The Victorian Brothel – the film

Film (19:50) with 60 photos
Preview image for The Victorian Brothel. Pandora Blake, dressed in corset and bloomers gets an over the knee spanking from Thomas Cameron

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Molly Brown is new to Mrs Slater's brothel. Fresh off the street, she's been put through her paces by the madame, who discovered she has a quick wit and a remarkable resilience to pain. It seems that the brutality of the workhouse has toughened her up rather than broken her. Now, Molly must prove her worth, and please a distinctive client with unusual tastes.

Her attempts to charm him fail to impress – and her sharp tongue fails to stay within the bounds of the humility he expects. To her dismay, in barely no time at all she finds herself over his knee with her bottom in the air, covered only by the meagre protection of her thin white bloomers. She quickly discovers he has a strong arm, and a hard hand. Even her attempts at humour only seem to make him more irate. 

He has a temper, that's for sure – and he is determined to bend her to his will. But Molly is no wilting flower, and sparks fly in a battle of wills as she fights back against his arrogance, and entitlement. But in the end, he is a fine gentleman, and she is just a common strumpet, handed over to him to do as he will; and she must learn to yield unless she wants to find herself back on the street. 

As he punishes her relentlessly with his hand, and bids her remove her bloomers to expose her bare bottom to a thick leather paddle, Molly becomes afraid – and finally starts to learn the merits of keeping her mouth shut. But even as she tries her hardest to give him the submission he demands, he pushes her further and further – culminating her ordeal in a thrashing with a long, thick cane, that covers her already tender bottom with livid purple welts. By the time it is over, Molly will do anything to avoid further punishment.

This is an intense historical spanking story with lush costumes and authentic attention to detail. Tom and Pandora, a real dominant and submissive couple at the time of filming, invite you into one of their crueller fantasies, going deep into the sort of dark roleplay that only true intimates can safely bring to life. A genuinely severe corporal punishment film performed in a single take, without any breaks, by an experienced kinky couple who love to play on the edge.

Photography: Zille Defeu and Duncan Defeu

Photo editing: Zille Defeu and AJ Levi 

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13 Responses

  1. Wow, was it really 8 years since this was filmed? An incredibly good CP video Pandora, and well worth the wait. I had forgotten just how good an actor Tom was. And I loved that immortal line of his – “The route to a girl’s soul is through her bottom”!

  2. Pandora, I am so glad you have taken the time now to edit this wonderful film. There are other superb period films on Dreams but this one is really something special I think. Both you and Thomas acted very well in these roles. It is a wonderful illustration of the male dominated patriarchal society of Victorian times. Thomas plays the role to the full. He is really evil and domineering throughout. And his long sweeping hair at the time together with his devilish beard makes him rather demonic. He reminds me of the persona and image some modern day death metal/black metal or goth musicians aim to convery.

    Your just-shy-of-cheeky responses to him are a joy. It feels as though you are on the edge of really winding him up occasionally but obviously being careful not to go too far!! Your reactions during the over the knee spanking are lovely. You struggle so beautifully at times. I notice Thomas takes an opportunity to slide a hand onto bare flesh underneath those cheeky old fashioned long knickers at a couple of points. I mean what spanker could resist!!

    And then when it comes to the extended strapping and caning again I loved your reactions. Thomas starts to lay on the cane strokes really quite firmly once he gets going but you receive them with real elegance and dignity. Stroke 5 was a particularly low one which must have really stung if my own experience of the same is anything to go by!

    Thomas shows an almost kind streak during the latter part of the caning where he acknowledges and applauds how well you are receiving the punishment, which is rather endearing and a nice touch to the film. It lends a sense of the fact that this is hard edged CP play between two lovely kinky people in reality.

    I liked the out-takes at the end too, for similar reasons. It is clear that no one is being mistreated, this is impact play with sting and pain but it is consensual fun. All in all a thoroughly enjoyable film from my point of view. Thanks for releasing it (finally, you naughty young woman!! – ‘scuse a bit of switchy stuff, I can’t resist sometimes! 🙂 )

  3. How familiar 🙂 Wonderful display of Pandora’s striped buttocks, vagina, thighs and stocking clad legs. And the pretty white dress and Pandora’s hair.

  4. I don’t know if Thomas has ever looked sexier than at the 27 second mark in the teaser trailer. That outfit. The undone hair. 10/10

  5. Pandora you are without doubt the best fetish actress on the web, and it is a great pleasure to see your beautiful bottom getting striped with a cane. Thomas and you have a wonderful chemistry together. Please do post more material like this!

  6. Pandora with your hair down you look beautiful – please more films with your hair down
    David XX

  7. Absolutely everything I love about this genre such a fine film and Thomas is outstandingly brilliant in this!!
    So commanding BRR!

  8. Thank you! Yes, he plays the domineering gentleman so very well, doesn’t he?

  9. Thank you! I think there are a fair few in the archives. I usually tie or clip it back so it doesn’t block the view of my face.

  10. What a glowing compliment! Thank you Mike. You’re a fine fetish actor yourself!

    We did have good spanking chemistry didn’t we? I count myself very fortunate that we were able to capture it on camera. ]

    If I had to point to one scene to remember my and Tom’s relationship by, I would pick this one. It’s very close to my heart. There’s no accident I chose an image from this scene for the site homepage!

  11. I know right? He really did have a louche, Byronic handsomeness here! Thank you for appreciating it 🙂

  12. Yes, it’s almost iconic by now isn’t it? Very glad to finally release this scene after all this time! The only reason I delayed so long was that I intended to film and publish a prequel, but never managed it. Maybe one day!

  13. What a fabulous film .
    Pandora you are terrific in this as per usual ,

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