Over His Knee

Film (21:56 mins) with 65 photographs
Pandora is over Thomas' lap, her bare bottom red and sore from spanking

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After all the detailed creative fantasies I’ve explored so far on this website, I found myself yearning for a video that was just spanking, pure and simple. I decided to create a film which expressed the sort of spanking play that Tom and I tend to enjoy in private. When he spanks me, it rarely takes less than twenty minutes. He has a ridiculously hard hand and he knows how to put it to good use, but his skill with warm ups enables me to take far more punishment than when starting cold.

Recently, he’s been training me to take harder and harder spanks on the highly sensitive skin of my thighs. This is highly erotic for me – but shockingly painful. I love the feeling of helplessness as he holds my knees in a leg lock and exposes the ultra-sensitive backs of my thighs to hard, stinging spanks. No matter how brave I try to be, thigh spanking always pushes beyond my control and makes me wriggle and howl. It takes a lot of trust to submit to it, and the sensation of surrender is as hot as the red welts from his fingers that pattern the backs of my legs.

This time, after twenty minutes of solid spanking that escalated in severity, my whole bottom and most of my thighs were pink and mottled with purple. In the week following the shoot I had bruises from Tom’s hand up both of my thighs. I cherished the marks as mementoes of a highly charged, erotic spanking shoot. This video celebrates the way I like to play at home, and hopefully shows that loving, consensual, “good girl” spanking can be no less intense than punishment.

To find out more about the story behind this scene, click here, and here to read about the shoot.

Preview Gallery

Over His Knee - Behind the Scenes

Join Pandora, Tom and Tricia behind the scenes and get a glimpse into Pandora’s unique process of directing spanking video – while being spanked!

The behind the scenes photos show some experiments with the infamous wheelbarrow spanking position. (We didn’t use it in the final film because Tom couldn’t resist playing Pandora’s buns like bongo drums, and Pandora couldn’t stop giggling.)


14 Responses

  1. Real “cooked lobster” look you end up with Pandora – very tasty.
    How many smacks was that, did either of you count? Must be – oh – 200?
    You certainly had a good squeal when Tom got up to speed! Lovely!

  2. It is the sort of old fashioned spanking a father (or mother) might give a son or daughter. It is much more interesting seeing a gorgeous bottom of yours though Pandora. I dont think that in the old days they spanked initially across the pants though, it was simply take your pants down and beld over my knee.

  3. I was so proud of that redness! I love being marked and being bruised just from a hand spanking is so powerful.

    I have no idea how many smacks it was! I suppose we could work out an average smacks-per-minute and make an estimate based on that? Or perhaps some kind soul can count for us and let us know 🙂

  4. Yes, we often go straight to the bare, but the knickers were so pretty we felt they deserved their own bit of spanking on this occasion 🙂

  5. The all over redness of your bottom and thighs at the end is a truly marvellous sight to behold, well done a true masterpiece!

  6. Thankyou! I don’t often end up marked from pure hand spanking, it was a lovely thing to be able to indulge ourselves 🙂 I had finger bruises on my thighs for days!

  7. Bit late in the day but I really like Tom’s guitar music at the beginning and end 🙂

  8. Love this full on OTK hand spanking. ‘Only(!)’ a hand spanking but wow what a tour-de-force. Well done Pandora for taking it on both bottom and thighs (gosh that stings).

    Another element of this film for me is the amazing camera angles, particular the over the shoulder of the spanker viewpoint at around 7.20 and 18.30. Very well done. Would like to see more of these firm OTK’s from time to time. Especially with different outfits for both spanker and spankee. (I know, uniforms can be a little clichéd but what the heck!)

    By the way, the angles thing reminds me that I have sort of mathematical related fantasy that may be of interest. Say if you’re interested. It’s a sort of count thing but with interesting cumulative additions in it that could perhaps work.

  9. Very nice! Usually I’m not so into hand spankings but I liked this.

  10. Very nice! Usually I’m not so into hand spankings but I liked this.

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