Liberated Ladies of the Jazz Age

Film (19:32 mins) with 113 photographs
Pandora and Zille share a tender and intimate moment in bed as Pandora helps Zille with her stockings

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A hard-hitting tale about the culture clash between two free-spirited young flappers and their repressive Victorian guardian. Violent belt whippings, the tawse, lesbianism and 1920s jazz.

I’ve always been fascinated by the Roaring Twenties, and the potential for punishment fantasies inherent in the idea of teenage women rebelling against authority by drinking, dancing, smoking, driving and dating. The original form of this fantasy was dark and solitary, a flapper trapped in an abusive domestic situation, envying her friends their freedom – and, eventually, after one particularly severe punishment, effecting her escape. It has always been crucial to my enjoyment of this violent, non-consensual scenario that the new generation win out in the end.

When I had the chance to film with Zille in an amazing period apartment, I seized the opportunity to invite her into the scenario. This was the first scene we shot together and I think you can tell how much we’d been looking forward to meeting each other! The (unscripted) petting session our characters indulge in to console themselves after their mistreatment wasn’t entirely planned, but it fits – and the beauty of it is that repressive Uncle Thomas couldn’t even imagine that such a thing might be possible.

This film should probably come with a trigger warning for domestic abuse. The punishment sequences are not nice: the whippings are delivered in anger, there’s shouting, struggling and crying, and Tom is convincingly unpleasant in his role of horrid Uncle Thomas. But the story has a happy ending: the repressive ideas of his generation have a sell-by date, and the “new woman” he so abhors, in the end, will long outlive him.

I’m rather hoping that the next time I shoot with Zille we’ll have the chance to film the sequel, after the young flappers escape Uncle’s clutches to prohibition-era California. I’m sure many adventures await them there!

Photography: Duncan Defeu

Photo-editing: Zille Defeu

To find out more about the story behind this scene, click here.

Preview Gallery

Liberated Ladies of the Jazz Age - Behind the Scenes

The filming of our first ever scene with Zille Defeu and her partner Duncan, who contributed his outstanding camera and photography skills to the shoot. Includes footage of Zille and Pandora indulging in out-of-character kisses and cuddles, and an end-of-shoot interview with Zille, Pandora and Thomas in which Zille describes the shoot as “one of the best she’s ever been on”. We can’t wait to have her back!

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22 responses

  1. (waiting for the DL, 3 min 19 sec remain) Wonderful sepia photos, very elegant, will attract many new models!
    But in the last frame I see no marks from spanking?

  2. But in the film there were nice marks!
    A fine production, good acting, technically flawless. I loved the making out at the end, with hot kisses and fine butt shots.
    Will there be a sequel? With a riding whip? (One can always dream.)
    Period details are reasonably well attended to. I am not quite sure about the stripe pattern on the wall, and the modern bed, but there are limits to what you can do to make shooting. I would have chosen a white shirt for Thomas though.

  3. Isn’t the photography gorgeous? We took the stills before shooting the video and there wasn’t time to take more after. But there’s plenty of marking in the film.

  4. If only we could have redecorated first! My biggest regret actually was that neither of us sported short hair, but I suppose my character would never have been allowed to get away with it.

    I’m very much hoping for a sequel, next time Zille and I are on the same side of the ocean!

  5. Your characters here get away with even the tattoes! (But if you are going to be the nun some day (soon I hope), you better hide that heathen symbol, or you will have issues with the Inquisition.)

  6. I’ll be sure to invest in some good quality stage makeup before nunning, never fear.

  7. I enjoyed watching this so much! I remember how hot and intense it was to shoot it, but this is even sexier than I remembered! This is going to be one of those videos that one looks back over the course of a career in spanking porn and thinks, “Wow, I am proud to have been a part of that! (Of course, I feel that way about DoS in general.)

    I’ll happily sign on for a sequel, and I can think of nothing better than adding riding whips!

    And if we do the sequel in the US, I know several excellent period locations to use!

    Oh, and I have cover-up for the tattoos, and am always happy to slap it on, or share it. All you guys ever have to do is ask — it would never offend me. My tattoo is a part of me, but when I’m playing a part, I don’t have “all of me” out there. Covering ink is just part of costuming, to me!

  8. Sequel sequel sequel! Do you know anyone who could play your liberated gin-distilling aunt, do you think?

    We should absolutely have used cover-up in all three of these scenes, but I didn’t think of it. What the hell, it was only my second shoot. Now that the characters have them, I’m not sure if we should keep them or not in the next one. I definitely need to find a suitably 1920s wig though!

  9. Fantastic shoot – I loved all of this, great atmosphere. Both Pandora and Zille have delicious bums and take spanking so well. Thomas Cameron makes a really convincing gaurdian, does the strict authoritarian figure very well.
    Just a point, for future reference, nylons didn’t exist before 1939. Stockings were silk or cotton.

  10. Oh wow well spotted, that little anachronism was entirely my fault! Thankyou though, I’m really glad this scene worked for you. It’s a hard fantasy to do justice to, but I think we just about pulled it off. 🙂

  11. I’m no expert on the costumes but they looked absolutely spot-on – and very sexy: I loved the way the laces on Zille’s dress flowed down the cleft of her bottom – but I do know about the music and that Ellington track was perfectly chosen. I almost stopped concentrating on Pandora’s and Zille’s wonderfully striped bottoms to listen to it. Almost. A great scene, and Zille kissing Pandora’s red bottom was awesome. A really classy production all round. Congratulations to all.

  12. Very sexy indeed. My favourite part (in the video) was Zille soothing your bottom with her tongue!! OMG! Please, more more more!!

    Excellent pics, btw…

  13. Thanks so much Patrick. A lot of thought went into the music, I’m glad it works for you. Convenient that so many recordings from that period are out of copyright! And I agree that Zille’s dress is superb! Actually I think I’ve seen that same dress in another (hardcore) porn production worn by a friend of hers!

  14. I’m so pleased with the photography – credit goes to Zille’s husband, and Zille herself for doing most of the post-production on the images. They are a talented team!

    I’m sure that Zille and I could be persuaded to do more things with our tongues … 🙂

  15. Haha! Coincidence that I find this scene a week before my first erotica anthology as an editor – with a Roaring Twenties theme – comes out. I’m fascinated by the era as well.

  16. Pandora a very good video ,you girls look great in your dresses and underthings and stockings ,and a good whacking too ,best spanks,Timx

  17. So good to revisit this scene. Lovely dresses, two lovely bums being caned side by side, and that tender bit at the end.

  18. I really love this scene! It’s interesting to watch this now because earlier today I was thinking about a character I’m writing. One thing I haven’t written about but want to be a thing is she doesn’t really have any friends because everyone is afraid of her father. There will be an incident where she has a friend over and they get into trouble and her father whips them both with his belt. I might need to go write that scene now!

    But anyway, bravo, this scene was fabulous. And also, since there were mentions of a possible sequel to this, I hope there will be one! I haven’t noticed one but I haven’t looked through all the videos yet.

  19. That sounds like a really great scenario – use this as inspiration to go write it now!

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