than that, and we’ll see more of it in future episodes.

To find out more about the story behind this scene, click here and here.

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The Morpheus Club: Pandora’s Initiation - Behind the Scenes

24 minutes of behind the scenes footage, and that’s even after editing! Laughter and cameraderie between takes, and lots of kinky negotiation and discussion as four enthusiasts collaborate to create a unique scene.

Pandora struggles to direct as well as act, and ends up asking the experienced Hywel to step in and help her direct. But she still finds it hard to let go and relax into the scene, and has to ask for a break during the final caning. A candid, honest look at the difficulties, as well as the fun side, of improvised BDSM film-making.


10 Responses

  1. Ohhh well done Pandora! What beautiful music, and fab fab fab idea. Soooo hot to shoot and I hope it’ll be hot for everyone to watch!

    Amelia xxx

  2. Oh I’m glad you like the music! I treated myself to some proper licensed production music this time, and was really happy to find something good enough for your beautiful hot wax scene. So much pretty!

    I really liked the ambiguity with your character – I don’t know if she started out as a club pet and decided the Doctor was her favourite member of the club, or whether she’s Mrs Doctor and they joined the club together and she wanted to be a pet. I felt like it could have been either 🙂

  3. ㅋㅋㅋ 잼있지 않아요?

  4. Sorry my Korean friend, Google isn’t up to the task of translating for me! Thanks for commenting, but I’m sorry I’m not able to read your language.

  5. Glad you enjoyed watching these girls being disciplined. What part got you the hottest? watching them being spanked? Candle wax? Nipple clamps?

  6. Beautiful, and so graceful. Such wonderful submission, really love the rope bondage. And the music . . . lovely.

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