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Preview image for Kitchen Punishment. Pandora Blake bends over as Thomas Cameron spanks her

This is the sequel to Messy Kitchen, and is the last set of photos from that shoot in 2006. It was Tom's and my first attempt to shoot our own spanking photos at home, with a photographer recruited from Net-Model (who preferred not to be named), no lighting, and not even an idea of what we were going to do with them yet. This was before I'd envisioned Dreams of Spanking. I'd done a couple of spanking shoots for other producers and had already been bitten by the bug to shoot my own material. I had vague ideas I might want my own site "one day" and decided to have a go at shooting some photos.

It's cool to look back and see how far we've come.


Preview Gallery

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  1. Thank you! They were my favourite pair of knickers for a long time. You can’t see it clearly in the main picture but they also have little cats on them!

  2. I’ve just joined the site and so far I’m loving it! Every scene have creativity and passion. You are super cute and so your friends.

    If I can offer my 2 cents, your site can improve in terms of the image technical quality both for videos and pictures. You are above spk sites average, no doubt, but if you may have cristal clear images and videos, the this would be on par with the creativity of the scenes.

    Just my humble opinion, but again congrats for the site! So far I’m loving it!

  3. Thanks for the feedback! As I mentioned in the long description, this was one of my earliest photosets, back before I even knew what Dreams of Spanking would be called or what form it would take. It wasn’t lit properly and the photo quality is not what I aim for these days.

    What picture resolution and video bitrate would you ideally like to see? At the moment I render in 2-3mb bitrate for my high quality MP4. TV quality is 6-8mb so it is significantly lower, but I think that 300mb file size for a 15 minute file is probably enough. Would you rather have longer download times for a higher quality?

    As I’ve learned my trade the quality of my video screengrabs has improved significantly. I now render films at 6mb bitrate before capturing the screengrabs (which are all hand-picked by the way, not a fast process!) and then re-render at 2 or 3mb for web publication. A year ago (ie when I published this scene) I would screengrab the web quality 2mb video, which resulted in much lower image quality. I’m still learning!

    Likewise with the photos I’ve tried to balance loading time and quality. At the moment I process photos at 72dpi and 1200x1800px. But I have the full resolution print quality files so it would be easier to save them at higher resolution for web. Standards are constantly changing, some people are still loading the site on slow internet connections and old computers, and it can be hard to strike a balance that satisfies everyone. What photo resolution would you prefer?

  4. Hello Pandora, I finally paid for another subscription and want back collecting some of the vidoes/galleries i hadn’t got yet.

    Apart from the very sexy see-through knickers, I like some of the shots at the end, the photos showing the emotion on your face.

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