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Pandora Blake stands and holds a wooden spoon against her red, spanked bottom

This was one of the very first scenes we shot for this site. I was living in a shared house, and I should have cleaned the kitchen before our shoot, but I didn't. So of course I had to get spanked for it!

The mess really was awful, and I'm very embarrassed now that we actually took photos of how bad it was. It makes me feel slightly better that we decided I should be punished for it. Good call, quite right too. 

Still, I'm bit uncomfortable with the "woman gets punished by man for not doing enough housework" type of spanking plot, so I've made this one a fantasy instead. It's closer to reality that way, too: in my life I have spent far too much time fantasising about being spanked when I should have been tidying up!


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  1. If I were living with you I will pray for finding the whole house made a messLOL. Incidentally, your look, figure and especially bottom has improved in these years. Congratulations!!!

  2. Hehe, a spanking in every room that’s messy perhaps?

    Thanks. I like the idea of getting prettier as I age 🙂

  3. An excellent and very naughty idea. The house would be chaotic but full of fun.
    Yes you are aging as a very good wine that I think you are going to drink very soon.

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