A Bedtime Spanking

Film (10:51 mins) with 42 photographs
Pandora is bent over Thomas' knee receiving a spanking

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Pandora is ready for bed and waiting for her bedtime spanking. She knows it’s coming – and she knows she needs it. Her disciplinarian takes her over the knee until she’s promising to be good tomorrow.

Being a grown-up can be fun, but sometimes you need to be small. I wanted to make a film which encapsulated that sense of security, affection and reassurance which can come from being given a spanking at bedtime. Whether it’s needed for stress relief, punishment, behaviour maintenance or just to settle your body and mind before sleep, sometimes there is nothing better than being soundly spanked, cuddled and tucked into bed by someone who loves you.

To read more about the story behind this scene, click here, and here for more photo previews from this shoot.

Photography: Nimue Allen

Preview Gallery

A Bedtime Spanking - Behind the Scenes

Behind the scenes with Tom, Pandora and Nimue during the filming of “A Bedtime Spanking”.


10 Responses

  1. Well Done. The theme of bedtime/pajama spankings is a good one. The reasons for such a spanking in your film description are wonderful. Cutting away to show the bear on the bed and just hearing the spanking was a nice touch. It sort of put you in the room to hear it and that’s always a turn-on.

  2. Glad you enjoyed it, it was fun to make. Nice to do a simpler film from time to time.

    “Cutting away to show the bear on the bed and just hearing the spanking was a nice touch.”

    Oh my word, I think that’s an actual edit error! Not sure how that crept in. I’m a bit embarrassed now – do I leave it in or correct it?!

  3. Looks like the face camera was accidentally replaced by some behind the scenes footage! I wasn’t happy with the effect, so I’ve fixed it. I do like the idea of deliberately cutting to another object in the room while the spanking continues unseen, though. Definitely an effect to explore in a future film.

    Thanks for the feedback. If you prefer the original version, please feel free to keep your copy but I hope you don’t mind that I’ve replaced the web version with the one I intended people to see.

  4. Replacing it is fine, you can do no wrong. To me it also seemed like the little teddy bear was waiting to comfort the girl on the bed after her spanking. I know a woman who was spanked as a teenager and after the spanking she would go to her room and cuddle with her cat.

  5. think you are beautiful i envy the people who have been so lucky to smack your gorgeous bum

  6. I think we can all agree that Pandora is beautiful and I also envy anyone who gets to spank that wonderful bottom of hers.

  7. Yes, I do switch and I love it. The chance to switch with you and Molly would be wonderful, certainly something for me to think about should my finances improve.

    I would be only too happy to bend over for you.

  8. Picture 41 is missing a period in the filename. If it doesn’t get fixed, you can open it in a new tab and put the period before jpg yourself.

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