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Preview image for Schoolgirl Spanked. Pandora Blake is over Thomas Cameron's knee, knickers down, receiving a hairbrush spanking on her bare bottom

Naughty schoolgirl Pandora has crossed the line with teacher Mr. Cameron. He decides it’s time to punish her for her behaviour, and takes her over his lap. Her black regulation knickers are pulled down, exposing her gorgeous round bottom. An ideal canvas for a firm over the knee spanking with the wooden hairbrush.

As Mr. Cameron pinks up Pandora's bum, she wriggles and struggles against the wrath of her teacher. He has a strong right arm and this spanking really hurts! To add to the embarrassment of her punishment, he grabs one of her pigtails and pulls as he continues to spank her.

Afterwards he gives her a good telling off, making her promise to never behave like that again. And to drive the point home, he makes her stand in the corner with her spanked bottom exposed for us all to see. Clad in her crumpled school uniform and stripy knee-high socks, Pandora seems to show regret for her naughty ways – until next time.

This photoset is a blast from the past. It was shot way back in 2006, when Pandora first started filming scenes with her partners for her own purposes, but before the concept of Dreams of Spanking had been firmed up in her mind. You can read more about this shoot – and Schoolgirl Caught Reading, which was shot on the same day – on our blog, here.  

Photography: Robin Dogstar


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